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Worry is a sin! Dr. Rice use to say that in some ways worry is a worse sin than getting drunk because when we worry we are doubting our Heavenly Father.

Let’s separate this matter of worry from genuine concern. It is certainly right for us to be concerned about things that we are responsible for. God expects us to be responsible & be concerned about things in which we have control, but worry is crossing that line into anxious care about things that we have no control. When we begin to allow care & concern to escalate beyond the realm of our individual responsibility, we begin to fret & play the “ What if ... game “.

Worry is one of those “ little, respectable sins “ that we commit & we think has little consequences. Actually, when we worry we are denying the faithfulness of God. It is insulting to our Heavenly Father to think He can’t take care of us. May God forgive us!

Legitimate concern is understandable. Anxious care ( worrying) is sinful. An old song says, “ Take your burdens to the Lord & leave them there. “. Don’t worry! Pray! Then, pray some more! And trust your Heavenly Father! Whatever you’re facing today, whatever burdens you’re carrying, whatever is bothering you in your spirit & mind; bring it before the throne of grace. Why worry when you can pray?

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