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Hobby Lobby has filed a lawsuit against a former classics professor at Oxford University. The professor is accused of selling the company stolen ancient fragments containing Biblical texts.
This week, Zondervan, a Christian publishing group, said that it will not be publishing a “God Bless the USA” Bible that critics say promotes Christian nationalism.
Despite the original publishers dropping the God Bless the USA Bible last week, the controversial Bible is still on track to be published.
An Illinois school has reversed course after it banned a little girl from reading her Bible during recess.
There is a silver lining after a year that included a historic pandemic, along with massive political and social unrest - more people opening up their Bibles. A new research study has shown a 7.1 percent increase in the percentage of Americans who opened the Bible at least once.
I will say more tomorrow about practical ways to “hold fast to the Bible.” For today, let's decide to hold fast to God for healing and to the Bible as his word and truth.
According to a new survey by the American Bible Society and Barna Research Center, 59 percent of Bible users in the United States still prefer to read a print version over various digital or audio versions of the Bible.
Obeying God's word when we don't understand his ways is one of the great challenges of the Christian life and a significant obstacle to faith for many skeptics.
Like Jesus, who confronted the wilderness temptations of Satan by reciting biblical truth (Matthew 4:1-11), we should know God's word and use its wisdom to defeat our enemy and glorify our Father.
Mother's Day is one that is joyous for some and painful for others. I know the responsibilities are heavy, and sometimes it must seem overwhelming to be a mom amidst violence, fear and sickness. Your love and your leadership in your family and your community is invaluable. You are shaping this generation and the generations to come. Your hearts, mothers, make all the difference.
On this National Day of Prayer, as the country continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic and injustice, we can look to a Nehemiah for guidance. Thousands of years ago, Nehemiah received news from his Jewish countrymen that the wall of Jerusalem had been destroyed and its gates had been burned to the ground. After hearing this devastating report, Nehemiah wept and fasted for many days. He knew he had to do something about the situation — but first, he prayed.
David French recently asserted that Christians must confront political polarization with the truth, kindness, and mercy of Micah 6:8.
The nation's leading Christian prison ministry, Prison Fellowship, has distributed over 100,000 Bibles to inmates amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The 32nd Annual D.C. Bible Reading Marathon began this weekend and will continue until 10 am, Wednesday, May 5.
Earlier this month, David Ayers at the Institute for Family Studies found that nearly half of evangelical Protestants aged 15-22 who were not currently cohabiting or married, said that they would probably or definitely cohabit in the future.
One of the clear messages I sensed from God in recent days is that his people must prepare more urgently than ever for the challenges that are coming. We are in the early stages of a movement the church has never faced before, one which threatens us in ways that are now becoming clearer.
While segments of President Biden's speech before the joint Congress sought to depict a unifying path forward, he could not seem to consistently avoid relying on unnecessarily extreme rhetoric. Senator Ted Cruz responded to the President's speech in a similar matter, saying little intended to bring Americans together. And while that hardly makes either man unique in recent times, it does reinforce that we should look elsewhere for our examples of how to engage with others. Fortunately, the Bible gives us a much better option.
According to a new survey, Moral Therapeutic Theism, a popular worldview amongst Christian teens about 20 years ago, has become the dominant worldview in today's American churches and society at large.
If the Church exists to proclaim and bear witness to the rule and reign of Christ, we may find that our culture's woes aren't as much the result of a secular occupation as they are the result of a Christian evacuation.
Will you have to lose your job, your retirement, your health, or your comfort before you finally wake up? From mass shootings and civil unrest to the promotion of perverted sexual sin and the indoctrination of children, we can all add to the list. So my question is: What's it going to take to get us back on our knees? It seems that most Christians are bored with God. When everything is on the line, they still have no desire to seek Him.
After nearly four decades of work led by Deaf Missions and collaborations between American Bible Society, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, Deaf Harbor, DOOR International, Seed Company, Pioneer Bible Translators and the Deaf Bible Society, the Bible was completely translated from original sources into American Sign Language last September.
Archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority recently unearthed around two dozen ancient scroll fragments from a Dead Sea cave.
The consequences of breaking God's word are all around us today, from the public health crisis that is our pornography epidemic, to the threat of rising sexually transmitted infections as the coronavirus pandemic lessens, to the explosion of child pornography on the internet. Once again, God's word is right. As I have noted in the past, human nature does not change, which means that we still face the same issues our ancestors faced in biblical times.
Each year as Easter approaches, pseudo-scholars, newspapers, and cable networks make headlines claiming to offer the real story about Jesus. Their accounts assume that much of the Jesus story contained in the Gospels, especially anything miraculous is largely a myth created and propagated by, first, His followers, and then, Church leaders seeking to expand their power. Despite the skepticism, few suggest that Jesus never existed. Online, of course, that is a different story. So, what if you find yourself in a conversation with someone who says: “No one really knows whether Jesus existed or not.”
On Tuesday, a resolution that would make the Bible Tennessee's “official state book” passed the state's House of Representatives. The resolution now heads to the state's Senate.

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