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Yesterday we discussed the crisis of Christian leadership in our day and identified four temptations of the enemy. Let's respond to each of these deceptive ideas with the truth of God's word. I see these four steps as a blueprint for engaging our anti-Christian culture with biblical truth.
On Tuesday, Biden's Department of Justice split with key LGBT allies, saying that it will defend Title IX exemptions for Christian universities and schools.
On hisĀ The BriefingĀ podcast this week, seminary president Albert Mohler urged Christians not to trust the Biden Justice Department when it says it will defend the religious rights of religious schools and institutions.
After canceling a three-day event planned by Scotland-based Destiny Church over the views of one of the speakers, the Edinburgh City Council has agreed to pay the church Ā£25,000, or approximately $35,000.
The Supreme Court of Wisconsin ruled on Friday that local health departments can not legally ban in-person classes for private and religious schools, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A Colorado judge has ordered Masterpiece Cakeshop and its owner Jack Phillips to pay a Denver attorney $500 for refusing to bake them a cake that celebrated their gender transition.
On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court handed the communities of faith a major victory when they unanimously ruled that the city of Philadelphia violated the First Amendment when it tried to force a Catholic foster care agency to place children in same-sex homes.
An Illinois school has reversed course after it banned a little girl from reading her Bible during recess.
A judge recently ruled that a Canadian pastor's religious freedom was not violated when he was arrested for holding in-person church services despite COVID-19 restrictions.
Several sources are reporting that yet again, Beijing has increased pressure on religious groups. Beginning this year, all ā€œapprovedā€ religions must conform to its new Administrative Measures for Religious Institutions.
This week, a Canadian church and its leaders were fined $66,000 for holding three outdoor worship services in violation of local health restrictions.
In recent days, California has been ordered to pay $1.6 million in attorney's fees to settle a lawsuit filed by South Bay United Pentecostal Church over unequal restrictions on houses of worship. It also agreed to pay $550,000 in attorney's fees to settle a lawsuit filed by a Catholic priest, Father Trevor Burfitt. All total, the state of California owes $2,150,000 in the two cases that were filed by the Thomas More Society.
A teacher filed a lawsuit against a Virginia school board this week after he was suspended for speaking out against a proposed LGBT policy.
In an interview with Christian Headlines, former solicitor general Ken Starr argued that the Equality Act would be a "clear and present" danger to freedom of conscience.
A Michigan high school has decided to reverse course after it had initially forbidden a graduating senior from referencing her Christian faith in her valedictorian speech.
On Friday, a federal district court ruled that a Texas judge's practice of opening his court sessions in chaplain-led prayer violates the U.S. Constitution's prohibition on government establishment of religion.
Sometimes people think that Christians who advocate for religious liberty do so at the cost of their Christian witness. They assume that defending religious freedom is motivated by fear, and distracts from the Gospel. Since Christians are supposed to be fearless and self-sacrificial, doesn't defending religious liberty compromise our Christian witness? No, and here are three reasons why.
In a recent article in Christianity Today,Ā Judd Birdsall of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University compared how the Biden and Trump Administrations handled religious liberty concerns.
A second church in Canada has been ordered to close for violating COVID-19 restrictions.
On Wednesday, a federal judge denied a Christian college's request to block the enforcement of a new Biden administration rule that will force the school to open its dorms and showers to students who identify as the opposite sex.
Yet another Canadian pastor has been arrested for holding a church service in violation of COVID-19 health restrictions. Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is the third minister this year to be taken into custody by police for organizing a worship service.
The U.S. State Department found China to be the worst offender against religious freedom in its new Report on International Religious Freedom.
After delivering a sermon on biblical sexuality, a chaplain in the United Kingdom was fired from the college he worked at and reported to the government's anti-terrorism unit.
On Thursday, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill into law that calls churches and religious organizations "essential services" and limits how the state can restrict them during an emergency.
Another video of a Polish pastor in Canada calling local authorities "Nazis" as they try to enforce coronavirus pandemic restrictions has gone viral.

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