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Msg #2015 A Prehumously Written Easter Message

Msg #2015 A Prehumously Written Easter Message

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Msg #2015 A Prehumously Written Easter Message

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice


This Easter Sunday was like no other in the history of America. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ were advised by their government officials that for the sake of the social good of our society they should not gather together and worship the resurrected Christ. Some officials, enamored with their newly acquired authority to push people around for the social good, had already issue tickets and levied ridiculous fines against Christians who disobey their recommendations. Easter Sunday, in America, came laden with threats and intimidations against those who would gather for any worship of the resurrected Christ in any venue. It is sobering how complacent Christendom has become. But it is downright frightening how honest to goodness, genuine born-again-saved believers have been lulled to sleep during this pandemic. There is no sackcloth, nor ashes, nor fasting rampant in believers lives. Sitting at home on couches in front of big screen TVs, being careful not to spill the coffee is acceptable worship for the masses, even on Resurrection Sunday. The Passover lamb was slain and nature's most powerful Paschal Moon was full and highlighting the most powerful three nights in God's creation, just as it had since 1492 (BC) when God wrote down that this was true. For the most part officials have not dared to close churches and call them non-essential, but Christians have. Church doors are locked across America and “Christians” have not even tried a door knob to see if they can enter and make it a house of prayer. Honest pastors fast and set for hours in these abandoned buildings seeking God's face, weeping for our nation, weeping for parishioners, weeping for the lost. Across America a couple parishioners wanted into the church house to retrieve their Bibles from their pew, but none wanted in to pray, to visit an alter, to thank their God, to seek his face, to sing him a hymn, to just sit in that pew and be quiet, to pray with their pastor. We make it to the grocery store just fine, that's essential. People are lonely during house arrest, non so lonely as your pastor in an empty church, and that house is not under arrest. If you love it, make some plans to visit it a couple times this week,... unfortunately you might need a key.


An Essay for week #15Apr 12, 2020

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