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Pastor Recommended Link

Links to web pages recommended by Independent Baptist Preachers
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Bridging the gap between Sunday school and seminary
Nashville Tennessee (TN
Proclaiming the good news of salvation!
For a Family Friendly Internet
Editorial Bautista Independiente (EBI) is the Spanish literature division of Baptist Mid-Missions.
This ministry is devoted solely to proclaiming the gospel in a clear and biblical way. We provide free videos monthly to pastors inquiring about the gospel videos, and sometimes give quantities free to churches and other ministries, such as Crisis Pregnan
God's Word + Psychology = Psychoheresy
The largest library of FREE MP3 audio sermons on the Web
Author and historian David Barton is the Founder and President of WallBuilders
Greenville South Carolina (SC)
Presenting God's Word On the Internet Since 1996
A Friend to Church Ministries
Bible Answers for the sincere in heart.
Wholesome Words is a website maintained by Stephen Ross.
"Today's tough issues dealt with from a Christian perspective"
Clifford Pennsylvania (PA)
Rockford Illinois (IL)
An astounding amount of scientific evidence disproving evolutionary theory has been uncovered. Here is part of that evidence.
Our primary aim is to teach you how to share your faith effectively.

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