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NM State Evangelism Conference Wednesday #1

Dennis Swanberg speaks to the attendees of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico's State Evangelism Conference held Jan. 31st thru Feb. 2nd. Dr. Swanberg's message was "I'm an 8 track guy in and IPod world".

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Dear Friends,G.K. Chesterton once said, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.”This concise and amusing quote is a wonderful reminder of the state we find ourselves in when we wake up every morning: another chance at a do-over—an opportunity to do more good than we were able to do the day before. It’s also a great theme to begin this new season of spring, a time when God is renewing his Creation with fresh growth.It’s a time when God seems to be asking us: Will you try to make the same effort I am making when I give you a new day and a new season? Even though My Way is difficult, will you show Me your love by trying Christianity anew?For believers, God’s invitation to Himself never grows old, and it’s always beautifully refreshing, just like the budding of a spring flower. We know that every time we go to Him through prayer and good deeds, the thirst in our souls is quenched once again, just as it always is when we are feeling spiritually parched.As Chesterton observed, though, this is difficult to put into practice. Our fallen human natures gnash their teeth against the pleading of our consciences. The darkness we see in our culture and the world today paints a stark portrait of a collective disregard and dismissal of the challenge of Christianity. The easiness of short-term pleasures and self-centered tendencies rule the day, leaving in its wake a noxious mix of rising anxiety, depression, and suicide.In this new season, let us once again take up the difficult task of trying our Faith. For we know that by entering through the narrow gate instead of the wide one (Matthew 7:13), we will find true peace, consolation, and forgiveness from the one true Source of all Goodness, and the courage to spread this Truth to a world in desperate need of it.Thank you for your prayers and for your continued support of FRC and the family.Sincerely,Dan Hart Managing Editor for Publications Family Research Council FRC MediaIssue Analysis: Evidence Shows Sexual Orientation Can Change: Debunking the Myth of “Immutability” – Peter SpriggSpeaker Series: The Natural Law: What it is and Why it Still Matters to Policymaking – Professor R.J. 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The government shutdown may have temporarily ended, but conversations about the U.S.-Mexico border are far from over.According to the New York Times, the government will remain open only until February 15, unless House and Senate Democrats and the President can come to an agreement on funding for the southern border wall.Here are 4 pros and 4 cons for the U.S.-Mexico border wall
Mexican authorities have detained a group of men for their alleged involvement in killing three native Indian Christians and seriously injuring six children of the same evangelical family in the country's Chiapas state, BosNewsLife established Wednesday, September 10.
As the number of evangelical Christians in southern Mexico has grown, hostilities from "traditionalist Catholics" have kept pace, according to published reports.
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