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Don Frum

Don Frum

Looking to Pastor a Church
Looking to pastor a church within 300 miles of my current home.
I am 46 years old, divorced over 3 years ago after a 14 year marriage, not my choice.
I have 2+ years of Bible college from Liberty University and Massillon Baptist College.
I am experienced in many trades and have owned multiple businesses over the last 25 years.
I was called to preach at 15 but only a year ago did I get serious with God and start living equal to the task He has set me to do. I have been preaching regularly at my local church, was preaching regularly at local nursing homes until the lockdown. During the lockdown I Livestream preached up to 3 times per week and also started 2 discussion groups. Also some music sang.
You can find all those archives on my FB page Obedient Living @obedientliving or on my website at http://obedientliving.com . You can email me at [email protected] or call my phone at 724-701-1588 and I will make myself available. If you have questions, need more things like my statement of faith, testimony, references, credentials just contact me. If I can help in any way I will try to do so. If you just need prayer or someone to talk to please call.
I have fully committed to follow the Holy Spirit's leading and after months of arguing with God about what He wants I have complete peace that I am to go into the pastorate somewhere so I’m striving towards that goal. I tried to use 1 Timothy 3 to get out of it honestly then after much study and teaching by the Spirit I realized it offers me no excuse because it’s talking about polygamy as in 2 or more at same time and I currently don’t have a “house” to rule so that doesn’t apply.
I quit making excuses now I’m looking to just be a blessing to struggling churches or churches without a pastor. If God so leads I will “candidate” but for now my goal is to preach and to be a blessing.
Please call to discuss it if I can get there is be more than happy to fill the pulpit and preach or do special meetings like a Revival, or come canvas your neighborhood knocking on doors. If I can help please call to discuss it.

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