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Jack Boughton, the wayward pastor's son, is a central character. So is Jesus.
Esports opens new opportunities for evangelism, even during a pandemic.
Thoughts on the kingdom of God and the common good.
Como os cristãos negros há muito entenderam, o Novo Testamento tem uma forte teologia de aplicação da lei.
The Christian disciplines of self-suspicion, forgiveness, and hope all function well. We need to restart our faith in them.
How the church can shape public policy without losing its soul.
Why we shouldn't divide the church into those who “get it” and those who don't.
Making sense of anger, destruction, and Eric Metaxas's punch.
New research defines spiritual fortitude: a quality that can help us face this year's trauma.
Why serving up a diet of hard, rationalistic Christianity might be counterproductive.
As black Christians have long understood, the New Testament has a strong theology of law enforcement.
One of the country's top charities has added millions of meals and shelter beds despite a COVID-19 fundraising crunch.
New initiative challenges churches and believers: “Scripture makes the pursuit of justice for our neighbors a mandatory part of the Christian life.”
Christian husband-wife duo share their research on how couples approach love and work.
White Fragility demonstrates the importance of understanding contexts, allyship, and reading widely.
Why one Texas pastor believes racial reconciliation should start with stories.
John MacArthur se posiciona contra a regulamentação, enquanto Greg Laurie encontra maneiras criativas de obedecer.
In some communities, empty buildings and eager youth ministers offer safe places and supervision for families facing school closures.
There's much more to read than racism woes of suffering and struggle.
يترك اللاهوتي الإنجيلي المؤثر درسًا نهائيًا للكنيسة: مجّدوا المسيح بكل طريقة.
Daily engagement had already been declining, but worsened during the pandemic, according to the annual State of the Bible report.
The prominent theologian ‘stole' riches from church history and gave them to the spiritually impoverished.
20 evangelical thought leaders on the theologian who inspired their seminary studies, sparked their love of Scripture, and took them out for spicy food.
From Freedom Rides to March on Washington, Selma protest, and House of Congress, he showed that "Sometimes you have to find a way to get in trouble, good trouble."

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