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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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A major controversy is arising in scientific communities about which is the correct origin story for SARS-CoV-2.
Darwin bequeathed to humanity a world of miracles that happen constantly. How did he know? Things exist; therefore they evolved.
A review of the article, “The platypus: What nature's weirdest mammal says about our origins.”
Social scientists who try to put Christians in their test tubes have the roles completely reversed.
This beautiful and informative video announcing the winner was released this month by Illustra Media.
Evolutionary theory requires rare improbable events, but stuff happens in millions of years, they say.
Skin: An organ once thought to be simple is now shown to be far more complex than expected. Two new discoveries illustrate intelligent design.
A 20-mile volcanic fissure on Mars may be a recent eruption. Scientists are considering the possibility that Mars is still active.
Here are some of the latest installments on the origin of life. Dr Bergman reviews the new theories proposed.
Creation-Evolution Headlines will return May 8 or sooner. In the meantime, have you checked all the resources available on this site? Explore the menu bar for articles on subjects like Origins, Space, Biology, and Issues. You can list headlines only, or headlines with pictures, and go back through the years. If you can’t find what […]
Unconstrained by competition, the Darwin Party’s science storytelling industry comes up with some wacky scenarios. Where’s my horse-sized rabbit? (Phys.org). There are some pretty big fossil rodents, but no big fossil rabbits. Leave it to Darwinists to explain anything and everything. So why don’t we see rabbits rivaling the sizes of horses? To answer this […]
The secular scientists say that scattered bones of five tyrannosaurs that died together proves that they were "gregarious."
Let's analyze what Darwinists think are 'likely' scenarios about how and when complex organisms evolved or went extinct.
Study of human skin attempts to document evolution, but ends up supporting intelligent design.
A flying reptile with a neck longer than a giraffe's? Could it fly at breakneck speed without breaking its neck?
Can scientists recognize their own fallibility? Must they portray themselves as judges over the public?
God created bodies for health. One should expect problems when policies compromise health for pleasure and money.
When evolutionists ran divination on giraffe genes, did the visage of Darwin appear?
Darwin's story of useless organs was wrong, yet the myth about the human appendix (a classic example) lives on.
They used to wait till high school to begin indoctrination. Now, they want to "prime" 7- and 8-year olds to love King Charlie.
If you make a discovery on your own, good luck getting it published. Science is a game for rich guys.
Research into the cells and structure of bone supports the creation view: bones are designed.
To keep their pet theory from being falsified, Darwinians must stretch, twist and bend it to fit unexpected observations.
It's one of the strangest phenomena in modern science history: trying to find something that may not exist.
Are these leaves really 16 million years old? They retain color, odor, and even DNA. Bruce Malone shares a remarkable find.

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