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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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For the first time, soft tissue showing details of lung structure have been found in a fossil bird said to be 120 million years old.
Illustra's newest DVD showcases Psalm 19 in multiple ways.
Creation geneticist PhD is speaking to the NIH, and already the Darwin attack dogs are up in arms.
A new documentary from the Discovery Institute exposes what evolutionists are trying to cover up: "scientific racism" by Darwinians.
The most vacuous scientific explanation of all meets the standard requirements of science.
Single large floods can change landscapes more than precipitation, a study in the Himalayas shows. European geologists went to Tibet to figure out the role of large floods in the complex landscape of the Himalaya Mountains. They conclusions are stated in a preface: Glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) are exactly what they sound like. The […]
A new set of post-Cassini papers has to deal with observational facts: Saturn's rings cannot last billions of years.
There's a tree connecting Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao: scientific materialism, with Darwin at the root. Take a look at its fruit.
Psychologists get their hands into everything, but the objectivity of their science is questionable.
Everywhere you go, you get Darwin Just-So Stories. You can't travel or read the newspaper without them.
New and old miracle acts for the origin of life are added continually, to see if people will keep coming with money.
Only by the most egregious twisting of terms could one call what these scientists did "evolution."
SETI enthusiasts would rather believe in fake reality than accept the silence.
"Earlier than thought" is a frequent phrase heard in Darwinian paleontology. Here are two more examples.
With observation, instruments and models, you would think geophysics is hard science.
Darwinism cheapens human life. Here's a huge societal debate about the consequences.
Surprising news articles undercut atheists' claims to reason, and score points for Protestants.
If you pledge allegiance to the Darwin Party, you can get away with pure nonsense and call it "science."
More evidence rises to indicate that Neanderthals—icons of brutishness—were every bit our equals, if not superior.
There is only one right answer to each question. If you don't agree with the Darwin teacher, you fail. Off to Reform School you go.
With one-party rule in any institution, everything supports the party line. Open debate would be healthy for paleontology.
Darwinists are adept and commandeering evidence contrary to their theory to make it look like support for their theory.
Australia's young adults are setting themselves up for major depression and social upheaval. Here's why.
The latest find of original molecules in a fossil should falsify long ages, but the discoverers use it to celebrate Darwinian evolution.
Anybody who thinks the hard sciences give us confidence in the real world should read this.

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