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A missions-minded ministry that was started in order to reach the entire Caribbean and the world, through the Bahamas, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
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BR Lakin Pleasure Seekers

This sermon is presented in full from the Landmark Hour from the mid 1960s. The sermon itself starts at 15:10. Before the sermon is the standard Landmark Hour opening with Dr. talking about Herb before Till The Storm Passes By.

Biblical Renewal for a Catholic Marrage Mark and Shawn Prosser were a typical Catholic couple. Their joy and glory were the Catholic sacraments. Their lives were founded on the institution of the Roman Catholic Church. As they had children and began raising them, doubts and sins started to
Garland Robinson - Drugs & The Bible #1 Drugs and the Bible We live in a drug using society. Many people have turned to chemicals as a way of life. They may have started out of curiosity or experim...
Garland Robinson - Drugs & The Bible #2 Drugs and the Bible We live in a drug using society. Many people have turned to chemicals as a way of life. They may have started out of curiosity or experim...
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3 Considerations When Choosing Your Child's Education Ready or not, it's that time again. August means the start of another school year is right around the corner. This time of year always raises questions in the hearts and minds of many; including, how should I educate my child? Unfortunately, there is not a blanket answer to this question.School Choice Is a Personal MatterGod doesn't give children to a church, He gives children to their parents. He also holds parents accountable for choices made involving their children, including how they educate them. In our church, many parents choose to utilize the services of our church-operated Christian school. This requires great sacrifice on the part of the parents because tuition isn't cheap. Parents willingly make those sacrifices because they believe they are worth it.About fifteen of our families have formed a homeschool group which consists of families that belong to Fellowship Baptist Church. This group consists of some who homeschool because of a conviction to do so, and some who do so because they cannot afford to enroll their kids in a Christian school. These are some of our best families who have their children very involved in other ministries of our church.Fellowship Baptist Church has many children who attend public schools. For some, it is a choice that is made because they do not think they can afford an alternative. For others, they choose the public school because they believe it is the best option for their children.It is important that we understand that school choice is a personal matter between parents and their Lord. If a parent believes the Christian school is the best option for his child, he should respect the choices that are made by other parents. There would be no need for parents who homeschool to criticize or question other parents who choose the Christian school or the public school for their children, or vice versa. As a matter of fact, there would never be a need for parents to even discuss options that are chosen by other families. To do so is very obviously judging outside of one's area and is wrong.School Choice Is a Pastoral MatterDifferent pastors choose different educational ministries for their churches. I know of some churches that assist the families of their church with homeschooling. The pastor may form a group for the church's homeschool families, that functions as a ministry of the church. Some churches avoid any educational ministries altogether, and many churches have chosen to establish a Christian school.I remember the day when God very specifically spoke to my heart about the founding of Fellowship Baptist Academy. I knew at that moment, if I failed to do so, I would be disobedient to the leading of the Spirit of God. Every pastor should be in tune with the Holy Spirit, and every church member should trust the leadership of their pastor when it comes to what their church does in regards to education. If God doesn't lead a pastor to start a Christian school, he is a fool to do so. If the Lord prompts the pastor to organize and assist the homeschool families in his church, then that is exactly what he should do. The leadership of God is the key to this, and all other choices in the life of the man of God. We should remember that just because God leads His man in a specific direction, does not mean that man is necessarily against the other options.School Choice Is a Prayerful MatterNot only should pastors and parents pray about school choice, we should all pray for our children, regardless of where they go to school. There are no perfect places or situations. What works for some doesn't work for others. To try and fit every child and every family into a particular mold is unfair and unwise.For too long, some proponents of one educational choice have condemned all others. Our homeschool children need the prayers of families that have chosen the Christian school as their option. Christian school parents should pray earnestly for children who are homeschooled and those who attend public schools. If I am certain that I have obeyed The Lord, why would I not give others the right to obey Him as well, without my criticism?The onslaught of Satan's attacks upon our children is obvious. There are no perfect Christian schools, there are some public schools that are worse than others, and there are some families who do not do a very good job homeschooling their children.Each of us should prayerfully seek the Lord's mind as to how we should educate our children, and then we should pray earnestly that God would use that tool in their lives. Every family has the right to choose without feeling pressured by others who have already made their choice. For all of our children, I pray it will be a productive year.
When you start an "investigation" which has a foregone conclusion before it even starts, that's a lynching
The 2019 World Series starts tonight, pitting the Houston Astros against the Washington Nationals. While there are many storylines worth following with the series, the play of Nationals third baseman Anthony Rendon is among the most interesting.
Incarcerated Christians have heard the sermon about the Prodigal Son. Now they need church.Leon Leonard was a Christian, but he didn’t go to church.There were a few reasons. One, he hadn’t been in a long time. Two, he’d done some things he wasn’t proud of and was afraid of being judged. And then there was the third reason: Leonard was in prison, serving a nine-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter.In the hallway of Lebanon Correctional Institution in Ohio, though, he noticed a poster for a megachurch that was starting its newest campus right there in the maximum security prison.He signed up. Days later, the 24-year-old was sitting in a prison classroom with 22 other inmates and a married couple in their 20s, who played them recorded worship music and last week’s sermon on an old TV. The newest site of Crossroads Church wasn’t much, but it was what Leonard needed.“It rekindled my relationship with God,” Leonard recalled. “I became more steady in my walk.”Crossroads is one of a handful of multisite churches across the country that have launched campuses in state penitentiaries—maximizing the benefits of the replicate-ready multisite model to develop prison ministries that go beyond evangelism alone to focus on community and discipleship. Church By the Glades has sites in prisons in Florida; Church of the Highlands in Alabama; The Summit Church and New Hope Church in North Carolina; Gateway Church in Texas; First Capital Christian Church and Emmanuel Church in Indiana; and The Father’s House and EastLake Church in California.At Lebanon, the church started in 2011 with Grant and Kyla Doepel burning a DVD of the service at Crossroads’ main location and bringing it into the prison each week. The inmates, including Leonard, would help ...Continue reading...
This year was the end for the last remaining national chain and the longtime trade association, but the industry is still pushing forward with stubborn faith.Fifteen minutes before the store opens, the staff of the Greatest Gift and Scripture Supply gathers to pray. They open the small box they keep at the front of the store for customers to leave prayer requests. Some days there are 10. Some days, 15. Today the box is empty.“We’ll just pray for all the unspoken prayers,” says Heather Trost, owner of the Pueblo, Colorado, bookstore. The staff close their eyes. Some of them are wearing buttons that say, May I pray for you? For a moment, the store is quiet.Trost has an unspoken prayer. Today, she’d like to sell more Bibles.It’s been a hard year for the Greatest Gift. Running a Christian bookstore can seem like a business of hard years. It’s no secret the whole industry is struggling.In the last two decades, more than 5,200 evangelical bookstores have gone out of business. Trost knows how easily one hard year—a tough Christmas season, an economic downturn, a personal health issue—can be the last.The Greatest Gift started in 1949, part of a boom of new commercial activity after World War II. The evangelical book industry flourished in the 1950s, organized by a new group called the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) to serve the growing number of Americans who identified with the Christianity of Billy Graham.There were about 300 evangelical retail stores in 1950. That grew to about 700 in 1965, about 1,850 in 1975, then more than 3,000 in 1985. By the mid-1990s, there were more than 7,000 such bookstores across the country, and Christian retail was a $3 billion business.In the midst of those successes, though, there were hints of darker days to come. Walmart and Sam’s Club started selling evangelical books like Left Behind, ...Continue reading...
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