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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Dr Henry Richter, instrument manager for the Explorer 1 mission (1958), corrects some mistakes about the mission in an article published at Space.comThe post Explorer 1 Pioneer Corrects Mistakes in Space.com Article appeared first on CEH.
A noted evolutionary paleontologist reviews a new book on evolutionary mechanisms favorably, but gives Darwin skeptics ammo in the process.The post Paleontologist Spills Beans on Evolutionary Emptiness appeared first on CEH.
If atheists think they can be just as moral as religious people, see what they think of other atheists.The post Atheists Don’t Trust Atheists appeared first on CEH.
Here are some notable fossil finds that tell stories, not necessarily the Darwin kind.The post Surprising Fossils Upset Evolutionary Expectations appeared first on CEH.
by Dr Henry Richter For a number of years I have been amused to watch many in the scientific community conduct a frantic campaign to identify life elsewhere in the universe. There has been a plethora of articles and significant dollars dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life, particularly intelligent life. In recent times several […]The post Facing Reality About Life on Other Planets appeared first on CEH.
Secular scientists face a dilemma: say what is politically correct, or state the biological facts about human sexual differences.The post Scientists Pressured to Go PC on Gender appeared first on CEH.
Here's why theories on the evolution of human culture are doomed from the get-go.The post Cultural Evolution Theory: Darwin Fail on Arrival appeared first on CEH.
Before they can tell the public what is true about the world, scientists had better get a handle on honesty. You can trust a scientist – to be fallible. Science is not entirely ‘out there’ in the world. Its findings are always mediated through fallible humans. And lately, there has been a flurry of concerns […]The post Dishonesty Undermines Trust in Big Science appeared first on CEH.
After 13 years in orbit, Cassini data still show conflicting interpretations for the age of Saturn's rings.The post Cassini Has Not Made Saturn’s Rings Old appeared first on CEH.
We continue with looks at how plants supposedly evolved, drawing from latest news from the leading journals and science media outlets.The post More Plants That Didn’t Evolve appeared first on CEH.
Here's a look at recent botanical news stories that should offer plenty of opportunities for evolutionists to show how plants evolved. The post The Plants That Didn’t Evolve appeared first on CEH.
Non-coding sequences of DNA, sometimes considered genetic junk, may actually function to help navigate proteins to their target genes.The post Pinpoint Navigation and Propulsion in a Seemingly Random Soup appeared first on CEH.
The Latest Episode in Evolving Origin-of-Life Stories by Dr Jerry Bergman The origin-of-life story is evolving. Before the middle 1600s most people believed that many forms of life originated by spontaneous generation from either inanimate matter, or once-living but now dead matter. Aristotle even believed that what was once thought as “simple” animals, such as […]The post Evolutionary Storytelling Evolves: the Case of Origin of Life appeared first on CEH.
With no evidence for their invisible friends, believers in space aliens are losing their minds. Are they setting themselves up for mass deception?The post Etiology of Alien Derangement Syndrome appeared first on CEH.
Birds live and birds die, but they have a hard time following Darwin's dictum to evolve or perish.The post The Birds that Didn’t Evolve appeared first on CEH.
By capturing solar 'sneezes' of high-energy charged particles, the Van Allen Belts provide a prime example of how the earth and its space environment are designed to allow and protect life.The post Earth’s Magnetic Field Protects Us from Solar Sneezes appeared first on CEH.
In a rush to discredit the Bible, certain reporters failed to research all that the Bible says about Canaanites.The post Reporters Disparage Bible with Fake History appeared first on CEH.
Here's an assortment of newly-discovered fossils that challenge Darwinian evolution.The post The Fossils that Didn’t Evolve appeared first on CEH.
Look what JPL allowed one of their scientists to say. The post The Dinosaurs That Didn’t Evolve appeared first on CEH.
Secularists put too much hope on some aspects of Earth-like exoplanets, but sometimes reality keeps their imaginations in check.The post The Habitability Habit: Exaggerating Earth-Likeness appeared first on CEH.
There are organisms that change too fast, others that change too slow, and others that change without natural selection. What's a Darwinist to do?The post Darwin Fail: Surprising Organisms Follow Their Own Path appeared first on CEH.
A poll shows the largest factor in the decline is the rise in the number of Christians who see evolution as God's way of creating life on Earth.The post Is Creationism on the Decline? If So, Why? appeared first on CEH.
Unaware of their logical fallacies, evolutionists could pull society down with them into a morass of contradictions.The post Elitist Darwinists Poised to Destroy Civilization appeared first on CEH.
They lived before relativity and quantum mechanics, but their insights continue to stimulate productive research in 21st-century physics.The post Classical Creation Physicists Still Make News appeared first on CEH.
Evolutionists irritated by ENCODE mount a counterattack, claiming that the majority of human genes are evolutionary leftovers with no function.The post Is Junk DNA Making a Comeback? appeared first on CEH.

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