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Devotionals for Teen Girls

Devotionals for Teen Girls

A place for Christian teen girls to be inspired using the King James Bible
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Jealousy can ruin your life if you are not centered in God’s word. Just look at what happened to King Saul when women sang about David’s accomplishments being greater than King Saul’s. One would think that a king would be the envy of everyone. But that old green-eyed monster, jealousy, settled in Saul’s heart and … Continue reading What’s So Bad About Jealousy?
Talking to others about the Lord is not the easiest thing to do, is it? It is especially hard when your testimony isn’t the greatest. People will look at you and think you’re a hypocrite because you “don’t practice what you preach.” The unsaved world cannot see Jesus in the church today because of this … Continue reading How’s Your Testimony?
Laziness is a habit that was formed very early in life and not corrected. Sometimes parents find it’s just easier to do a task themselves instead of arguing with their child to get the chore finished. That is definitely not doing their child any good at all. Are you such a child, teen girl? Has … Continue reading Am I Lazy?
Life as a teenager can be very stressful; especially in today’s world. Teens are challenged spiritually by kids they come in contact with every day. They are also challenged spiritually by television shows, movies, school and school activities, etc. Today’s teenager has a lot more to deal with than teenagers in the nineteenth century. Back … Continue reading Teens Are Under A Lot Of Stress
Devotional time, it’s a habit that not many teenagers have. They tend to find it a waste of time, after all, don’t they get enough “bible” at church? But to the truly born-again, blood bought child of the King, devotional time is essential to your day! It’s a time set aside to fuel your spirit … Continue reading Devotional Time
If your father were watching everything that you do, would you do things differently? Would you watch your language? Would you do everything you were taught to do? Would you act differently with your friends? The bible says: Gen 16:13 And she called the name of the LORD that spake unto her, Thou God seest … Continue reading God Sees You
Good morning 🙂 It’s easy to take a stand for something you believe in when all of your friends agree with you, right? But what if your friends don’t agree with you? Do you keep quiet or do you take that stand anways? Every person that has ever lived, or will ever live, has to … Continue reading Whose Praise Do You Desire?
Being different is not always a popular thing in today’s world. The world wants us to act like them, talk like them and even participate in events with them. Just as a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, so should the born-again young lady. But what does the bible say about this? Let’s take a … Continue reading Are You Different?
Good morning! 🙂 Has it ever happened to you where you wake up in a great mood and get yourself ready for school only to have a huge disagreement with your parents? Where did the morning go wrong? you may wonder. Most of the communication problems in our lives are due to misunderstandings, selfishness, or … Continue reading Doers and Hearers
There seems to be a lot of anger in the world today: so much on the news that upset people and they let those feelings out by being angry. That anger overflows into families, the work place, and school. But what does the bible say about dealing with anger? Do you have a problem with … Continue reading Anger Issues
Good morning! I am resuming my blog after years being on hiatus. I have been devoting my time on my “Pull Up A Chair” blog. However, that site has been hacked and I have not been able to write for almost a month now. I thought that the Lord may be telling me to get … Continue reading He Knoweth My Way
Good morning 🙂 Today’s verse is good example of how God gives us a clear view of what He means. Years ago, my Sunday School teacher taught me that since Jesus is known as the Word of God and the law is complete in Him, one can replace any word in Psalm 119 that refers … Continue reading Pure Thoughts – Is It Possible?

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