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Hey Y’all… let’s remember to pray for Jennah & Parker. Jennah’s down in Charlotte, NC playing Euro-futbol for UNC Charlotte and Park’s down in Armuchee, GA with his grandfolks. Jennah > [email protected] / 917-439-3342 Parker > [email protected] / 706-232-0796
The following is the philosophy of Charles Schulz, the creator of the “Peanuts” comic strip. You don’t have to actually answer the questions. Just read the email straight through, and you’ll get the point. 1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world. 2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners. 3. Name [...]
Hey peeps… thank you for serving the greater Bayside community via the carwash! We must’ve washed at least 20 or so cars. Wasn’t it neat watching the responses of those who wanted to make donations but were told we weren’t accepting any? But I’d have to say it was all the [...]
I think some of you youth have partaken in the grueling, evening workouts conducted at Crocheron Park. Well, just look at how Parker especially has benefited from such hard work, dedication & discipline. Way to go Park! Get the Flash Player to see this player. var s0 = new SWFObject("http://ns-bc.org/youth/wp-content/plugins/flash-video-player/mediaplayer.swf","n0","480","390","7"); s0.addParam("allowfullscreen","true"); s0.addParam("allowscriptaccess","always"); s0.addVariable("javascriptid","n0"); s0.addVariable("shownavigation","true"); s0.addVariable("width","480"); s0.addVariable("height","390"); s0.addVariable("screencolor","0x000000"); s0.addVariable("autoscroll","true"); s0.addVariable("displayheight","390"); s0.addVariable("largecontrols","false"); s0.addVariable("overstretch","true"); s0.addVariable("showdigits","true"); s0.addVariable("showdownload","false"); s0.addVariable("showeq","false"); s0.addVariable("showicons","true"); s0.addVariable("showvolume","true"); s0.addVariable("thumbsinplaylist","false"); s0.addVariable("autostart","false"); s0.addVariable("bufferlength","3"); s0.addVariable("repeat","false"); s0.addVariable("rotatetime","5"); s0.addVariable("smoothing","true"); s0.addVariable("volume","80"); s0.addVariable("enablejs","true"); s0.addVariable("linkfromdisplay","false"); s0.addVariable("t","autodetect"); s0.addVariable("useaudio","false"); s0.addVariable("usecaptions","false"); s0.addVariable("usefullscreen","true"); s0.addVariable("usekeys","false"); s0.addVariable("file","http://ns-bc.org/youth/wp-content/video/fruit_of_family_sprints.flv"); s0.write("video0"); Up for the challenge? [...]
Round 2 of the CCC:Iron Chef is complete. Both teams made a competitive bid to advance to the final round, but only one team’s food reigned competitive. The team known as Culinary Cooking Crescendo, led by Sarah (a temporary replacement for Helen), brought forth a competitive lineup of three competitive dishes. They were “Rafting [...]
The first two teams faced off in Battle:Ritz to see whose food would reign competitive. The Giuseppe Francos, led by Gloria, brought forth a competitive lineup of three dishes. They were: “Tomato, Tomato; Cilantro, Cilantro”, “Tuna Alejandro”, and “The Finisher”, and are pictured here: Victora and her team the Kissena Beats prepared three competitive dishes as [...]
The countdown to the final found of CCC:Iron Chef has started! Get the Flash Player to see this player. var s6 = new SWFObject("http://ns-bc.org/youth/wp-content/plugins/flash-video-player/mediaplayer.swf","n6",""480"",""390"","7"); s6.addParam("allowfullscreen","true"); s6.addParam("allowscriptaccess","always"); s6.addVariable("javascriptid","n6"); s6.addVariable("shownavigation",""false""); s6.addVariable("width",""480""); s6.addVariable("height",""390""); s6.addVariable("screencolor","0x000000"); s6.addVariable("autoscroll","true"); s6.addVariable("displayheight",""390""); s6.addVariable("largecontrols","false"); s6.addVariable("overstretch","true"); s6.addVariable("showdigits","true"); s6.addVariable("showdownload","false"); s6.addVariable("showeq","false"); s6.addVariable("showicons","true"); s6.addVariable("showvolume","true"); s6.addVariable("thumbsinplaylist","false"); s6.addVariable("autostart",""true""); s6.addVariable("bufferlength","3"); s6.addVariable("repeat","false"); s6.addVariable("rotatetime","5"); s6.addVariable("smoothing","true"); s6.addVariable("volume","80"); s6.addVariable("enablejs","true"); s6.addVariable("linkfromdisplay","false"); s6.addVariable("t","autodetect"); s6.addVariable("useaudio","false"); s6.addVariable("usecaptions","false"); s6.addVariable("usefullscreen","true"); s6.addVariable("usekeys","false"); s6.addVariable("file","http://ns-bc.org/youth/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/final_round_countdown.swf"); s6.write("video6"); (yes, the blinking 00:00:00 means that its happened!) This friday night the Giuseppe Francos and the Culinary Cooking Crescendos will face off in an culinary battle of epic proportions. Who’s food will reign competitive? [...]
If you’re going to Six Flags, please print out this SixFlags waiver form, have your parents fill it out, and bring it with you Friday or Saturday (the sooner the better!) Some more details… Time: Meet at church @ 8:30am & Return to church @ 11pm Cost: $27 for admission (bring some extra $ just in case) Lunch: pack [...]
Howdie NsBc youth! Check out the calendar for updated summer meetings, outings, and activities. Let’s look forward to “The Summer of Love” here in Bayside! READ THIS IF YOU DARE: This Friday’s 7-11 Meeting actually starts at 6pm with a BBQ on the church lawn. Come hungry & invite friends. Nick Pilato on lead guitar… you’ll [...]
For those of you that are interested, this is the video that Ed showed during the lesson tonight: Get the Flash Player to see this player. var s4 = new SWFObject("http://ns-bc.org/youth/wp-content/plugins/flash-video-player/mediaplayer.swf","n4","480","390","7"); s4.addParam("allowfullscreen","true"); s4.addParam("allowscriptaccess","always"); s4.addVariable("javascriptid","n4"); s4.addVariable("shownavigation","true"); s4.addVariable("width","480"); s4.addVariable("height","390"); s4.addVariable("screencolor","0x000000"); s4.addVariable("autoscroll","true"); s4.addVariable("displayheight","390"); s4.addVariable("largecontrols","false"); s4.addVariable("overstretch","true"); s4.addVariable("showdigits","true"); s4.addVariable("showdownload","false"); s4.addVariable("showeq","false"); s4.addVariable("showicons","true"); s4.addVariable("showvolume","true"); s4.addVariable("thumbsinplaylist","false"); s4.addVariable("autostart","false"); s4.addVariable("bufferlength","3"); s4.addVariable("repeat","false"); s4.addVariable("rotatetime","5"); s4.addVariable("smoothing","true"); s4.addVariable("volume","80"); s4.addVariable("enablejs","true"); s4.addVariable("linkfromdisplay","false"); s4.addVariable("t","autodetect"); s4.addVariable("useaudio","false"); s4.addVariable("usecaptions","false"); s4.addVariable("usefullscreen","true"); s4.addVariable("usekeys","false"); s4.addVariable("file","http://youtube.com/watch?v=eXl9oiCa-dE"); s4.write("video4");

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