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Creation Evolution Headlines

Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Heads or tails have equal probabilities, so why does nature sometimes prefer one over the other?
Venus has bad news and bad news: it was never earthlike, and models to determine its habitability are unreliable.
Evolution's legacy of eugenics lives on and on and on. Consider the ongoing case of Britney Spears.
Plot Heterogeneity allows evolutionists to imagine any story that keeps Darwin reigning as chief storyteller.
Not the panacea they were once widely believed to be, because the body is more complex than formerly assumed.
What if the evolution of cheating by natural selection backfires, and everyone becomes a cheater?
Pluto's atmosphere is freezing onto the surface again as its orbit takes it farther from the sun. How many times has this happened?
Some beliefs about origins are more equal than others.
There's no soft tissue in big scientific research fields when consensus sets in.
Germline mutations – it could have been much worse!
A major anatomical change in primate anatomy cannot be explained by evolutionary genetics.
They imagine life on every planet. But it is illogical to build a case on a sample size of one.
Plastic pollution is an issue of serious concern that needs to be understood through the lens of chemistry.
Undeserved authority bestowed on scientists allows some of them to boast of knowledge they don't have.
The speed of evolution is like general relativity. It goes fast or slow depending on the storyteller's frame of reference.
The Dunning-Kruger Effect is supposed to prove that ignorant people are the most confident. It's fake news.
Mutations are not the savior of evolution but its destroyer... and now we know why.
Darwinists have changed strategies. They no longer deny the existence of dinosaur soft tissue. They just embrace cognitive dissonance.
Evolutionary linguists would like to find universal common ancestry in languages, but they can't get there.
Illustra Media's new short film shows how God is in the details.
Humans have brains, but they can do things that look downright Darwinian, as in "Darwin Awards."
Does everything evolve, even cancer? Actually, cancer research is based on intelligent design, not evolution.
There's more going on in our bodies than we know. We should exercise more gratitude.
More water inferred deep underground, and ancient canyons and rivers detected.
Evolutionary proof? "Umami taste receptors evolved with primates' diets": a claim promising much, but delivering little.

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