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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Once in awhile, evolutionists see fundamental problems in Darwinism. But they continue believing it anyway.
To Understand Cancer Requires Acceptance of Irreducible Complexity
 A Brief History of Darwin-Inspired Racial Prejudice by Jerry Bergman, PhD The riots that have plagued the world during the last few weeks were, in my experience, the worst I have seen in my lifetime. Even those that occurred after Martin Luther King, Jr., was murdered were not as violent. I was born and […]
When did the Earth get its magnetic field? It's important because life depends on it. Watch MIT fumble and stumble over the question.
They say they seek understanding for our good, but some scientific practices are not ethically justifiable.
The evil that men do affects wildlife, too. But when men stop doing evil, sometimes the animals come back.
Scientific institutions are stepping on each other to ingratiate themselves with today's bolsheviks.
Some of the most extraordinary events in nature take place in small, common plants under our feet.
Evolutionists are proud of their propaganda. They have no shame as they continue to prevent any criticisms of Darwin's blind-chance ideas.
Big Science turns to Hollywood for help entertaining people with science narratives. It may be OK at times, but facts must take priority.
Where are the bold reporters who investigate quack claims? They're gone. They all quack together like rubber ducks.
Several papers have appeared this month about Saturn and its moons, but they all gloss over the implications for long ages.
Evolutionists bravely take on a creation icon: the bombardier beetle. Does their explanation work?
Evolutionists try to explain human associations by "evolutionary game theory," a form of natural selection. It leads to hopelessness.
Despite what evolutionists say, our bodies with their amazing senses are the work of a designing intelligence par excellence.
Science is supposed to know better, but spontaneous generation, long discredited, is back in Darwin form every day in the news.
Scientists routinely speak of people as male or female. They only change the habit when political pressure makes them cave.
The ribosome is a very complicated molecular machine with numerous accessory parts. Life cannot live without it. How could it evolve?
In a stunning rebuke, 22 scientists write in Nature that science needs humility and transparency.
From small herbs underfoot to towering giants, plants have what it takes to thrive in their habitats. Biomechanical analyses and computer simulations reveal the Venus flytrap snapping mechanisms (Phys.org). After well over a century, scientists are still trying to figure out the Venus flytrap. This unique carnivorous plant can snap shut in just 100 milliseconds. […]
Here's why endosymbiosis cannot explain diatoms – or anything else.
Wishful thinking from a one-track mind leads evolutionists to draw more imagination than demonstration in the latest tetrapod-ancestor fossil.
When a scientist up-ends what was long believed, how confident can they be about what they believe now? Don't outrun observations.
Look at the fossil evidence presented here, and ask if the Darwinian stories told about them make any sense.
If human consciousness is the evolutionary “Elephant in the Room,” then new research puts a dinosaur in the room for Darwinists!

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