Server Outage Update

Blog created: 2022/05/06

The server has been up and stable since about 2:30 AM this morning. Below is an excerpt of the response from the Hosting provider which does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling smiley Again, I'm sorry for any inconvenience!

Hello Bob,


It was a pleasure chatting with you via live chat about It appears that the chat got disconnected, so, I am sending this email update instead.


Furthermore, I have gone ahead and escalated the case to our specialists.

I am glad to let you know that the website is now up and running. There was an unknown issue from the backend which our Server Team was able to identify, and fixed the root cause. Here is a screenshot link as



I would recommend clearing the web browser's cache and cookies before accessing the site. This is to force the page to re-load on the server.

You can use a different network or device to have it tested. 


Should the issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact us back. We would be happy to help!


Feel free to reply anytime should you have any further questions or if you need additional assistance. I would be happy to help!


Please stay safe and healthy.