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We’ve finally arrived at Ezekiel’s last chapter, Ezekiel 48. And it begins with an interesting report of the land (in the Millennium) that will be allotted to each of the Tribes of Israel. This Millennial “map” is much more organized than was the survey given us back in the Book of Joshua. Each Tribe gets […]
Today we look at the final two verses in Ezekiel 47. Essentially they cover God’s “care” for any foreigners who might have identified with Israel, particularly during her terrible ordeal at the hands of the anti-Christ. (The Tribulation, which directly preceded the Millennium.) Our Text: “And it shall come to pass, that ye shall divide […]
The “borders” of the land, of national Israel … during the Millennium. That’s what today’s divinely inspired paragraph reveals, Ezekiel 47:13-21. It reads like a geography text, too. “13Thus saith the Lord GOD; This shall be the border, whereby ye shall inherit the land according to the twelve tribes of Israel: Joseph shall have TWO […]
What an interesting paragraph of Scripture! Describing a (future) River, and it environs … Ezekiel 47:1-12. But today (already having discussed the chapter’s first 5 verses) we notice verses 6-12. “And he said unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen this? Then he brought me, and caused me to return to the brink of the […]
Yes, it’s time for another Ezekiel Lesson. “Every morning except Sunday,” or so it’s been for years. But today, a Saturday, no Lesson. We will be right back to it Monday, the Lord willing. Today we drive from Tunnel Hill, Georgia, about 25 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee … to Covington, Indiana … close to […]
Yes, in that Millennial Temple (from it) flows a river! “Afterward he (the Prophet’s angelic guide) brought me again unto the door of the house (the Temple); and, behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house eastward: for the forefront (face) of the house stood toward the east, and the waters came […]
Today … one more Lesson from Ezekiel 46, this being the fourth in a row! (I would have never thought so, not even a week ago, when I first read this chapter in preparation for this Series of Articles.) Remembering that the “prince” (mentioned 8 times in Ezekiel 46, more than in any other chapter […]
Ezekiel 46 is replete with information/instructions about the many “sacrifices” that will be offered (to the Lord) during the Millennium. (These are not redemptive in nature, but serve as a “memorial” of the Lamb of God, Jesus the Son of God, His Death on the Cross. Sort of like “The Lord’s Supper” does today.) In […]
On earth, during the Millennium, multitudes will live! Think of society experiencing a thousand years of peace! Not a single war, not until the end of that long period anyway. And that one will be “quick!” Jesus will be there. So will we, the saved people of all the ages! And Israel, that little Nation […]
More than any other chapter in the Book, Ezekiel 46 talks about the person called “the prince.” In fact, 8 times I see his name (title) there. I earlier wrote that he may be a “type” of God’s Read Prince, the Lord Jesus Christ! I still think that may be so, symbolically speaking. But He […]
In reality Ezekiel chapters 45-48, the rest of the Book, discuss the “dividing” of the Land, again during the Millennium. And the unique thing about this “survey” is that it requires “Land for the Lord!” And since the “reed,” which we studied earlier, is just over 10 feet in length (10.5 is more exact) … […]
The “Priests!” Where there is a Temple (particularly of this mammoth size) there surely must be a priesthood! And this System is approved of God, obviously. Priestly offerings and sacrifices! Just like the Old Testament “sacrifices” LOOKED FORWARD to Jesus’ Death on the Cross … the Millennial “sacrifices” (“offerings”) will LOOK BACK on Jesus’ Death […]
It is called the “Eastern Gate.” Located in Jerusalem, well known around the world, I suppose. It is blocked, walled up, shut … and has been for a long time, since Medieval days (since the year 1630 AD). By the way, it’s also called the “Golden Gate” at times. This is such a famed (both historically and […]
Yes, two statements that cannot be overlooked! First, the Glory of Almighty God, which had departed from the Temple back in Ezekiel chapters 10 and 11 … RETURNS! In this yet future Millennial Day, a thousand-year Day, by the way! God then (during the Kingdom Reign of Jesus Christ) chooses to “live” in the Temple! […]
The Millennial Temple! That’s what Ezekiel has been describing for us, in great detail. Today we come to his statement about the overall dimensions of the outer court, outer wall. “Now when he (an angel) had made an end of measuring the inner house, he brought me forth toward the gate whose prospect is toward the […]
Ezekiel is being given a tour! By an “angel,” one “whose appearance was like bronze!” Yet this heavenly creature (glowing radiantly) is called by Ezekiel a “man.” (Ezekiel 40:3) This tour focuses on the Temple of God, to be erected in Israel, in Jerusalem some day. Large than the Tabernacle of Moses’ lifetime! Even larger […]
It’s a “floor plan,” and even then only the outer areas, basically. Yes, Ezekiel chapter 40 is essentially that, a plan of the (now) future Millennial Temple. And it is comprised of a “sea of statistics!” One Preacher says “a multitude of measurements.” But early this morning I did notice a “trend” in our chapter. […]
Only one verse today, Ezekiel 40:5, so short a lesson? For more than one reason, Yes. This first section of the Ezekiel 40-48 “span” is loaded with numbers. And we MUST establish the criteria for these statistics. Architects and builders and even readers (of floor plans) must be aware of the dimensions of the structure […]
Another God-guided “tour” for Ezekiel! And the beginning of a nine-chapter “vision” the Prophet was commanded to record! Ezekiel 40:1-4, our Text for today’s Lesson. “In the five and twentieth year of our captivity, in the beginning of the year, in the tenth day of the month, in the fourteenth year after that the city […]
We have come to the final (basic) section of Ezekiel’s prophecy. Chapters 40-48 focus on the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth, a currently future Event, nonetheless a literal Occurrence. There is more “specific detail” in this nine-chapter Unit (about the Millennium) … probably than we learn from all the other Old Testament Prophets […]
Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 form a unit. One describing an attack on Israel by a conglomeration of nations (likely Russia and her allies) in the latter days. Thus far we have studied the alliance, wicked as it is, then the conflict itself … and its outcome! Bad news for anti-Semitism! Good news for Israel, […]
The noun is “theodicy.” It means “the justness of God,” literally. And in today’s Ezekiel Text God is giving us a prime example of “theodicy” at its very best! In fact … GOD IS HERE HIS OWN ADVOCATE, HIS OWN DEFENDER! The question, “Why has God allowed Israel to suffer such agony?” “Why the hardship she […]
God’s GLORY! That seems to be the ultimate Theme of this two-chapter Span in Ezekiel. Here’s what I mean. Our Lord is clearly preparing a “feast,” one of dead bodies! In an event that will recur at the Battle of Armageddon, the predatory birds of the air (but here, the beasts of the field too) are […]
My paragraph divisions in these Ezekiel lessons may see arbitrary. But really, if I know my heart, I’ve been discussing these chapter sections as “led of the Lord.” Plus (I trust) a little dose of human “logic” … which He has so graciously bestowed on us all. This morning Ezekiel 39:8-16 just “jumped out” at me! […]
A scientist reading Ezekiel (or any other Book of the Bible) will see certain things that I miss. Of course, that scientist must be a “Believer” in the things of God, not a skeptic. Certain “links,” or “logical developments.” Today’s verses show such a situation, with our God speaking. “And I will smite thy bow […]

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