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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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A new release from Illustra Media combines some of its best clips on birds plus new material into a short film on flight.
Consciousness, and how it evolved, is called the greatest mystery in the universe. After decades of research, it still baffles materialistic scientists.
For treating borderline personality disorder, doing nothing is cheaper than paying a psychotherapist and likely to be just as successful.
Hydrocephaly is a physical brain ailment, but hydrobioscopy is a philosophical brain malady.
Don't ask questions, orders Big Science. Submit, or you will be mocked as a science denier. You may even be censored. We, the propaganda arm of the Left, are the experts.
A theory that uses the same process to explain both stasis and change is not a theory worth defending.
Progress bias misleads scientists into mistaking circular reasoning for fact.
Here are some amazing underwater organisms that go beyond the call of survival duty.
Does white supremacy motivate rejection of evolution? Time to set the record straight!
It's a good thing we don't have to compete against animals for strength, speed, swimming and other Olympic events.
Thousands of sea stars, feather stars, brittle stars, sea urchins and more found exceptionally preserved in catastrophic burial.
Experiments with participants given fake science show that those who "trust science" can be gullible.
Moving Toward Nazism? Are Stem Cell Research Limits Going Too Far? Ā by Jerry Bergman, PhD Introduction The philosophical and scientific creep towards Nazism may have now begun. First, a review of what happened in Nazi Germany. The story begins in the early 1900s in efforts to breed humans with what evolution claims are our [ā€¦]
Another skull scrambles the paleoanthropology story. What is the reason for so many rewrites of human evolution?
Some Darwinians think the Sulawesi Babbler is saying "I evolved!" How do they know they are not mistranslating its babblings?
To astrobiologists, cells are just emergent collections of matter. The difficulty of getting them to emerge escapes their notice. Ā Planetary scientists revealed their bad habit of hydrobioscopy again this week. They reasoned, Saturnā€™s little moon Enceladus has water; it has methane; it could have life! Why is that their focus? Why are they ignoring [ā€¦]
Here are some marvelous birds with abilities above and beyond the call of survival duty.
Nature has egg on its face. Its peer-reviewed paper on the evolution of "moralizing gods" was found immoral.
If Big Science continues its descent into leftist priorities, things could get ugly real fast.
Under ideal conditions for preservation, DNA from a sheep in a salt mine lasted 1,600 years. But could it last millions?
A creation astronomer finds a code inscribed by God in fractal geometry.
Here are examples of terrestrial invertebrates that exceed the requirements for survival.
Blundering along, Big Science creates perverse incentives and ignores its biases while awarding itself happy face stickers.
The nickname 'Jerubbaal' which was given to Gideon by his father has been found on a piece of pottery dating from his era.
Scientists investigate whether firefly synchrony is an optical illusion or really happens. It does.

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