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Lighthouse Legal Minstries - a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church
Anderson South Carolina (SC)
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Preaching - December 25, 2016 ~ Part 2 Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/Lighthouse-Independent-Baptist-Church-Altoona-PA-182090738510690/
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On Sunday evening, March 15th, Brother Scott Sandy, of Northeast Seedline Ministries, will be our guest speaker. Northeast Seedline is involved in publishing keyed copies of the Gospel of John and book of Romans in numerous languages for distribution around the world. Lighthouse Baptist has a group who meet every Tuesday evening to [...]
It was very exciting to see all the visitors to Lighthouse Baptist Church this year! Many of them are becoming regular attenders and members. As a result, we’re growing. Sunday morning attendance is now in the 130 range. Please consider joining us as we worship and learn God’s Word. We’d love to meet [...]
We regularly distribute Lighthouse Baptist Church flyers, which contain Bible verses telling “How to Get to Heaven.” We also keep track of the number of Church Flyers that have been handed out. Since 2003 we’ve distributed over 63,000! We are so thankful for this ministry and all who participate in it. [...]
And so now it seems we are seeing the latest fruits becoming popular because of abanding the Scriptures as our sole authority for belief and practice. I say latest, not as in origins, but as in recent popularity and dispersion. The errors of contemplative prayer and centering prayer are traced back over a thousand years. But, many in the emerging church, especially Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo, are now introducing these methods to multitudes of professing believers. Admittedly it is something I am still learning about, but its errors seem obvious and its departure from Scripture disturbing. Here is one definition: As it is expressed in a modern day movement is mystically (i.e. based on a technique or method) in which one empties the mind of thought through repetition, usually of a word or phrase or focus on the breath. In this case the silence would be an absence of thought, all thought. (source (http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/cp.htm)) When reading or listening to those who promont centering and contemplative prayer I am struck by their complete lack of Biblical reasoning. Often quoted are spiritual leaders and mystics, but never the Scriptures. The result seems to not be a genuine communication with God, but an experience, a feeling. I have always been taught, and been convinced by Scripture, that the beginning and foundation for our feelings should be our knowledge. What we know should determine what we feel. Knowledge should always over ride experience. Yet in the these types of prayer the experience is elevated. I am sure it is not as simple as this, but what do they do with Christ's teaching concerning vain repetition? Here is another quote from the same source as the previous. This quote deals with the purpose of these prayer methods: The purpose of contemplative prayer is to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to find one's true self, thus finding God. This true self relates to the belief that man is basically good. Proponents of contemplative prayer teach that all human beings have a divine center and that all, not just born again believers, should practice contemplative prayer. This quote reeks of many humanistic and anti-Christian ideas, but certainly nothing I have ever found in Scripture. Many errors are creeping into the lives of our young people and churches in general because of the popularity of some preachers who are now propogating their error, mixed with truth, through books, websites and DVD's. Men like Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo and Rob Bell are introducing many errors and Christians need to be aware of the dangers. The difficulty is that some of their material is fine, but like rat poison it only takes a small amount of error to lead us astray. We need to be on our guard. The errors of contemplative and centering prayer are just others to add to the list of errors that occur when we abandon the Bible as our sole authority. I would encourage you to research this more online, if you are interested in books on the subject then A Time of Departing, listed on the left, is a good start. Click on the book cover or link to order it from Amazon. These are trying times and Christians must work hard to discern between the right and the wrong. The most important thing we can do is know our Bibles and walk close to the Lord.
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