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Can the Lord save someone who is on their death bed? Yes! He saved the thief on the cross who was only minutes from death. God’s longsuffering & tender mercies are beyond my comprehension.

A few weeks ago Wendy Solomon Barrett who has worked with my son, Cary Coleman as registrar for Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders, requested prayer for her aunt who was seriously ill & not expected to live. Aunt Joann had refused to accept the message of the gospel after being witnessed to by a number of people including my son. There were many of us praying daily for Aunt Joann’s salvation. On Thursday night, August 6, a friend of the family who was retired military, went to see her in the hospital & witness to her. To the glory of God, she wept & prayed for God to forgive her & save her. Hallelujah! Nine days later she peacefully went to be with the Lord.

Someone said to me, “ I don’t believe in death bed conversions! “. Well I do! I’ve seen personally how our great Savior can snatch a firebrand from the burning. When a sinner turns from their sins & trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ, God wonderfully delivers them from darkness to light. No matter who it is or what they’ve done or how close they are to death; God can save anybody, anytime, any where!

Just a warning in case you are thinking— I’ll just wait until I’m on my death bed to get saved: 1. You may die suddenly ( there may not be a death bed ). 2. Jesus may come. ( then, you will be left behind in a world facing God’s wrath). 3. Your heart may be so hardened against God that you will reject the gospel. Please don’t take chances with your precious soul— Trust in the Lord Jesus today!


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Death Bed Conversion
Death Bed Conversion

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