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Part Two of the series by Pete Folger.
This is a special article by Jim Krohn, Youth Pastor of Southeast Bible Baptist Church and author of the book "Biblical Youth Work", from which this article is an adaptation. Keep an eye on Uthleader.com within the next week and you will be able to order "Biblical Youth Work" at a UthLeader special price. “The Family Cult” Part 1 of 3 Don’t chuck your Youth Ministry        What is the family cult?  If you don’t know the answer to that question, consider yourself blessed.  The family cult is a name that I have given to a movement that is gaining ground in fundamental churches.  It emphasizes the family above all things.  While I agree that the family is extremely important, they take things to absurd proportions.  For example, according to this movement, Sunday school is bad because it divides the family.  Sunday evening services are bad because it takes the family out of the home.  Instead, they encourage a Sunday evening family worship time with the father as the patriarch of the home leading the proceeding.  Of course, I call that family devotions and I think that is something that should be done during the week.  It is not something that you do instead of church.  In addition, while public school is obviously bad, this movement paints all Christian schools with the same brush as public schools since they take children away from the family.  Youth groups as well as all other age specific activities should be stopped.  They also use terms such as “family centered church” instead of “program centered church”.       

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