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Evangelist Dave Young

Evangelist Dave Young

Dave Young is a husband, father, mentor, friend, and evangelist. Traveling together with his family and team, he preaches in revival campaigns, evangelistic outreaches, and Family Matters Conferences. He also speaks in camps, colleges, and schools, and partners with several ministries throughout the world to preach in evangelistic campaigns in a variety of countries. After 23 years of traveling, Dave has preached the gospel in 46 states and 6 countries. He blogs about a variety of issues but places a special emphasis on those connected to the home, revival, and evangelism.
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Straining at gnats on one hand, while practicing, ignoring, or covering up blatant immoral acts on the other hand, is wicked no matter who is doing it, how big their church is, or how close their friendship happens to be.
Being a fundamentalist means that I believe some doctrines are essential to our faith and that without them there is no faith
A right spirit has to be renewed, not only daily, but often many times in any given day.
Hate can be a powerful weapon in your battle for purity!
I have found that gratitude is a powerful tool in living a life of purity.
I found 7 reminders about the pursuit of purity
Make right decisions so that you never have to deal with regret.
Would you want your brother, son, husband, or dad to follow bikini models, subscribe to their magazines, and hang posters of them in their office, bedroom, or workshop?
We in the USA have enjoyed living in a land that has been blessed by the fruits of truth and righteousness. We are now beginning to see the fruits of its rejection in our culture of anger, immorality, death, and destruction. Abortion is evil beyond words. Immorality abounds in every form and is readily accepted,…
Would you join me in the following resolutions?
We are pro-family and, whatever options you choose in the education of your children, we wish you the very best! For us, we believe in REAL homeschooling.

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