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Welcome to Alabama Youth Congress.
We care about you and your unborn baby.
A Christian Muslim Dialog
A study of the evidence for kjv only
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C.I.B.C. - PREACHING - 26 April 2017 Wednesday Night - Pastor Hoose PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Enjoy this video of some great bible preaching during one of our services. If you want to find out more about our church please visit our ...
Why do bad things happen to good people? - Baptist Preaching - Pastor Daniel Pigott What does the bible say about bad things that happen to "good" people? Pastor Daniel Pigott goes through nine key things.
BR Lakin Pleasure Seekers

This sermon is presented in full from the Landmark Hour from the mid 1960s. The sermon itself starts at 15:10. Before the sermon is the standard Landmark Hour opening with Dr. talking about Herb before Till The Storm Passes By.

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Ministry is hard. Small church ministry is relentless. Doing it alone is impossible.Small church pastors labor under a great deal of discouragement.They work unbelievably long hours (often full-time at a paying job in addition to pastoral ministry) with very little money (many supplement the church from their bivocational pay) and very little encouragement.They are the unsung and unseen warriors of the church.So, if you’re in a position to help a small church pastor, here’s what we need from you more than anything else.How To Reach OutIf you’re A member of a small church A deacon/elder at a small church A denominational official A seminary professor A church growth writer or speaker A pastor at another church, whether large or small A family member of a small church pastorOr in any other position of influence and relationship with a small church pastor, I want to ask a favor of you.Call up a small church pastor you know. Offer to buy them coffee, lunch or something else that fits their very tight schedule. Don’t give up if they’re hard to pin down (we’ve been burned by offers of “help” before, so many of us are wary of this.)Then, when you sit down with them, do one thing.Shut up and listen.That’s all.Just ListenWant to help a small church pastor? Don’t talk about your latest successes Don’t tell us what you think we need to hear Don’t give us a copy of the latest church growth book Don’t tell us about when you were a small church pastor before your church grew Don’t tell us what we must be doing wrong Don’t tell us how much you admire our sacrifice Don’t condescend to us Don’t try to fix usJust listen to us.The Value Of ListeningAsk us what we’re going through.Listen to our joys, our challenges, our frustrations, ...Continue reading...
Let's ask the questions that need to be asked, and offer honest, grace-filled answers that tell us what we need to know.There are two approaches when we talk about church size.The first one is to use church size and, more specifically, church growth as the main way to tell if a church is healthy, strong and effective. Big and getting bigger? Great! Small and staying small? Not so good.The second approach is to treat church size like it doesn’t matter at all. So there’s no need to talk about it. It’s like avoiding a discussion about politics at your first dinner with the in-laws, there are so many potential landmines, it’s best to steer clear of it entirely.I’d like to propose a third approach.We must talk about church size. Not to determine of the health and effectiveness of a church, or to compare which churches are successful and which are not. Church size is useless as a determiner for that.Instead, we need to talk about church size because big churches and small churches are different. And knowing how they’re different is one of the first steps in knowing how to lead them well, what kinds of ministries a particular church is best suited for, and what types of people each church will be reaching.Erasing The StigmaFor too long, there’s been a stigma attached to small church ministry.Thom Rainer felt the sting of that stigma recently, after penning a very encouraging article Thank God For Smaller Churches And Their Leaders. In a follow-up article, Seven Reasons We Need To Move Beyond The Church Size Debate, he wrote:“It is predictable.Any time I write about anything dealing with church sizes, some of the discussion degenerates into a debate about the best size church. It happened last week when I wrote some positive words about smaller churches. It has happened in the past when I wrote some ...Continue reading...
Denomination delays verdict on how Myungsung, the world's largest Presbyterian church, passed its pulpit from father to son.The two-year saga embroiling the world’s largest Presbyterian church remained unresolved Tuesday, despite a scheduled ruling from the denomination’s court.The court of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK-Tonghap) failed to determine the legitimacy of the 2017 accession of Kim Ha-na as senior pastor of Myungsung Presbyterian Church, a 100,000-member congregation in Seoul founded by Kim’s father, Kim Sam-whan.The 15-member court began with a morning service at the Korean Church Centennial Memorial Building in Seoul. PCK-Tonghap is the second-largest of more than 100 Korean Presbyterian denominations, with more than 2 million members and almost 20,000 pastors.Although the decision was due by 6 p.m., and dozens of journalists and activists waited outside the meeting room, no ruling was released until 8:30 p.m.About 7:30 p.m., two members of the court left the room, one saying, “There’s nothing to expect. We tried to make things right.” When the two doors to the meeting room opened an hour later, an emotional jostling between activists and court members ensued as students and church reformers poured into the meeting room, followed by journalists.The PCK court head, Kang Heung-guk, declared a decision had been deferred to August 5, and apologized for failing to deliver on last month’s promise to announce a ruling on Myungsung on July 16. The court’s chief umpire, Oh Yang-hyun, added that the court is aware of the severity of the Myungsung case, and compared the gravitas of the current deliberations to the PCK court’s 1938 decision to condone Shinto worship during the Japanese colonization of Korea.Dozens of students and activists had waited for more than 10 hours since the ...Continue reading...
Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) delivered a strong defense of President Trump on the Todd Starnes Radio Show today — calling Democrats hypocritical. Click here to listen to the entire conversation. “This is outrageous that we’re not talking about the anti-Semitic conversation that was held on the floor of the United States House of Representatives,” said […]The post Sen. David Perdue: The Democrats Don’t Really Like America appeared first on Todd Starnes.
In my upcoming book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” I write about the nefarious scheme by sex and gender revolutionaries to eradicate gender. We are quickly moving to a time when it will be a hate crime to call someone male or female. The seeds for that outlandishness has […]The post NYT Writer Wants to Eliminate “He” & “She” Pronouns appeared first on Todd Starnes.
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