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State attorneys general in half of the country are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to protect unborn babies again. On Thursday, 24 state attorneys general filed an amicus brief supporting Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch and her defense of a state law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, according to […]The post 24 State AGs Tell Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade, Protect Unborn Babies appeared first on
Abortion supporters are once again pushing the distorted notion that one of the best way to help poor families is to abort their unborn children. The argument is at the forefront of Congressional Democrats’ plans to push through a massively unpopular spending bill to force taxpayers to fund abortions, and it is being used as […]The post CNN Complains That Children of Poor People Won’t be Killed in Abortions if Roe v. Wade Overturned appeared first on
Yesterday, House Democrats passed the first bill ever to eliminate the Hyde Amendment and force Americans to fund the killing of unborn babies in abortions. On a 219-208 vote, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats put the onus on the Senate to protect Americans from having their tax dollars be involved with ending the lives of […]The post Not One Single Democrat Voted Against Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions appeared first on
Annaleigh Amelie hesitated about heading out to protest alone with her pro-life banner when she heard that President Joe Biden was coming to visit her area. Amelie, the president of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of Pro-Life Future and state captain of Students for Life Action of Pennsylvania, said she was not planning to go. “But at one point I asked […]The post Joe Biden’s Jaw Dropped When He Saw a Banner Saying “Abortion Takes a Human Life” appeared first on
One of the most obvious misconceptions about liberals today is that they personify tolerance. The Oxford Dictionary defines tolerance as “the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.” A recent poll by the Survey Center on American Life at the American […]The post Democrats are More Likely to End Friendships With People Just Because They’re Conservative appeared first on
Unborn babies were recognized as “persons” under the law for more than 100 years before Roe v. Wade and their right to life should be restored, two prominent legal scholars argued this week to the U.S. Supreme Court. Townhall reports Professor John Finnis at the University of Notre Dame Law School and Professor Robert P. George at Princeton University filed an amicus brief Thursday presenting […]The post Abortion is Unconstitutional Because Unborn Children are “Persons” Under the 14th Amendment appeared first on
TwentyTwo Matters, a group dedicated to advocating for very premature babies, shared a heartbreaking story this week of a mother whose daughter died after she said the hospital decided the infant was too young to survive. Thanks to modern medicine, younger and smaller premature babies are surviving outside the womb. Yet, some hospitals still do […]The post Mom Shares Photo of 22-Week-Old Baby Who Died After Birth to Show Humanity of Unborn Children appeared first on
Melinda Thybault, the Founder of The Moral Outcry Petition, has gathered 539,108 Signers of The Moral Outcry Petition. See Her brief has been filed in the Mississippi abortion case (Dobbs, et al v. Jackson, et al. Supreme Court Docket number 19-1392) asking the Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. The Petition […]The post 539,108 Pro-Life People Sign Legal Brief Telling Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade appeared first on
Abortion activists vandalized a pro-life billboard last week in Cody, Wyoming, scribbling “F— the babies” over a message offering help to mothers in need. The Cody Enterprise reports pro-life advocates with Park County Right to Life and Sioux Falls Area Right to Life noticed the vandalism July 22 and reported it to the Park County Sheriff’s […]The post Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Billboard, Write “F— the Babies” On It appeared first on
Rejecting human exceptionalism turns the world upside down and people's brains inside out. We have seen opponents of human exceptionalism promote animal rights and nature rights. We have even seen one professor declare the supposed personhood of peas. Now, it is insects' turn at being anthropomorphized. As many readers probably know, radical environmentalists want us […]The post Liberals Don’t Want You to Kill Bugs Because They’re Sentient, But It’s OK to Kill Babies appeared first on
A majority of Americans believe major tech companies are too powerful, and support the government regulating and breaking them up, according to a new poll. The poll, conducted from June 7 to 12 and released Wednesday by Change Research on behalf of progressive groups CAP Action and Public Citizen, found that 81% of respondents believe […]The post Americans Support Breaking Up Leftist Big Tech Companies appeared first on
The count is now at 58 times over the last month. That's how many times Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues in the House have blocked a request from Republicans on the House floor to have a vote on a bill to ban taxpayer-funding of abortions. Three members of the House asked for a […]The post Nancy Pelosi Blocks Vote on Bill to Ban Taxpayer-Funded Abortions for the 58th Time appeared first on
On Monday, Politico channeled the freakout from Georgia liberals. The eye-grabbing headline: ‘We're f—ed': Dems fear turnout catastrophe from GOP voting laws There's growing concern — bordering on alarm — about the potential impact in 2022 of the raft of new voting restrictions. Reporters Maya King, David Siders and Daniel Lippman began: After Georgia Republicans passed a […]The post Democrats Admit Georgia’s New Voter ID Law Will Make It Difficult for Them to Win appeared first on
In briefs we have filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the state of Mississippi's quest to protect children from abortion, we are standing up not only for the unborn children who are its primary victims but for the mothers and fathers, grandparents, siblings, communities of color and others who are impacted every day by […]The post Father Frank Pavone: There is No Constitutional Right to Kill Babies in Abortions appeared first on
Joe Biden has proposed overturning a pro-life rule President Donald Trump issued that prohibited taxpayer funding in Obamacare, and Biden’s proposal will hide the abortion funding from Americans who don’t want their tax dollars used to fund ending the lives of unborn children. Republican lawmakers are pushing back against the Biden administration’s plans to get rid […]The post Biden Will Overturn Trump Pro-Life Rule, Force Americans to Fund More Abortions in Obamacare appeared first on
Planned Parenthood closed another one of its locations in Nebraska recently after pro-life advocates said it struggled to find public support. The Grand Island Independent reports Planned Parenthood opened the office in the summer of 2019 in Grand Island, Nebraska, and closed it last fall. The abortion chain used the office to conduct political advocacy, not […]The post Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closes Nebraska Office Because It Can’t Get Enough Support appeared first on
Watch out whenever a politician says, “I'm a devout Catholic, but…” Whatever follows the “but” shows where their true allegiance lies. So it is with President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who are out of step with their Church's teaching on the subject of abortion. Both have expressed a desire to see abortion […]The post Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Pro-Abortion Zealots, Not Devout Catholics appeared first on
Late Wednesday night, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats voted for a bill that would make Americans fund abortions with their tax dollars in other nations. The House voted for the State Department funding bill, which contains language overturning the helms Amendment, which has stopped taxpayer funding of foreign abortions for decades. The vote was 217-212, […]The post Democrats Vote for Bill to Make Americans Fund Killing Babies in Abortions in Other Countries appeared first on
Catholic priests keep giving Communion to President Joe Biden despite his stubborn, unrepentant actions to promote and increase the killing of unborn babies in abortions. According to a report published at California Catholic Daily, Biden received Communion again on July 24 at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware, his home parish. The […]The post Catholic Priest Gives Joe Biden Communion Even Though He’s Radically Pro-Abortion appeared first on
Rep. Joseph Morelle (D-NY) took to the House floor Wednesday to argue for taxpayer dollars to kill babies. Morelle claimed it was a constitutional right and compared it with free speech and choosing a religion. “I do note that in my home state of New York, we’ve made the decision for many years to support […]The post Democrat Congressman: Right to Kill Babies in Abortions Just as Important as Free Speech, Religion appeared first on
Texas mom Mariaha Jones could hardly believe the doctor’s words when they said her son Slade was well enough to leave the hospital. KXII News 12 reports the Denison, Texas mother gave birth to her son 11 weeks prematurely after she suffered a life-threatening pregnancy condition. Slade struggled between life and death for weeks, and Jones […]The post Premature Baby Born 11 Weeks Early Heads Home From Hospital: Walking Out the Doors “Was a Miracle” appeared first on
Jake Ellzey, a pro-life member of the Texas House of Representatives, is headed to Congress to finish out the term of pro-life Congressman Ron Wright who passed away in February from complications due to Covid-19. Ellzey defeated Susan Wright, the widow of the late Congressman, garnering 53% of the vote. His victory comes despite efforts […]The post Pro-Life Republican Jake Ellzey Wins Texas Runoff Election appeared first on
The following are excerpts of House Floor remarks by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), co-chair of the Congressional Pro-life Caucus, on the Mexico City Policy, Helms and UNFPA amendments he offered today during consideration of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2020 (H.R. 4373): By executive order, President Biden reversed the […]The post Congressman Slams Biden on Abortion: “Taxpayers Should Not be Forced to Pay for Child Dismemberment” appeared first on
Commissioners in a Florida county that is considering an abortion ban just approved funding to help local mothers in need. On Tuesday, as pro-abortion protesters gathered outside the Manatee County Administration Building yelling and holding signs that read “Invest in community, not misogyny” and “Keep abortion legal,” inside the Manatee County Commissioners took action to […]The post Florida County Passes Measure Funding Pregnancy Centers Saving Babies From Abortion appeared first on
Planned Parenthood has repeatedly (and incorrectly) argued that abortion makes up “only 3%” of its “services.” But a new book from the former head of the organization suggests that it dictates their direction 100%. In her memoir published on July 27, Dr. Leana Wen details her time spent as president of the nation's largest abortion provider: Planned […]The post Former President Exposes Planned Parenthood, Says It’s Obsessed With Killing Babies in Abortions appeared first on

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