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Is Salvation PROVIDED for ALL?

There are some who claim God created some people just to send them to Hell and others who claim God has no control over His universe and they both claim the Bible reveals this. Let's see what the Bible really says...

Why do bad things happen to good people? - Baptist Preaching - Pastor Daniel Pigott What does the bible say about bad things that happen to "good" people? Pastor Daniel Pigott goes through nine key things.
Preaching Christ To The Heathen  – Galatians 1:12-24  –  Pastor D. A. Waite  –  BFTBC Preaching Christ To The Heathen – Galatians 1:12-24 – Pastor D. A. Waite – BFTBC Sunday, January 1, 2017 Bible For Today Baptist Church of Collingswood, ...
Galatians 5:1 | Stand Fast | Independent Baptist This video is a sermon preached at Bible Baptist Church in Puyallup, WA. The title of the message is "Stand Fast." It is based from Galatians 5:1. I use rodeo bull ...
Where to Hear How To Be Saved | Independent Baptist preaching This video is short piece out of a message preached at Bible Baptist Church of Puyallup. The point the video makes is, I believe, true. But the video itself is ...
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By Pastor Dorrell The Bible tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I believe this verse speaks of the amazing complexity and intricacy with which God created us. As a former student of anatomy and physiology, I have always seen the creation and creature as evidence of a Creator, and our wonderful Creator has […]
Nathan Díaz has been confronted by the lack of solid, Bible-based resources in the Spanish language and he works to meet that need with materials from AiG.
The Apologetics Creation Conference in Río Grande Bible Seminary was a successful blessing.
Many scientists claim the fossil record shows many mass extinctions separated by millions of years. Does the Bible give a better explanation?
I’ve profitably used today’s Verse (the Bible “Text” of our Lesson this Friday morning) again and again, drawing comfort from it each time it crossed my lips. And I do believe it is applicable today, in the very hour in which we live. But I am learning (through the Biblical and Hermeneutical law of “Context”) […]
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