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Evangelist Dave Young

Evangelist Dave Young

Dave Young is a husband, father, mentor, friend, and evangelist. Traveling together with his family and team, he preaches in revival campaigns, evangelistic outreaches, and Family Matters Conferences. He also speaks in camps, colleges, and schools, and partners with several ministries throughout the world to preach in evangelistic campaigns in a variety of countries. After 23 years of traveling, Dave has preached the gospel in 46 states and 6 countries. He blogs about a variety of issues but places a special emphasis on those connected to the home, revival, and evangelism.
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While there is no promise that God will “heal America” in these verses, the rest of the passage is certainly true for every believer!
When someone hurts us in some way, they owe us because of that hurt. Forgiveness occurs when I realize that the one who hurt me can likely never pay the debt they owe.
Is it possible to say “thank you” too much? Perhaps, if my doing so becomes annoying in some way. However, for most of us, that is likely never an issue.
Victory is a wonderful word. It is an even better experience.
Accountability doesn't solve everything, but it provides a way to address issues while they are minuscule and easily corrected. Having genuine conversations with trusted friends is not only a blessing, it is a wonderful help in this vital area.
The battle for purity is a massive battle in our culture, isn't it? My phone dings frequently with cries for help from men of all ages. My email box is often the same way. No one is exempt from the battle! As Adrian Rogers says, “Don't think you are above sexual temptations — you would…
Earlier this month, I wrote an article about “how to listen to preaching.” You can read that HERE if you would like. This week I am writing about how to worship in your church. This is tricky, of course, for at least two reasons. First, every church is different. Some are quiet and formal. Others…
I do not believe it is wrong to use an app, but I am very aware that our phones are often more distracting than they are useful
It is easy to focus on my training, background, or preferences and forget to focus on God's Word and His church.
The church didn't “rock-out” nor did it ‘die-out.” There was life, joy, unity, and worship. Isn't that what we want?

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