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A gland that birds use for preening, including the fatty oil, has been found in a fossil. Could it really be 48 million years old? Yesterday, we reported a soft tissue find in a turtle fossil said to be 54 million years old. Within hours, another story appeared about soft tissue from a bird fossil […]The post Fossil Bird Oil Stuns Scientists appeared first on CEH.
The fossil of a sea turtle said to be 54 million years old still has original proteins of pigment and muscle.The post Original Proteins Found in Fossil Sea Turtle appeared first on CEH.
If email is a system for delivering two-way coded messages across a distance, plants had it long before humans thought of it.The post Plants Use Elaborate Email System appeared first on CEH.
The Darwin storytelling empire has become fat and lazy, abandoning the hard work of empiricism for tantalizing speculations. The post Lazy Darwinists Abuse Science appeared first on CEH.
The ostensible gold standard of scientific reliability, peer review, looks more like fool's gold in many cases. Reforming it will require an overhaul, not just corrections.The post Corrupt Peer Review Needs a Reformation appeared first on CEH.
Self-deception seems hard-wired into the human psyche, and scientists are not immune from it.The post The Heart Is Desperately Wicked appeared first on CEH.
The left seems blind to the science behind the transgender movement and may end up regretting their support.The post Does Transgenderism Have an Evolutionary Benefit? appeared first on CEH.
You can't declare something old just because your worldview requires it to be old.The post Ring Around the Dwarf Planet Says ‘I’m Young’ appeared first on CEH.
A biology professor who came out of a Darwinian communist country explodes origin-of-life speculation with real world facts about genetic repair mechanisms.The post Cell Repair Requirement Demolishes Origin-of-Life Speculation appeared first on CEH.
The evidence shows that Neanderthals were fully human, having shared genetic information with us. Why, then, do Darwin Supremacists continue to treat them as "other" than human?The post Neanderthal Racism Continues appeared first on CEH.
40-35 million year old salamander looks just like a present-day salamander.The post Is This Salamander Really 40 Million Years Old? appeared first on CEH.
The incontrovertible leftist bent in academia once in awhile runs against facts of human nature. Studies show individual liberty is often better than government or globalist control.The post Scientists Discover Liberty Works appeared first on CEH.
Evolutionists claim large mammals like monkeys made it across oceans on rafts of vegetation. Here was a chance to test the idea.The post Empirical Test of the Rafting Hypothesis appeared first on CEH.
Dr Henry Richter, a writer for CEH and NASA VIP, shares his recollections of the space race that began in earnest with Sputnik 60 years ago.The post Rocket Scientist Recalls Sputnik 60 Years Ago appeared first on CEH.
Dr Jerry Bergman examines evidence that Archaeopteryx was transitional between reptiles and birds.The post Archaeopteryx: The Rock Star of Dino-Birds? appeared first on CEH.
Dark energy theory may not explain the cosmological constant as once thought.The post Dark Matter Mystery Deepens appeared first on CEH.
Four fossils give indications of what extinct animals ate. The results challenge what evolutionists thought about their complexity.The post Fossil Food Finds Change Evolutionary Stories appeared first on CEH.
The difference between creationist and evolutionist projects on the National Mall could hardly be more stark.The post Contrasting Two Washington Projects appeared first on CEH.
Science is supposed to be self-correcting, we're told. But when towers of belief are built on assumptions later shown to be false, the consequences can be monumental.The post Science Fail: Shaky Assumptions Topple Long-Held Notions appeared first on CEH.
The problem Darwinists have is, what is a modern beetle doing in the same geological strata with ancient extinct beetles?The post A 300 million-year-old fully Modern Beetle Causes Astonishment appeared first on CEH.
Plants, too, come loaded with graduate-level information they communicate to anyone willing to observe.The post Plants Teach Humans About Design appeared first on CEH.
Biomimetics extends to the cellular level, where extraordinary processes show engineers the right way to do things.The post Cells Teach Humans About Design appeared first on CEH.
They may not be able to talk, but living things communicate graduate level information about physics, chemistry and intelligent design.The post Animals Teach Humans About Design appeared first on CEH.
You can live in it without knowing much about it, but these facts should add to your sense of awe.The post More Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body appeared first on CEH.
No matter how unusual a fossil appears, evolutionists will find a way to fit it into their favorite Darwin narrative, or else will ignore the non-Darwinian implications.The post Manipulating Fossils to Fit Evolution appeared first on CEH.

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