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Serving church leaders by offering spiritual wisdom and insight for faithfully proclaiming and effectively living the gospel.
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How worship pastors decide whether to sing to the Lord a new song.
The Bible's diverse narratives help us disciple those entrusted to our care.
Tates Creek Presbyterian won praise for its transparent investigation. Then it had to do it again.
Children don't grieve the same as adults do. Their resilience after loss depends on our ability to understand the difference.
Four practitioners discuss how to minister well without resorting to heroics.
In 14 years, I've presided over more than 100 funerals. Easter gives me hope.
The pandemic has disrupted everything, but the Lord remains our strength and our song.
This week's guest shares his adoption story and the mission behind a new community for adult adoptees.
We must know our congregations well enough to respond to the false gospels and distorted teachings infiltrating their spiritual lives.
More than half of evangelicals will be back in person, but most Catholics and black and mainline Protestants are still waiting to return.
In both innovative and old-school ways, ministers are overcoming pandemic hurdles to provide pastoral care.
How I learned that the same God who numbered the stars knew and loved me personally.
To detractors, Ravi Zacharias's fall means the end of a movement. But his demise reminds us to deepen our core commitments to gospel work.
Theologian Matthew Barrett diagnoses our drift away from an orthodox understanding of Father, Son, and Spirit.
Ronnie Martin and Jared Wilson share the scriptures they treasure as ministers of the gospel.
This Lent to forget will make us remember where our first loves reside.
Ronnie Martin and Jared Wilson discuss the difficulties of cultivating a rich prayer life, and they offer a few tips to make it just a bit easier.
At least 17 states name clergy in their rollout plans.
These 40 days of self-denial might seem painful during a pandemic. But the habits of “tedious love” are just what we need right now.
The concept of competitive agency pits God's actions against our own. But they go hand in hand.
Serving church leaders by offering spiritual wisdom and insight for faithfully proclaiming and effectively living the gospel.
Ronnie Martin and Jared Wilson discuss grief in the pastor's life with CT editor in chief Daniel Harrell.
Multicolored scholarship expands biblical interpretation beyond traditional Eurocentric perspectives.
Mar 16 @ 12pm CDT. Special guest Scot McKnight discusses ways of identifying toxic cultures and how we can form church cultures that ultimately lead to goodness.
Setting Sundays aside for joy infuses our grief with some glory.

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