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When I record one of our video Bible Studies, I mostly teach from “overflow.” What I have studied concerning that particular Text … material that the Lord brings to mind … in addition to the most interesting vocabulary words. But (in some Lessons more than others) I must omit a good bit of interesting data. […]
Today’s Bible Study Lesson consisted of a third “Confrontation” Jesus experienced with the “Pharisees!” From whence did Jesus come? This question dominates the first half of our Paragraph. The people of Jerusalem obviously did not know the correct answer either! But Micah 5:2 supplies the data we need! “But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be […]
I learned two new words preparing for this lesson, this Text! “Autodidact” and “theodidact,” basically meaning “self-taught” and “God taught” respectively. Jesus was no autodidact, for sure! In verse 16 Jesus said to His accusers, “My Doctrine (teaching) is not Mine, but His (God the Father’s) That sent Me.” Thus Jesus is a “Theodidact,” taught […]
Do the math! In verse 37 of our Text Jesus invites us to come get a drink. (Meaning Believe on Him as the Son of God, accept Him as our personal Saviour.) “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.” Then immediately (verse 38) that one drink, one swallow maybe, had produced […]
In this Text we see the Pharisees’ attitude that they are “better” than anyone else in Israel, in the world really. Isaiah 65:5a applies here … “Which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou.” Then God evaluates that kind of pride … “These are a smoke in […]
We have been studying (in our “Evening Meditation” Bible Classes) John chapter 6. It contains a total of 71 verses, and a lot of red ink in my Bible! (Which expresses all the Words of Jesus in that bright color, to mark them as vitally important.) Come to think of it, John chapters 3 and […]
In John 6:44 we are told that God the Father “draws” people to Jesus! Then in John 12:23 Jesus says that He Himself will “draw” men unto Himself. Excuse the redundancy please. And in John 15:26 the Holy Spirit is clearly said to “testify” of Jesus, implying an act of drawing men and women to […]
When Jesus Self-identified as the “Bread of Life” He claimed an amazing Truth about Himself. By the way, “bread” is mentioned 361 times in the Bible! Enough to show us how vitally important it was in those ancient days. It is the staple in the ancient middle eastern diet! Thus, it is essential for human […]
In our most recent “Evening Meditation” Bible Study we looked at John 6:60-71, that whole Paragraph. Within its scope is this great Event … “What and if ye shall see the Son of man ascend up where he was before?” That event being our Lord’s Ascension back to Heaven, John 6:63. Jesus had repeatedly told […]
That’s what one writer called the “issue” in John 6:25-31. (We have a 30 minute video Bible Class available on this Text on our YouTube channel.) He called the spiritual disease the Jews (not all Jews, primarily their leaders) had in John 6 … “more-ism!” (Actually he did not hyphenate the word, “moreism.”) Specifically John […]
A thought I did not have time to include in our online video Bible Class entitled “John 6:14-21 … Jesus Walking on the Sea!” The Lord, in John 6:20, uses the great Phrase … “I AM!” It’s true that in English those two words are translated “It is I.” But the Greek Text our King […]
Jesus was such a supreme Student of Scripture that practically everything He did was based on some Old Testament precedent, some Type or Symbol in the Jewish Scriptures. To me the following Paragraph from Psalm 107 almost predicts what Jesus did when He saw those 5,000 hungry men and their families, in John chapter 6. […]
The common (and liberal) explanation of John’s term “the Jews” (which he used 64 times in his Gospel) is often twisted to mean that John favored ill treatment of the Jewish people! That’s not right! By “the Jews” … John does NOT mean the common men or women living in Israel. The seemingly often pejorative […]
This is another example (in the Gospel of John) of Jesus working a miracle, then following that great deed with a sermon! Some commentators call this great message “Jesus’ Bread Sermon.” There are two Old Testament Texts serving as background for Jesus feeding the 5,000 men. First, the Exodus 16 account of the miracle of […]
Jesus in John chapter 5 (after healing a man at the Pool of Bethesda) is mentioning various Witnesses to the Fact that He is the Son of God! But He will not here accept any witness from a human! John 5:34 … “I receive not testimony from man.”
“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.” Powerful Words of Jesus in John 5:24. One author (correctly in my estimation) says of our Verse … “The strongest affirmation […]
Recently, as I studied John 5:22, my heart was thrilled with the Fact that our dear Lord is also our “Judge!” Yes, I am speaking of Jesus. The Proof Verse … “For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son.” Notice the qualifier … “ALL JUDGMENT!” This surely means Jesus […]
In John chapter 5 Jesus enacts a Miracle (healing the man at the Pool of Bethesda) then preaches a Sermon, a lengthy One too! The Message here is clearly detailing Jesus’ Relationship with His Father! Thus … a study of our Lord’s Essence in Its deepest Sense, as One with the Father! As I earlier […]
Particularly from the viewpoint of our four Gospels, Matthew through John … we see Jesus enacting no less than “seven” miracles on various Sabbath days during His earthly Ministry! In Mark 1:29-31 Jesus heals the fevered Mother-in-Law of Simon Peter … doing so on the Sabbath! (Mark 1:21 for the Sabbath context.) In Mark 3:1-6 […]
The study of Bible numbers and their meanings can be over-emphasized. Taken so far that one misses the practical emphasis of a Text. But then again so can Scripture’s numbers be under-emphasized. In the Gospel of John’s Account of Jesus speaking to the “woman at the well,” that Samaritan woman … I counted and was […]
A few “snippets” of information that I did not have time to include in our last video Bible Class, our “Evening Meditation” posted August 21, 2022 titled … “John 4:39-42” … JESUS CHRIST, THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD! *** Because of His ministry with the Samaritan woman in John chapter 4, Jesus was able to […]
At both the beginning of John chapter 2 and again at the ending of John chapter 4 … miracles occur. The turning of water into wine and then the healing of a nobleman’s son! And both occurred in the same city, Cana of Galilee! In the first … water is turned into wine, as I […]
In a recent “Evening Meditation” Bible Class (one of our YouTube videos) we studied Jesus feeling “compelled” to travel through Samaria. “And he must needs go through Samaria.” John 4:4 Class warfare, racism in today’s terminology, existed between the Jews and the Samaritans back in that day. “The Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.” […]
I recorded one of our “Evening Meditation” Bible Studies around Noon yesterday, and the devil has fought it fiercely. (The Class in titled “John 4:7-15,” if you want to watch it sometime.) It has taken over 13 hours to upload to YouTube, our channel there! That’s a world record … for slowness. It’s the motel […]
After a lengthy interview (conversation) with a woman from Samaria … our dear Lord Jesus identified Himself as follows … “I that speak to thee am He.” (John 4:26) She (in verse 25) had just brought up the Subject of the “Messiah!” The word order in a Greek sentence (while saying the same thing as […]

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