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Following up on his essay "Choosing Sides," geneticist John Sanford names the party most responsible for "anything goes" sexuality.
Secular psychologists try to pigeonhole evangelical Christians as second-class citizens enslaved to groupthink. The opposite is true. It's time to boldly say so.
Politically-correct influencers cannot deny the obvious forever. Scientists have to deal with reality every day.
Biology textbooks played a significant role in promoting racism, but this embarrassing history is often ignored. Dr Jerry Bergman explains why.
They say this bear, with soft tissue, organs, soft nose and all, died almost 40,000 years ago. Is that credible?
Where is this stuff they keep telling us makes up most of the universe? The ideas are getting even more bizarre.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, scientists like to say. One smelly molecule is not enough to claim life.
Illustra's new short film, "18 Trillion Feet of You," shows how DNA is packed into the 3 trillion nucleated cells, and how far all of it would reach.
Here is reproduced a call to action by Dr John Sanford, Cornell geneticist and leading creation scientist. Feel free to share.
People with depression who have been taught mindfulness and meditation do not always get better. Why not?
It’s in the nature of theories to be overturned by new data. So how much trust should be put in current theories? Even the positivists like the reporters in New Scientist recognize that “There is no such thing as scientific truth, just a set of provisional truths that are subject to revision or rejection when […]
They renew. They recycle. They clean up their messes. We could learn things from cells. Cell division: cleaning the nucleus without detergents (Austrian Institute of Molecular Biotechnology). Mitosis, or cell division, is a messy process. All of a sudden, when the nuclear membrane disassembles, genes that had been isolated from the cytoplasm mix with it. […]
Apologizing for past racism is now everywhere but rarely mentions Darwin and evolution's central role in it. History, though, documents Darwin's role in abundance.
It's been a hard week. Let's unwind a little with laughter at what the Darwinians are saying these days.
Windmills and solar farms come with their own environmental baggage, but who is planning for it? Nobody.
Fruit flies dart, circle, zig and zag rapidly. Researchers gain some insight into how they do it so efficiently.
The male of the species is not disappearing, despite fear-mongering claims that the Y chromosome is shriveling up.
A new theory for the origin of Earth's oceans tries to make a splash again. This one says the Earth has always been wet.
The bright spots on Ceres formed recently, say scientists, and activity could be going on today.
They have the worst record on race of any institutions, but they are blaming YOU. This is the strategy of projection.
Here are more angles from which to view the downfall of Big Science and its accomplice, Big Media.
A classic showdown has already started between technological convenience and natural revelation.
Big Science has become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit. And they admit it.
The Next Step Should be Acknowledging The Racism of the ACLU by Jerry R. Bergman, PhD A new report in Nature covered the trend of removing the names of “racist leaders” from institutions and organizations. Among those listed in the Nature article was Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson public policy program. When Wilson was […]
Science reporters and scientists have lost all respect for evidence. They spin imaginative tales with reckless abandon.

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