Challenging hardcore secularism with the freedom of religion.
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Dear tothesource readers, For 15 years, we've been privileged to publish weekly emails on current cultural issues with the aim of equipping pastors, church leaders, and others who wish to faithfully engage the culture. We are grateful for the donors...The post A Privilege to Serve You appeared first on tothesource.
The post Merry Christmas from tothesource! appeared first on tothesource.
A Christian Declaration on American Foreign Policy aims to equip American Christians with principles rooted in our faith about our country’s moral responsibilities in the world at this unique time in history The summer issue of Providence: A Journal of...The post A Christian Declaration on American Foreign Policy appeared first on tothesource.
The 2016 Democrat Party Platform, for the first time, is demanding the repeal of the Hyde Amendment. If the Democrats are successful, your tax dollars will pay for any abortion for any reason. The Hyde Amendment (named after its chief...The post Repeal of the Hyde Amendment appeared first on tothesource.
Archbishop Chaput reacts to emails between political operatives ridiculing Catholics and seeking ways to undermine Catholic teachingThe post About Those Unthinking, Backwards Catholics appeared first on tothesource.
Oxford Professor and Christian apologist John Lennox presents the case that “Saving America's Future” can only be done by tending first to the soul of the nationThe post Saving America’s Future appeared first on tothesource.
Honoring the lives of people with Down SyndromeThe post Down Syndrome Lives Matter appeared first on tothesource.
Courage Comes in Different KindsThe post Hacksaw Ridge appeared first on tothesource.
President elect Trump asked for guidance and help during his acceptance speech to aid him in working together for the good of the country. In light of Veteran's Day we asked Marc LiVecche, Managing editor of "Providence Journal," to offer some lead thoughts for the next administration on the foreign policy terrain up ahead.The post Taking Trump at His Word appeared first on tothesource.
DC's assisted suicide bill is the most expansive and dangerous our country has yet seen.The post Don’t Let Assisted Suicide Come to the Nation's Capital appeared first on tothesource.
Senator Ben Sasse emphasized the importance of protecting religious freedom and defending the rights of communities to which we do not personally belong at last week's symposium on “Religious Freedom and the Common Good” at Georgetown University. In a recent...The post Religious Liberty & Civil Catechesis appeared first on tothesource.
New documentary reveals effects of assisted suicide legalization on those who want to liveThe post Compassion and Choice DENIED appeared first on tothesource.

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