Calvary Baptist Church

Bucyrus Ohio (OH)

Article created: 2021/09/06

Bucyrus-Pastor-Calvary Baptist Church, 1600 Marion Rd, Bucyrus, OH, 44820 is searching for the man God has prepared to be our next pastor. He will not just “use only” the KJV but do so by Biblical conviction in the Divine inspiration and preservation of Scripture. He will also have Biblical convictions against any style of worldly music posing as Christian (i.e.-CCM, Southern Gospel, etc.) The church currently averages 65 in the am service (was 85 pre-covid). This is a fulltime position. Send resumes to [email protected], or the address above by mail. You may call Pastor Ken Lance at 419-562-7952 with any questions.

Calvary Baptist Church
1600 Marion Road
Bucyrus, Ohio 44820
(419) 562-7952