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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Another new form of life discovered: the world gets more complicated.
Researchers manufactured diamonds in minutes at room temperature, using shear stresses.
For a lazy Sunday afternoon, try learning some things about what science can and cannot do, and the biases that affect it.
A new mechanism for desiccation on Mars could have dried up an ocean much faster than previously thought.
Evolutionists finally admit Intelligent Design is valid! (Not exactly, but close.)
Would you donate money you don't have to a rich uncle who has more than he needs?
In an attempt to bring DNA under Darwin's mechanism and thermodynamics, this theory ignores the elephant in the room.
A duck-billed dinosaur had to swim like a duck over an ocean to save the evolutionary timeline from falsification.
Of all the nerve; Chinese scientist twists Darwin's dilemma into an argument against creationism.
The UK journal Nature keeps interfering in US science policy, forgetting that elected representatives are of, for, and by the people.
Climate change is a consensus of global experts, except when they stand on assumptions of quicksand.
Scientists should get away from philosophizing and help their fellow human beings.
No matter what kinds of organisms they study, Darwinists run into trouble by trying to prove common ancestry.
Would you eat these things? Gross but nutritious, some health scientists say we should.
New discovery: the platypus glows in the dark! And so do many other animals – another conundrum for Darwinism.
Astronomers claim to have identified the source of one instance of the most enigmatic explosions in the universe.
If anything could be due to any selection pressure up, down or sideways, then nothing might be due to selective pressure.
An international genome survey finds that vast quantities of non-coding DNA are transcribed and probably functional, not 'junk' as evolutionists had thought.
Major journal blames the public for how out of touch Big Science finds itself.
One American party would lock in Darwinist totalitarianism in schools, colleges, and public institutions forever.
The debate about when dinosaurs developed feathers has been supported by claims that feathers existed on the flying reptiles called pterosaurs.
This is not the only time America was divided. Lincoln faced a blood war of brother against brother. His solution is relevant today.
Is it a glorification of evil? or a chance to learn about courage in the face of darkness?
Modern cosmologists spend more and more money looking for dark matter. So far it's all trick and no treat.
Astronomers are baffled by a Neptune-sized exoplanet with an atmosphere that should have burned up long ago.

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