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The Wilps Family

The Wilps Family

Missionaries to Paraguay

Praise the Lord for all He has done in our lives and in the lives of the Paraguayan people. God is doing great things here in Paraguay. Our ministry here is growing. The church in Villeta is doing very well and has been through many trials and tribulations. Pastor Alfredo has grown in many ways. He is doing a great job in Villeta. God is with Him, because he is with God!


The church in San Lorenzo with Pastor Dani is growing. There are many new families. I preached there last Sunday and 4 souls trusted Christ as Saviour. One of them was an x- Catholic nun. I preached the gospel and with tears in her eyes she raised her hand expressing that she needed to be saved. Amen she got saved!


The Church in Luque with Pastor Nelson is also doing well. There are a few new people attending church. When I was there last there were visitors and they trusted Christ as Saviour. Pastor Ramos is right now in Australia trying to raise more support. Please pray for him as he is trying to get back to Paraguay.


The Church in Limpio is struggling a little bit. The Bro who we thought would take the work to be pastor left the ministry and church all together. Please pray for him. His name is Jonathan. Because of this setback we will be having services on Thursday and will have services again on Sunday when there is a pastor. In the meantime we will travel every Thursday and preach trusting the Lord Jesus to do His work.


We had a great opportunity to preach in 4 different public schools here in Paraguay and many received the Lord Jesus as Saviour. We also started a ministry for the homeless. We preach and give out food and clothing. We have preached to Drunks, drug addicts, Prostitutes, many with Aids and even those who confessed to be murderers. Many of them have trusted Christ as Savior. I am praying about starting a church in Villa Elisa. Pray for us as we try to win Paraguay to Christ! 

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