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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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At higher magnifications, the cell's nano machines become even more spectacular.The post Cellular Wonders Coming Into Focus appeared first on CEH.
Recent articles about Biomimetics show that the field is still going strong.The post More Reasons to Imitate Biology appeared first on CEH.
The origin of life field is characterized by speculation about dumb molecules that could not possibly have organized themselves into living beings.The post Origin of Life: A Field of Ignorance appeared first on CEH.
Recent news articles show how mechanisms protect earth's inhabitants from a hail of bullets overhead.The post Earth Is a Safe Haven appeared first on CEH.
The silliest news reports in the science genre usually concern evolution. Immune from serious criticism, Darwinism should be a laughingstock, but is the darling of secular reporters.The post Irresponsible Reporters Push Evolution With Silly Notions appeared first on CEH.
A program to re-introduce kids to the great outdoors says, "Dirt is Good."The post Outdoor Play Is Good for Children appeared first on CEH.
A plague of research misconduct bothers leading journal editors. How are they going to evolve integrity? By preaching to matter in motion?The post Scientists Should Go to Church appeared first on CEH.
Secular cosmology is where the words cosmic and comic become interchangeable.The post Far-Out Cosmic Ideas Taught as Science appeared first on CEH.
The waterwheel plant, an aquatic species with a snap-trap faster than the Venus flytrap, is different enough to challenge evolutionary speculations.The post This Plant Beats the Venus Flytrap for Speed appeared first on CEH.
The intriguing hominid fossils from a South African cave make news again. This time, the discoverer and a team of anthropologists learn more about the brains of these creatures. Were they people? In 2013, the world was shocked to hear of bones of Homo deep within the Rising Star Cave system in South Africa. Bones […]The post Brain of Homo Naledi Estimated appeared first on CEH.
A new paper about the inner ear shows an additional level of organization and architecture that increases sensitivity and frequency discrimination.The post “Y” Your Inner Ear Hears So Well appeared first on CEH.
What could be more noble than striving for peace and avoiding conflict? Well, now the Darwinians say that peacemaking evolved by natural selection, too.The post Darwinism Animalizes Human Values appeared first on CEH.
A re-assessment of data from the Galileo spacecraft appears to confirm suspected eruptions from the surface of Europa, Jupiter's icy moon.The post Europa May Be Another Geyser Moon appeared first on CEH.
Without beaver dams, loss of nutrients from soil would increase, and pollutants from upstream erosion would afflict waterways.The post Beavers Clean the Soil appeared first on CEH.
SETI has had no success since the 1950s. It lost government funding in 1993. It still has had no success. Why is the government throwing tax dollars at it again?The post NASA Resurrects SETI appeared first on CEH.
A survey of arthropods trapped in tree sap shows that the unlucky ones do not represent an accurate cross section of the community.The post Amber Fossils Do Not Accurately Record Animal Diversity appeared first on CEH.
Big things are wrong in astrophysics, say several news articles.The post Star Formation Theories Fail to Shine appeared first on CEH.
The spherical inclusions inside geological layers do not take millions of years to form, Japanese scientists say. Concretions are eye-catching. Varying in size from peas to cannonballs, the almost perfectly spherical balls that erode out of geological layers seem almost too perfect to be natural. Science Daily indicates that scientists, not only laypersons, are mystified […]The post Concretions Can Form Rapidly appeared first on CEH.
Give an idea a name, and it can assume a reality in the imagination, even if there’s no evidence for it. Tae Hamm, writing for Glacier Hub, asks, “Was the Earth ever frozen solid?” Hamm, a student in climate science at Columbia University, reveals that a popular theory for the early earth before the explosion […]The post Snowball Earth Theory Not Set in Stone appeared first on CEH.
The intentional killing of human life by the millions should rank as one of modern society's greatest evils, yet the media continue to not only rationalize it, but advocate it.The post Sanitizing Genocide: Media Still Excuses Abortion appeared first on CEH.
The new Mars InSight lander that launched this morning will be digging for geology, not life. Most likely, as before, it will find lifeless dirt and rock.The post Mars Is Not a “Life-Friendly” Star Wars Planet appeared first on CEH.
Life needs molecular machines before natural selection can even be considered as a possible Darwinian explanation for them.The post Molecular Machines Show Same Design Principles as Big Machines appeared first on CEH.
The scientist who predicted a global ocean on Titan 35 years ago is still baffled over why Cassini did not find it.The post After Cassini, Titan Still a Problem for Long Ages appeared first on CEH.
Darwin's branching "tree of life" diagram made for a nice, simple, easy-to-understand, convenient myth. It has sent scientists on a wild tree chase ever since.The post More Tangled Branches that Confound Darwinian Trees appeared first on CEH.
Darwin's branching "tree of life" diagram made for a nice, simple, easy-to-understand, convenient myth. It has sent scientists on a wild tree chase ever since.The post Tangled Branches Confound Darwinian Trees appeared first on CEH.

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