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Does that statement shock & alarm you? It should! Infanticide— the intentional killing of an infant. From the time that Pharaoh killed the babies in Moses’ day & Herod killed the little ones in Bethlehem, part of the Devil’s attack has been against little babies.
There is just a small step between abortion & infanticide. Killing the baby inside the womb or killing the baby as soon as it is outside the womb. It is still the killing of a child. That is why I feel so strong about the Pro-Life issue. This is an issue that should concern every American as we prepare to vote in the most important election of my lifetime. You may say, “ But there are other issues.”
Maybe so, but they pale in comparison to the matter of killing innocent little babies. The scriptures tell us that God hates the shedding of innocent blood ( Prov. 6:17 ). No one is more innocent or vulnerable than a baby in his mother’s womb.
We need courage to stand against the evil of abortion. Courage like Mother Teresa who spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994 in Washington & gave a stinging rebuke to the President at the time, Bill Clinton, & the other dignitaries present saying, “ America had become a selfish nation, losing the meaning of love because of our practice of aborting unborn children. “.
KILLING BABIES! Does that stir your soul? It does mine.

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