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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Dr Bergman describes how a major concept was dismissed based on appallingly flimsy evidence.
New analyses of fossils is leading scientists to question our understanding of dinosaur species. We’ve finally figured out why there were no medium-sized dinosaurs (New Scientist). The bluffing headline by Riley Black glosses over the difficulty of figuring out where one dinosaur species ends and another begins. Researchers at the University of New Mexico aren’t […]
Trusting the Darwinians about human evolution requires willing suspension of disbelief.
Students in public schools have no chance to hear the reasons why life cannot "emerge" from rocks and water.
Which position has more problems in biogeography, creation or evolution? Look at these tales before deciding.
Pasteur was right: life begets life. It is becoming more obvious that an origin of life by purely natural processes cannot occur.
The tiniest of life forms are able to traverse continental distances on wings of the wind.
Living fossils pose significant challenges to Darwinian theory, even with genomes available. The horseshoe crab is a prime example.
Illustra Media has released a short film that explains how God's omniscience connects to the human heart.
Observers of the creation-evolution issue need to realize how far left the Darwinists are about everything else.
If you want to write a piece opposing views that you dislike, at least get your facts right.
The Perseverance rover landed today. As usual, the search for life is a priority for the mission.
Any DNA found older than this upper limit will cause huge problems for the evolutionary dating scheme.
Brains are like trees, only ours are upside down because plant brains are in the roots. Both came from chemicals.
It's amazing how wrong evolutionists can be without batting an eye. Errors this large should be a firing offense.
The line between "mainstream" science and fake science continues to blur.
Here is the latest association fallacy between geology and biology. Mainstream science lets it pass without criticism.
The excuse for this astronomical problem sounds like the excuses Darwinists give for sudden appearance. To set the stage for this little problem that astronomers found, one must have a basic understanding of Big Bang theory. The Bang was the only ‘sudden’ thing about it. (How that happened, and what happened before it, are considered […]
Analysis of new fossils makes a fantastic evolutionary tale even more unbelievable. Middle ears show intelligent design, not evolution.
Consider this headline: "We're more like primitive fishes than once believed." Why aren't people insulted?
Data that should falsify evolutionary timelines instead is used to launch new storytelling speculations.
The edifice of climate science making the world cower in fear of catastrophe is a house of cards. Listen to the scientists describe this and that joist in the edifice.
The political divide in the culture has spilled over into science, ruining trust in objectivity.
Our unique thumbs: another attempt to explain the chasm between humans and chimps fails.
Fooled by wishful thinking, some paleontologists call round things microfossils when they were never alive.

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