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Special 2016 Election Penny Pulpit

Special 2016 Election Penny Pulpit

This is a Special Penny-Pulpit Election Alert from Pastor Ed RIce

Special 2016 Election Penny Pulpit
from Good Samaritan Baptist Church, Pastor Rice

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

In these next days it will be determined whether the United States of America's highest office will be bought by an arrogant egotistical incompetent, or sold out to a feminazi socialist with a secularist sodomite despise for the Lord God.

Voting for the lessor of these two evils is no small contest. Neither party asked God to forgive and have mercy on America. There will be no victories in this election, only varied levels of rebellious leadership and of our country's collapse.

I am committed to pray for America every day through Tuesday, 8 November; confessing her sins, her false god's, and foolish, rebellious pride; asking the LORD God to awake her citizens, and revive her faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, God's Only Begotten Son, our only answer. May God have mercy on America.

Pastor Ed Rice, www.GSBaptistChurch.com

“Prayer and the governing of the United States of America have been forever forged through fiery trials in American history. As British troops were attacking Boston the response of the legislative leadership was to bow in intercessory prayer and humbly petition the Author of Liberty for His protection and providential guidance.“

Dr. Chuck Harding www.AwakeAmericaOnline.org

RESTORE AMERICA PRAYER NETWORK MISSION: To restore America to its former God-fearing and world power status by fervent daily nationwide prayers, petitioning Jehovah God to impart wisdom, grant courage, and instill fortitude upon every member of Congress and upon every federal judge so that they will be compelled to do right. Prayer is powerful.

Dr. Jerry Hillenburg http://www.hbcindy.com/ministries.html


Restore America Prayer Network Pray for the LORD God to grant wisdom, courage, and a desire to do righteousness into our Supreme Court Judges:

# Judge Active Since Appointed by:

104 Anthony Kennedy 1988 Reagan

106 Clarence Thomas 1991 Bush GHW

107 Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1993 Clinton

108 Stephen Breyer 1994 Clinton

109 John G. Roberts 2005 Chief Justice Bush, GW

110 Samuel Alito 2006 Bush, GW

111 Sonia Sotomayor 2009 Obama

112 Elena Kagan 2010 Obama

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