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One of my Grandmothers (called “Grandma” actually) used to advise us: “Don’t ‘wish’ your life away!” (I, as an early teen, was bad to say: “I wish I was old enough to get my driver’s license.” Or … “I wish I was old enough to pastor a Church.”) I’ve thought of her words many times, especially […]
God takes sin seriously! And when He finds it in His Own People … He chastises, disciplines, “whips” them for their disobedience! This “correction” is often applied both personally and nationally! Here’s God communicating to the Israelite Nation, should they ever reject the Law: “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee […]
“And the LORD hath avouched thee this day to be his peculiar people, as he hath promised thee, and that thou shouldest keep all his commandments; and to make thee high above all nations which he hath made, in praise, and in name, and in honour; and that thou mayest be an holy people unto […]
Not two messages. But two parts to the same message. Two “options” from God … in reference to His Word, to His commands. As Israel is about to enter her Land, God asks her to confirm, ratify, swear to obey … the Legislation given Moses several years earlier. Well, a “generation” ago actually! Deuteronomy 27:11-13 […]
I realize the blessings enumerated in Deuteronomy 28 are conditional. Israel MUST obey God for these benefits to accrue. But still … verses like number seven of that chapter are phenomenal! “The LORD shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, […]
My Dad would have called it just plain old “honesty.” A “way of life” for him, I might add. God, through Moses, taught Israel this standard of business practice. “Thou shalt not have in thy bag divers weights, a great and a small. Thou shalt not have in thine house divers measures, a great and […]
The Text today reminds me of the Book of Ruth! And of God’s care for the “poor” of the land. Remember, this is a Law. For Israel. “When thou cuttest down thine harvest in thy field, and hast forgot a sheaf in the field, thou shalt not go again to fetch it: it shall be […]
My King James Version “Scofield Reference Bible” labels Deuteronomy chapter 23 like this, “Divers (diverse) Regulations.” Indeed it is, sets of rules and warnings (prohibitions and instructions) concerning many areas of life. Yes, the great Creator (and potential Redeemer) of humankind plans to be “Lord” of all! Including daily life! So … here are rules […]
I’m taking sort of an indirect approach to the Text today. Observing perhaps an “incidental” fact imbedded in its main story, plot, thrust, trajectory. Another of God’s “Laws” for Israel, in conducting her everyday life. “Thou shalt not oppress an hired servant that is poor and needy, whether he be of thy brethren, or of […]
I am nearly overwhelmed (in a good way) by the Book of Deuteronomy. It is so vast in its content, covering every area of life. Law after law, line upon line. It deserves a lot more preaching than it ever gets! For today I have chosen just one verse for our Text, having used whole […]
I would simply call it “kindness.” And when obeyed, today’s Deuteronomy paragraph indicates that the Israelites just might have been the most gracious people on earth. “Thou shalt not see thy brother’s ox or his sheep go astray, and hide thyself from them: thou shalt in any case bring them again unto thy brother. And […]
The nature of today’s Lesson almost necessitates reading the first paragraph of Deuteronomy chapter 21. The first nine verses, that is. “If one be found slain in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee to possess it, lying in the field, and it be not known who hath slain him: then thy elders […]
It’s called the “one-word” telegram! Written by a godly man near the end of his life, much too weak to travel, in fact. “What advice would you share with your fellow servants of the Lord?” … he had just been asked. His immediate (back then telegrams were charged by the number of words they contained, and […]
“Practical,” the Book of Deuteronomy is certainly that! I’ve come to love this Book of the Bible, one of Jesus’ favorites as well! For example, He quoted from Deuteronomy each time (3 of them) that He refuted one of the Devil’s wicked “suggestions.” A total of 34 chapters, with 959 verses, majestic Deuteronomy is the […]
Our verse today is part of the Law God gave Israel through Moses, on Mount Sinai. You might say it’s the very “heart” of the punishment phase of that Law. That is, if a person was tried fairly and found “guilty.” Everyone has heard these words. “And thine eye shall not pity; but life shall […]
Jesus, mentioned in Deuteronomy? Yes, I think so. Really I know so! “The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a PROPHET from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me (Moses); unto Him ye shall hearken; according to all that thou desiredst of the Lord thy God in Horeb in the […]
One Preacher called these things, “temptations that go with power!” And around 1000 BC the Kings of Israel were powerful, indeed. Therefore God gave them “rules” for proper behavior. Guarding against “sins that might so easily beset them.” Today we reach the last of those regulations. (By the way, if these are good guidelines for […]
Pray for the Revival this week, continuing through Wednesday night, the Lord willing. TODAY’S LESSON … I did not originally intend to invest four Lessons in the 17th chapter (of Deuteronomy). Actually it will be a total of five before I can leave the subject at hand. We have been focusing on the “qualifications” God […]
Should Israel ever have an earthly King, trying to be like the nations who surrounded her, God preemptively placed some restrictions on that man, whomever he might be. One of those “prohibitions” involved horses! “But he shall not multiply horses to himself, nor cause the people to return to Egypt, to the end that he […]
A Quick Discussion of Deuteronomy 17:17 This “rule,” another in a series concerning the Kings of Israel … is most understandable. It is clearly predicated on previous divine legislation. (Like the Ten Commandments!) God told Israel (well before her first Monarch ever sat upon a throne) … “Neither shall he multiply wives to himself, that […]
Good Thursday morning! In Deuteronomy, the whole Book, God is “rehearsing” the Law (given via Moses on Mt. Sinai nearly years earlier) before the Nation of Israel. In chapter 17 the subject of a “King” is being discussed. (In reality God Himself wanted to be their “King!” Israel then would have been a true “Theocracy.” Instead, God knew their […]
Even before God had specifically appointed Jerusalem to be the site of the Jewish Temple, He had given Israel many instructions regarding their worship of Him there, in that special Place. Today’s Verse proves an example: “Three times in a year shall all thy males appear before the LORD thy God in the place which […]
“OTHERS MAY … YOU CANNOT!” The words rang in my ears! A Preacher was talking about having God’s “BEST” in one’s life. He was teaching us some things about the Biblical principle of “separation.” And now today, this morning, I have found that idea illustrated once again in the Word of God! And of all […]
As some of you already know, the Website experienced more technical difficulty early this morning. The Lord willing, another new Lesson (from the Book of Deuteronomy) will be written and posted tomorrow, fairly early in fact. I’d write it today, but it’s too near Church time now, the Revival tonight in Loris, South Carolina. Look […]
We are simply taking a “trip” through the Book of Deuteronomy. Basically covering a chapter a day, though occasionally a chapter has required several days to discuss. Today I have a question. Can God, does God bless Nations? Not just individuals or families … but Countries? Yes, the answer to that question, yes indeed. Listen to […]

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