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Philip and Lori Bassham | Church Planting Missionary to Thailand
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Foundation Update We are still trying to raise money to be able to have a foundation here to be able to be established here for the long run. Currently everything is just in my name, but there are a lot of limitations to that, not to mention dangers, and a foundation is necessary to be […]
Great Christmas services Our last prayer letter was just a couple of days before Christmas when everyone was working so hard in preparation for our Christmas outreach. The Lord blessed our services and we had 107 people in attendance and opportunity for many to hear the Gospel for the first time! Thank you for your […]
✪ We updated our logo a bit ✪ A fortune teller said he was coming to our Bible study in the morning. What would YOU teach on?? ✪ Our fortune teller friend came back for more Bible study today. We have now talked for several hours about Jesus and the Gospel. Also, now he has […]
✪ Here is a video summary of our 2016 @ 1 second per day! (If you can’t see it, here is the link to view it on Facebook.) ✪ After the official recount for Christmas, turns out we had 107 people! ✪ There are some photos from our Christmas activities on our Facebook Page. Very […]
✪ Lots of people have been working very hard getting everything ready for Christmas this week. A lady in the church has worked very hard getting tons of things donated to be prizes for our kids activity and we are praying for people to come! ✪ Working hard. Nevermind Facebook on the computer screens. haha […]
The last couple of months have been very exciting in the ministry here. So we will do this prayer letter bullet point style again. We had good Thanksgiving activities here in Thailand. Its not a Thai holiday, but we just thanked the Lord anyway. We had everyone over to our house to eat and it […]
✪ Good day out crisscrossing the city and discussion topics as we house hunted with the Kellett’s. Here is a tracing of our steps. ✪ Thank you to Jacob Langdon and Fellowship Baptist Church for giving toward some musical equipment to make it possible to play and record some good Thai Christian music! Looking forward […]
✪ We got to bed late, but our friends and co-workers have arrived safely! Pray for Joey and Candice over the next weeks as they try to adjust and get their new lives set up here. ✪ Here are some numbers about the state of church planting in Thailand.
✪ Went to a funeral today and noticed the Donation Board at the temple. People purchasing merit and things for their next life. (Indulgence style.) Definitely buying some prestige for themselves by getting their name and donation amount inscribed on the entrance. ✪ If you ever wondered what a Buddhist funeral is like. Lots of […]
✪ After a few year hiatus on our Facebook Page, I am going to start using it again to communicate what is going on over here in Thailand. If you haven’t liked it, give us a like and follow along. https://www.facebook.com/ProjectThailand/ ✪ Working on a digital Thai Bible Dictionary and cross reference book today. ✪ […]
6 Months In Half a year has flown by and we have already seen the Lord do so much in our church. People are trusting the Lord for salvation, growing in their faith, and getting involved in the ministry. This past Sunday I thanked everyone for all that they were doing and almost everyone in […]
This is a sad day in Thailand. The only King they have ever known for the last 70 years has passed away. He is the Father of the country that took them from WWII to the modern age. Shunning many royal practices of previous kings he became a king of the people. He spent his […]
Four Months In I feel like there is so much going on that I wont be able to fit it in a story form so here it goes. Sunday School classes are off to a good start! We are doing basic discipleship to start out with and people are responding very well so far. We […]
Three Months In We praise the Lord for all that he is doing in the new church plant here in Bangkok! We are about 3 months in, and the Lord is blessing! We have new visitors coming each week, several that are being very faithful to everything that we have, people growing and learning how […]
One Month In This has been an exciting first month of the church! From the beginning, we have been completely unsure of what to expect going into this whole endeavor. How many should we expect? Would anyone come at all? What will be their response? How will the community receive us? No matter where you […]
A New Church in Bangkok We had our First official service this last week! We praise the Lord for the 41 people that the Lord sent our way. For many of these, it was their first time to ever be in a church or hear the Gospel. The last month has obviously been very busy […]

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