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Serving church leaders by offering spiritual wisdom and insight for faithfully proclaiming and effectively living the gospel.
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What to do when a Netflix binge brings you more joy than God's calling.
Victims' advocates caution institutions against plans to “restore” fallen leaders.
What the local body misses when it focuses on personality analyses and congregational surveys.
Ministry leaders can benefit from paying attention to both divine timing and circadian rhythms.
A good Christian should be a good citizen unless being a good citizen means being a bad Christian.
Pastors who rush in with the wrong treatment court spiritual disaster.
As group sizes shrink, discipleship opportunities can grow.
Identifying our fears can better help us pastor ourselves and others better.
Lockdown measures eased, but Christians struggle with coronavirus restrictions.
I found holy purpose in the interruptions to my work.
How the pandemic concentrated pressures on small churches—and how the body of Christ is stepping up to help, one $3,000 grant at a time.
A global health expert suggests a phased plan for congregations gathering again amid this pandemic.
Can we find oxygen for exhausted souls in Song of Songs, of all books?
Our churches are essential, but whether it is critical to gather is another question.
Five ways to welcome what may feel unwelcome once doors reopen.
Recognizing the effects of my childhood has led me to a healthier mindset as a pastor.
Some people need warnings to avoid the spotlight. Others need encouragement to step up.
Without the ministry of skilled printers, Reformers may never have found their voice.
California restricting churches to 25% capacity or less than 100 worshipers “appear[s] consistent” with First Amendment, wrote Chief Justice John Roberts in 5–4 decision.
Pastoral submission amid a pandemic: Who should Christians heed when following Romans 13 and Hebrews 13 seems to conflict?
As racism tears the country apart, the message of Pentecost can help the church find its voice.
“Allow the church that has been deemed the other, the marginalized church, to be the teacher at this moment.”
Serving church leaders by offering spiritual wisdom and insight for faithfully proclaiming and effectively living the gospel.
Wherever two or more gather, illness can spread. So as a biologist, I'm rethinking hygiene at church.
It takes humility to be an ally. Even if we make mistakes, we need to do it.

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