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Philip and Lori Bassham | Church Planting Missionary to Thailand
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New churches have a honeymoon phase, but growing beyond the Honeymoon stage is important. That is where we are & there is a lot to rejoice in & pray for! Growing pains The ministry is going through its first transition time, so there are growing pains as we try to figure out how to work […]
Missionary Objective The Missionary Objective is to 1) see people saved, discipled, and grow to maturity in the church 2) pour your life into discipleship and training leaders and eventually 3) see this reproduced by men going out to start more churches. This month was an exciting for each step in that process. So here […]
✪ One good side of 0.7% Christianity – if someone isn't a Christian, they have no problem admitting it or pressure to lie about it. ✪ You don't really learn to love a new CULTURE, you love new PEOPLE. ✪ Found out we meet the requirements to register as an official church with the government, […]
✪ Another book finished today. 30+ hours of Philippians has strengthened our Gospel fellowship, purpose, contentment, and trust together. ✪ Went away for a couple of days discussing church planting with 7 from our church. Praying the Lord will direct some to go out. ✪ Always glad to meet and discuss ministry with missionaries. Not […]
A Discipleship Play-by-play You might want to know what we do all day. What does our discipleship look like? We usually do a 2-3 hour Bible study each weekday Tuesday-Friday. We have no curriculum but the Bible. So, we will open a passage choose 5-10 verses and talk about them for a couple of hours. […]
✪ Just finished sending out some thank you cards to ones who gave toward the foundation! Praise the Lord for how he provides and for those who have a part! ✪ In Thailand, Starbucks requires you to pose with your drink and post it on Facebook before you can drink it. Evidently. ✪ Rejoicing tonight […]
✪ Glad to see more people getting involved in ministry. We now have an activities director and that is good, because I’m not very good at it! ✪ Pray for our little daughter Grace, who is going in for a root canal today. She fell and killed a tooth a few weeks back (the same […]
✪ Thailand ranks 9th as the least Christian country in Asia. Of the 9 countries ahead of Thailand 8 of them are Muslim. The other is Nepal. ✪ Logos (the Bible software) can be expensive, but there is a lot you can do for free too. This morning we did some training on how to […]

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