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How many chapters have now been devoted to the “destruction” of the land of the Phoenicians? I mean in the Book of Ezekiel alone! Three, chapters 26 through 28, a total of 83 verses! For such a small “nation,” those are amazing numbers! Granted, Ezekiel also gives Egypt a pretty good whacking! Russia as well, […]
In the middle of Ezekiel chapter 28, something happens! The Prophet (I believe) ceases describing a normal human being (the whole context deals with judgment on Gentile world leaders) … and begins giving information on an amazing creature! One who sounds, assuredly, like the Devil! Let’s examine verses 11-19 for a few minutes. 11 Moreover […]
Ezekiel is a greater Book of Scripture than I ever realized! And “blocks” of it are absolutely sublime! No greater Literature exists describing the Glory of God, when compared to Ezekiel’s first chapter! Or perhaps none more graphic, than that great 16th chapter, the “story” of God’s dealings with Israel. What divinely inspired history! I am […]
That’s what the scholars call Ezekiel chapter 27 anyway, a “funeral dirge.” It describes the end of the glory and prestige and prosperity so long enjoyed the little nation of Philistia, by its wealthy cities, Tyre specifically. (Another illustration of “the wages of sin!”) But this “song” is almost written like “satire.” Judah herself is […]
In Ezekiel chapter 26 … God preaches “against” the heathen city of Tyre, capital of the Kingdom of the Philistines. These people were the maritime “sailors” of the ancient world. This small nation (the area of Lebanon today) was, of course, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. In essence, here are God’s Words: “Son […]
Four Nations, all of whom hate Israel! Yes, Nations, though they are small. (Think of Cuba, a nation? Yet an “honored” member of the perverted organization called the “United Nations!”) Ezekiel chapter 25 … begins a section of the Book that pronounces judgment upon a series of nations or leaders who also have flagrantly sinned […]
A couple of things first about the way Ezekiel organized his Book. Because here in chapter 24 we read the last of his prophesies against Judah, Jerusalem. Chapter 25 (Wednesday’s Lesson) begins a series of sermons against the other nations (all Gentiles) of the world! These continue until chapter 40 … where Ezekiel begins a beautiful (and […]
Perhaps this last part of chapter 24 is the most “touching” part of the whole Book, particularly as it concerns Ezekiel’s personal life. That’s an opinion, of course, and you must decide for yourself. At any rate, the Prophet’s Wife dies in this chapter! Remember when Sarai, Abraham’s Wife, died? (Genesis 23:2 … “And Sarah […]
I never realized how “brutal” Ezekiel the Prophet could be! As in “brutally honest!” Plain, outspoken, nearly brazen at times. But his people needed to hear that message, spiritual “shock” treatment! And a prime example of such is Ezekiel 23, the story of two sisters, two wicked women! “There were two women, the daughters of […]
Ezekiel will “preach” today, although God is his Coach! Ezekiel chapter 22. “Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Now, thou son of man, wilt thou judge, wilt thou judge the BLOODY city? Yea, thou shalt shew her all her abominations.” Verse 1, from the King James Version. Thus begins the “bloodiest” […]
Every chapter in Ezekiel is an adventure! And chapter 21 is no exception. For example, the word “sword” occurs 15 times in the 32 verses of this little unit! And in reality it’s “the Sword of the Lord” being depicted! Many Bible teachers call this chapter “The Song of the Sword!” Mind you, “sword” is […]
In Ezekiel chapter 20 the “elders” of Israel come to visit the Prophet, for at least the third time now! Chapters 8 (verse 1) and 14 (verse 1) relate the other occasions. But these men (like the Pharisees of Jesus’ Day) were rank hypocrites! And on each of these visits, God rebuked them for their […]
Really Ezekiel chapter 19 needs three full lessons to explain its intricacies. The whole chapter consists of a “lament.” That is, “a funeral dirge.” An “elegy,” some say. “Moreover take thou up a LAMENTATION for the princes of Israel …” Verse 1, where “qiynah” (“to lament”) literally means “to chant, to wail, to cry and […]
Ezekiel is such a “precise” writer! And chapter 18 so beautifully arranged! In it God is proving false a certain “saying” that had developed among the people of Israel. The word of the LORD came unto me again, saying, What mean ye, that ye use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying … “The […]
God Himself speaks today, using a “riddle.” Spelled “chiydah” in Hebrew, the noun means “a difficult question.” God also calls the chapter, Ezekiel 17, a “parable,” with “mashal” often meaning a “proverb.” (A “saying” that should have impact on how one leads his life!) “Mashal” as a verb literally means “to rule, govern.” Having labeled […]
Ezekiel 16:35-63 presents us with two “poles” of human existence! Two “opposites.” A nation (Judah by name) being far from God, VERY FAR, verses 35-59. And that same nation, suddenly, being made close to God, VERY CLOSE, verses 60-63. Wow! Alienated … due to her sins, iniquities for which she has no desire to repent, […]
Debbie and I drove home last night, arriving here at 4:00 AM or so. In order to get me on the road to tonight’s Revival (actually in Hoschton, Georgia) Meeting. For that reason today’s Ezekiel Lesson will be posted tomorrow morning, the Lord willing. The rest of today (Thursday) I will be driving to the […]
The first fourteen verses of Ezekiel chapter 16 tell an extremely lovely story! It is discussed in our previous lesson, in some detail. But … it’s the next nineteen verses that hold our attention now. Not a lovely story! The Jewish Nation (technically Judah but called Israel occasionally as well), after being the recipient of all […]
Yes, in Ezekiel the shortest chapter (15) is juxtaposed to its longest chapter (16), an unusual situation. From an empty, fruitless vine … to a poor sinful woman! Yet both Units describe the horrors of sin! And chapter 16 also tells a story, on top of the heavy theological freight it carries! Yes, it truly […]
The Bible regularly uses the word picture of a “vine” to depict people, or groups of people. Both the Old Testament and the New do so, involving numerous speakers, particularly our Lord Jesus. (Think John 15:1 here. “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.” A good example!) Well, in Ezekiel’s shortest chapter […]
That’s a strange title for a lesson, “Hypocrites at Church.” But in reality that’s what Ezekiel chapter 14 depicts, in its first paragraph anyway. Read with me the first five verses. “Then came certain of the elders of Israel unto me, and sat before me. And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, […]
Ezekiel chapter 13 consists of 23 verses of “warning!” Particularly directed at the “clergy!” Preachers (or so-called preachers) who have drifted far from God. The chapter divides itself into two halves, against (preaching) men who lie about God. And against (preaching) women who lie about God! These two sections are demarcated by the word “woe!” “Thus […]
Anytime I study a Book of the Bible, or write a new Series of Studies on the Website … I look for “outstanding” portions of Scripture, “remarkable.” Maybe a better word is “unique.” Well, to me, Ezekiel chapter 12 fits that category. So much happens in those 28 verses! If I ever preach a week […]
I never realized how much the “Glory of God” appears in the Book of Ezekiel. These 48 chapters of Scripture are “saturated” with that grand Concept, with God’s Very “Presence!” And Ezekiel chapter 10 is certainly no exception. The same Glory Ezekiel had seen, experienced, back in his initial chapter. “This is the (same) living […]
Granted, “in the Spirit,” but Ezekiel (since chapter 8, verse 3) has been “preaching” in Jerusalem, observing the depths of sin into which its citizens had fallen! “And he (the Lord) put forth the form of an hand, and took me by a lock of mine head; and the spirit lifted me up between the […]

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