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Msg#1607 Valentines Day At Last

Msg#1607 Valentines Day At Last

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Msg#1607 Valentines Day At Last

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice


God intended that love and marriage be a taste of paradise here on earth. There is no more intimate relationship than marriage. It is holy because it portrays the intimacy that God wants with us, but if a marriage does not follow God's blueprint it will taste like something, alright, but it won't be paradise. The roles of the husband and wife in marriage are clearly outlined in God's Word. They are overtly contradicted in today's Godless society. For wives God uses words like submit, chaste, and keepers at home, for husbands, love, sanctify and leadership. It takes more than a King James Bible and a good dictionary (or Lexicon) to find these words in one's marriage; it takes the Lord Jesus Christ living in the redeemed soul of each participant. We marry to fulfill love, significance, and security in our lives. Humans made in the image of God are designed to love, and to be loved. Imagine the life of one who is significant to no one, and considers none significant. Imagine the life of one who has no security in a significant loved one: unsure if they will even care about or be cared about tomorrow. Each of these essential needs has three dimensions, with physical, emotional, and spiritual sides. Although these 3D needs overlap they are the essential needs that can find complete fulfillment in only two places in this world: they can be fulfilled in marriage, and they can be fulfilled in Christ. When you are properly in BOTH of these relationships you can have that taste of paradise. Valentines Day is strategically placed just before the raging hormones of spring arrive, just so one will pause, and take stock in their love, their significance, and their security. Happy Valentines Day; take inventory of your stocks.

An Essay for week #7 Feb 14, 16


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