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Why Pray?

Why Pray?

In some ways I hesitate to write about something of which the vast majority in the world have never heard and about which the vast majority do not really care. But I am going to do it anyway. Since coming to England my different responsibilities and schedule has allowed me to go back and study in greater detail some areas in which I have reached conclusions, but still had questions. One of those areas is Calvinism. I have stressed in several recent conversations several things that I would like to reiterate here: There are Calvinists with whom I have close friendships and with whom I have no axe to grind. I am not trying to convince them to change nor do I think them lesser Christians in any way whatsoever. There are types of Calvinists which I would find it harder to deal with, but for me it is not a matter of personal separation. I am not looking for a fight or seeking out trouble, it just seems Calvinism is being offered every where I turn and it feels like I am being attacked rather than the other way round. So in essence, some Calvinists are gunning for me, not the other way round. So there we have it, my basis for not wanting any individual to feel targeted, nor for any friendships to feel threatened. :) What I am thinking about at present is prayer. A fair question is why do Calvinists pray. After all, nothing we do makes any difference, everything is sovereignly ordained. Now, I know the answer given is that the prayer is foreordained just as the answer is foreordained. But does that not make the answer dependent on us praying? If the prayer is foreordained then do we not come back to the point that others have raised that we are simply machines. Surely this answer leads us to believe in Calvinism as being a kind of fatalism. Now, to be fair, the question can be reversed. If those who do not believe in Calvinism do not believe that God over rules the will of individuals, then why do we pray? What exactly do we think can be achieved? Part of my answer will be this, there is a junction at which free will encounters sovereignty that I do not believe we can currently understand. I used to be afraid of this because some Calvinists give the impression they have all the answers, but as a good friend of mine from Georgia, USA has said, It just ain't so. The rest of my answer stems from an event in the life of Amos. You can read the text in Amos 7:1-10. To keep these articles concise I will post the remainder of this topic in later posts. Be sure to come back tomorrow to continue this line of thought.

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