Maranatha Bible Baptist Church

Fulton Michigan

Article created: 2021/04/06

At Maranatha Bible Baptist Church in Fulton, Michigan we consider ourselves to be "The Old Country Church that still stands for The Old Time Religion!" We are an Independent Fundamental Baptist church that believes the King James Bible is the preserved Word of God and uses only traditional Hymns for our Worship music.
Although we are a very small congregation at this time, we have a strong hunger for the Word of God and a desire to grow in the Lord. We acknowledge that this work may be looked upon as a "restart," however, with God's man to Pastor our church, we can reach our community for Christ.
Our building and property are debt free. We are in need of finding God's man to lead our church as Pastor. Our new Pastor would have to find outside financial support and housing.
Please contact Pastor David McAlpine (Interim Pastor) via email with your initial contact information and any questions you may have at [email protected]

Maranatha Bible Baptist Church
16990 S 38th Street
Fulton, Michigan 49072

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