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What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
Oldies but goodies...
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
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Dear Friends,For the first time since the 1930’s, the overall life expectancy rate in America has declined. Why? Because the suicide rate is increasing all over the country.There are a multitude of factors that have contributed to this increase. However, all of these factors can be boiled down to one primary cause: despair.From where is this increasing level of despair coming from? I would argue that one of the primary causes for increasing despair is increasing unbelief in God. The Pew Research Center reports that 23 percent of Americans currently describe themselves as “nones,” or those who consider themselves either atheist, agnostic, or “nothing in particular.” This number has been steadily rising since at least 1972, when “nones” made up seven percent of the population. In just the last 10 years, this number has jumped eight percent, from 15 to 23 percent.It has been statistically verified that those who attend religious services are far less likely to commit suicide: In a study of 89,000 people “between 1996 and 2010, those who attended any religious service once a week or more were five times less likely to commit suicide.” In another study, “of the 6,999 Catholic women who attended Mass more than once a week, none committed suicide” (emphasis mine).Without a belief system built on divine revelation, human beings will form their own belief systems around whatever suits them. The secular world is more than happy to fill this demand for what to believe—we are constantly bombarded by the news media and popular entertainment about what we should believe is right and wrong, what is good and evil, what is tolerant and intolerant, what constitutes equality and inequality, etc. If we don’t have religious belief that provides a moral framework grounded in absolute truths, we put ourselves in the risky position of having to ultimately trust in human beings for the ultimate answers. The inevitable culmination of purely human thinking is despair, because we are and never can be ends in ourselves. As discussed previously, we know where despair can eventually lead.Christ reveals an infinitely better way: divinely revealed truth. In Matthew 16:23, he rebukes human thinking: “You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” As Christians, we must do all we can to turn back the tide of unbelief that is steadily rising in America, trusting not in the ways of man, but in the ways of God.Thank you for your prayers and for your continued support of FRC and the family.Sincerely,Dan Hart Managing Editor for Publications Family Research Council FRC Articles'Sanctuary Cities' Aren't Brave. They're Obstructing Law Enforcement. – Ken BlackwellWhen We Choose Love Over Fear, God Stretches Our Hearts – Dan HartTrump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions is bringing the hammer down on leaks – Ken BlackwellThe Decay of Liberty and the Rule of Law in 21st Century America – Peter JohnstonHuman Sexuality and the Goodness of Marriage – Clara Ramos and Shania BurchIran Heightens Its Crackdown On Christians – Dan HartAttention Millennials: True Religious Freedom May Make You Feel Uncomfortable – Mary Beasley Religious LibertyReligious Liberty in the Public SquareReligious Liberty Protection Kit for Students and Teachers – First LibertyCake Wars And The Coming Conflict Over Religious Liberty – Nathanael Blake, The FederalistThe Threat of Free Speech in the University – Roger Scruton, Ethics & Public Policy CenterChristian wins the right to refuse to photograph homosexual ‘weddings’ – Peter LaBarbera, LifeSiteNewsThe Continuing Threat to Religious Liberty – Ryan T. Anderson, National ReviewGoogling Moral Purity – R.R. Reno, First ThingsNo One Expects The Google Inquisition, But It’s Coming – Robert Tracinski, The FederalistPrayer Walks draw protest in Mississippi school district – Ron Maxey, USA TodayWyoming Judge Appeals To Nation’s Highest Court After Losing Job For Being A Christian – Jonathan Lange, The FederalistInternational Religious FreedomPray for the persecuted church in Sudan and South Sudan – Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionIran Punishes Religious Minorities with Lengthier Sentences – Elisabeth Doherty, 21st Century Wilberforce InitiativeSaving Christians From Genocide – William Doino Jr., First ThingsChristian Persecution in India Hits Record High in First Half of 2017 – Anugrah Kumar, The Christian PostLiu Xiaobo’s Stern Warning – Jianli Yang, National Review LifeAbortionAmerican Abortion, American Freedom – Miles Smith, Public DiscourseMore than half of women getting abortions also use contraception – Emma Court, New York PostWhy Life Is Winning – Jeanne Mancini, Heritage FoundationPro-Life Laws Do Not Lead to Poor Public Health – Michael J. New, National ReviewGoogle And Facebook Co-Sponsoring Protest Of Pro-Life Women’s Health Care Clinic – Peter Hasson, The Daily Caller"What kind of society do you want to live in?": Inside the country where Down syndrome is disappearing – Julian Quinones and Arijeta Lajka, CBS NewsAdoptionThe Changing Face of Adoption in the United States – Nicholas Zill, Family StudiesThe other Russia story we need to talk about is adoption – Mary Vought, USA TodayMom Walks in Door with Adopted Baby in Arms. Moment Daughters See Her, They’re Brought to Tears – Carolyn Marie, LiftableBioethicsHospital tries to force baby off life support, parents won’t give up fight – Claire Chretien, LifeSiteNewsEuthanasia Used for 4.5 Percent of Deaths in the Netherlands – Maria Cheng, APStop Assisted-Suicide Opioid Abuse – Wesley J. Smith, First ThingsA Tale of Two Sams: You Should Not Actively Euthanize Your Baby – Aaron D. Cobb, Public DiscourseExplainer: American scientists “edit” human embryos – Joe Carter, Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionPlease don’t edit me out – Rebecca Cokley, The Washington PostFDA warns doctor not to promote ‘three-parent’ fertilization procedure – Lianne Laurence, LifeSiteNewsObamacareHow Obamacare Is Eroding Private Insurance – Jarrett Stepman, The Daily SignalThousands Visit Free Clinics In Barns And Fields: ‘We’re The Middle Class, And We’re Here‘ – Chris Togneri, The FederalistThis is How You Make Health Care Affordable – Jay Bowen, The StreamHere Are 7 Implications of Ending Obamacare’s Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments – Edmund Haislmaier, The Daily Signal FamilyEconomics/EducationWhen It Comes to Helping People, Facts Don’t Care About Your Intentions – Jacob Roth, The Daily SignalHow Should American Christians Help the Poor at Home? – Rob Schwarzwalder, The Stream4 Reasons To Pick A College That Doesn’t Want To Destroy Your Principles – Chandler Lasch, The FederalistWhy Men Are the New College Minority – Jon Marcus, The AtlanticPlay Hard. Work Maybe? – Melissa Langsam Braunstein, Family StudiesMarriageHalf of those thinking of divorce reconsider a year later – CBC NewsAmerica Abandons Marriage at Its Own Peril – Jerry Newcombe, The Christian PostParenting Is Not a “Job,” and Marriage Is Not “Work” – Jonathan Malesic, New RepublicThis incredible medical breakthrough could save the lives of millions of preborn babies – Cassy Fiano, Live ActionFaith/Character/CultureReligion and Politics at the Dinner Table: Challenging the Old Maxim – Christopher W. Love, Public DiscourseServing God and a woman in need at the Walmart – Patty Knap, AleteiaHave Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? – Jean M. Twenge, The AtlanticI Don’t Understand Christians Watching Game of Thrones – Kevin DeYoung, The Gospel CoalitionDoes Conscience Point Towards the Existence of God? – Matt Nelson, Word On FireGuys Need Bros – Bryan Stoudt, Desiring GodWhat Having a Ton of Kids Has Taught Me – Jared Zimmerer, Word On FireOn Fields of Praise – Robert Royal, The Catholic ThingThe Great Wall of Cotton: Why We Hit Snooze on God – Greg Morse, Desiring GodDon’t Let Politics Turn America Into Another Charlottesville – David Harsanyi, The FederalistHuman SexualityStudy finds more Americans are approving of polygamy – Catholic News AgencyTalking about sex with your kids: 5 things I’m learning – John Powell, Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionExamining the History of Sexual Exploitation and the Fight to Eradicate It – Madeleine Ayers, National Center on Sexual Exploitation‘Gender Expert’: Boy Won’t Play With Trucks. Let’s Make Him A Girl. – Hank Berrien, The Daily WireThis debate is about gender dysphoria, not transgender military service – Jamie Shupe, MercatorNetWhy Are Lesbian Teens Having Two To Seven Times As Many Babies As Their Heterosexual Peers? – Glenn T. Stanton, The FederalistHuman TraffickingSenators: Alter Internet laws to hold Backpage liable for sex trafficking – Aamer Madhani, USA TodayAt Las Vegas’s Mayweather-McGregor Fight, Human Trafficking May Happen Right In Front Of You – Vinciane Ngomsi, The FederalistPornographyWhy Both Sides of the Aisle Can Agree that Pornography is a Public Health Crisis – Dawn Hawkins, Huffington Post
Today's category: PoliticsWhat's He Going To Be An older couple had a son, who was still living with them. The parents were a little worried, as the son was still unable to decide about his future career. So they decided to do a small test. They put a note on the front hall table that they had left. Around the note they put a ten-dollar bill, a Bible, and a bottle of whiskey. Then they hid, pretending they were not at home. The father told his wife, "If our son takes the money, he will be a businessman, if he takes the Bible, he will be a pastor, but if he takes the bottle of whiskey, I'm afraid our son will be a no-good drunkard." So the parents hid in the nearby closet and waited nervously. Peeping through the keyhole they saw their son arrive. The son read the note that they had left. Then he took the ten-dollar bill, looked at it against the light, and slid it in his pocket. After that, he took the Bible, flipped through it, and put it under his arm. Finally, he grabbed the bottle, opened it, and took an appreciative whiff to be assured of the quality. Then he left for his room, carrying all three items. The father slapped his forehead and said: "This is worse than I could ever have imagined!" "What? asked the wife. "Our son is going to be a politician!"View hundreds more jokes online.Email this joke to a friend
Today's category: Men vs. WomenFor Married Couples Only How to satisfy your wife every time Caress, praise, pamper, relish, savor, massage, make plans, fix, empathize, serenade, compliment, support, feed, tantalize, bathe, humor, placate, stimulate, jiffylube, stroke, console, purr, hug, coddle, excite, pacify, protect, phone, correspond, anticipate, nuzzle, smooch, toast, minister to, forgive, sacrifice for, ply, accessorize, leave, return, beseech, sublimate, entertain, charm, lug, drag, crawl, show equality for, spackle, oblige, fascinate, attend, implore, bawl, shower, shave, trust, grovel, ignore, defend, coax, clothe, brag about, acquiesce, aromate, fuse, fizz, rationalize, detoxify, sanctify, help, acknowledge, polish, upgrade, spoil, embrace, accept, butter-up, hear, understand, jitterbug, locomote, beg, plead, borrow, steal, climb, swim, nurse, resuscitate, repair, patch, crazy-glue, respect, entertain, calm, allay, kill for, die for, dream of, promise, deliver, tease, flirt, commit, enlist, pine, cajole, angelicize, murmur, snuggle, snoozle, snurfle, elevate, enervate, alleviate, spotweld, serve, rub, rib, salve, gratify, take her places, scuttle like a crab on the ocean floor of her existence, diddle, doodle, hokey-pokey, hanky-panky, crystal blue persuade, flip, flop, fly, don't care if I die, swing, mollycoddle, squeeze, moisturize, humidify, lather, tingle, slam-dunk, keep on rockin' in the free world, undulate, gelatinize, brush, tingle, dribble, drip, dry, knead, puree, fluff, fold, blue-coral wax, ingratiate, indulge, wow, dazzle, amaze, flabbergast, enchant, idolize and worship, and then go back, Jack, and do it again! How to satisfy a man every time Show up naked.View hundreds more jokes online.Email this joke to a friend
What has happened to the American spirit? We've gone from "Give me liberty, or give me death!" to "Take care of me, please." Our colleges were once bastions of free speech; now they're bastions of speech codes. Our culture once rewarded independence; now it rewards victimhood. Parents once taught their kids how to fend for themselves; now, any parent who tries may get a visit from the police.
Dear Friends,In an age when assisted suicide has been deemed acceptable public policy, it becomes necessary for Christians to unapologetically stand up for the dignity and worth of every human being, no matter what stage of life they are in or what occupation they have.In the professional world, it’s easy to view jobs through the prism of worldly prestige and monetary worth—a film actor in Hollywood is seen as a much more important person than the cashier behind the counter at a grocery store. As Christians, however, we see these two jobs as equal in dignity and value, because God makes no distinction in worth between them. The actor is called to use his or her skills to further truth, goodness, and beauty through the art form of their acting abilities, thereby imparting new and cathartic insights about the mysteries of existence to the public. In a different but no less valuable way, the grocery store cashier is called to further truth, goodness, and beauty by being knowledgeable, kind, and helpful to his or her customers, thereby creating a life-giving and positive experience to every individual they serve.Analogously, all people, no matter how old or young, have a role to play in furthering the kingdom of God on earth. As Chris Hazell has written, we discover our role primarily by living in community with others. One of the great tragedies of modern times is the increased isolation that many in our society live in. What we often fail to understand is that instead of taking away our freedom and autonomy, living in community with others actually strengthens our sense of self. God created us for communion, declaring that “it is not good that man should be alone” (Gen 2:18). In the above referenced article, Hazel relates a beautiful quote from Henri J.M. Nouwen: “That is the great joy of being chosen: the discovery that others are chosen as well. In the house of God there are many mansions. There is a place for everyone - a unique, special place.”Thank you for your prayers and for your continued support of FRC and the family.Sincerely,Dan Hart Managing Editor for Publications Family Research Council FRC ArticlesTrump's right: Transgender patriotism isn't the issue — military readiness is – Tony PerkinsWhy We Were Right to Pray for President Trump – Tony Perkins6 Ways Governor Brownback Can Prioritize International Religious Freedom – Travis Weber11 Reasons Why Assisted Suicide Must End – Dan HartBackpage.com and Human Trafficking: What is Christian America’s Response? – Mary BeasleyNo, Rev. Barber, Prayer for a President Is Not “Heresy” – Travis Weber Religious Liberty"Free to Believe"Bible verse plaque displayed at Tennessee police department to be moved – Fox NewsPolice officer disciplined for refusing to call a ‘transgender’ man a woman – Fr. Mark Hodges, LifeSiteNewsLesbian mom asks Christian judge to recuse himself from her divorce case citing his stance against homosexuality – Megan Cerullo, NY Daily NewsReligious Liberty in the Public SquareFRC Speaker Series: Four Objections to Religious Liberty... and some Possible Answers! with Michael Stokes PaulsenA Demagogic Bully – Mark Pulliam, City JournalIndiana school district kowtows to atheist group, promises to end graduation prayers – Tré Goins-Phillips, TheBlazeUltra-Rich Gay Activist On Targeting Christians: It’s Time To ‘Punish The Wicked’ – Bre Payton, The FederalistStudents sue school for hushing pro-life speech – Bonnie Pritchett, WORLDConservative Students More Afraid to Speak Up on Campus Than Liberals, Study Finds – Michael Gryboski, The Christian PostChristie Signs Bill Requiring NJ Schools Use Preferred Pronouns for Transgender Kids – Rob Shimshock, The Daily SignalState Directs Schools To 'Segregate' Students Uncomfortable With Transgender Bathrooms – Amanda Prestigiacomo, The Daily WireMillennials approve of religious freedom as a choice, but don't know what it means – Scott Taylor, Deseret NewsInternational Religious Freedom8 Churches Close in Baghdad Amid Shrinking Iraqi Christian Population – Samuel Smith, The Christian PostChina’s Censorship Powers Are Bigger And More Dangerous Than You Know – Helen Raleigh, The FederalistSpanish Cathedral Targeted for Reversing the Reconquista – Matthew E. Bunson, National Catholic RegisterPakistani Christians Fear Rise in Persecution After Ouster of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif – Anugrah Kumar, The Christian PostGoogle’s New Hate Speech Algorithm Has a Problem With Jews – Liel Leibovitz, Tablet4 Surprising Facts About ISIS – Joshua Pease, Open DoorsMilitary Religious FreedomWhy Trump Keeping Trans People From The Military Is A Good Decision – Walt Heyer, The Federalist LifeAbortionHawaii pro-life centers sue over abortion promotion law – Samantha Gobba, WORLDAn Effective Weapon to Reach Pro-Abortion Advocates – Patti Armstrong, National Catholic RegisterMelinda Gates Commits $375 Million to Global Family Planning to Counter Trump’s Pro-Life Policy – Dr. Susan Berry, BreitbartWhy 'Sidewalk Counselors' Are Crucial to the Pro-Life Movement – Patty Knap, National Catholic RegisterI was told abortion would make my life more complete. But it left the biggest hole in my heart… – Bettina di Fiore, LifeSiteNewsPregnancy Center Saves LA Babies from Abortion – Jim Graves, National Catholic RegisterDem campaign chief vows no litmus test on abortion – Ben Kamisar and Reid Wilson, The HillKentucky Could Be The First Abortion Free-State By 2018 – Jeremiah Keenan, The FederalistAdoptionAdoption: The good and hard lessons – Micah and Tracy Fries, Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionWhy Christians Are Abandoning the Orphanage – Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, Christianity TodayHow you can learn to love your birth mom – Ashton Morgan, Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionBioethicsRepublicans in Congress attempt to repeal D.C. assisted suicide law – Emma Kinery, USA TodayHow Much Longer Do We Have? Living by Faith While Our Son Is Dying – Allison Muedder, Desiring GodCharlie Gard Dies After Life Support is Switched Off: Mother Says “Our Beautiful Boy is Gone” – Steven Ertelt, LifeNewsCharlie Gard’s Case Delivers Déj Vu Of Twentieth-Century Eugenics – Caroline D'Agati, The FederalistScientists Kill Unborn Children in Human Genetic Engineering Experiments – Wesley Smith, LifeNewsMother says adult, disabled daughter traumatized by doctor’s suggestion of assisted suicide – John Burger, AleteiaWhat Charlie Gard Has Taught Us – Michael Brown, TownhallObamacare41-Year-Old Father: ‘Obamacare Won’t Pay For My Back Surgery, But It Will Pay For Opioids’ – John Daniel Davidson, The FederalistCongress Needs to Go Right Back to Work on Health Care Reform – Robert Moffit, The Daily SignalBipartisan Group: We Need To Break The Law To Make Obamacare Too Big To Fail – Christopher Jacobs, The Federalist FamilyEconomics/EducationWhy Melinda Gates Is Wrong About Contraception – John Clark, National Catholic RegisterCapitalism and the Quest for Community – Brian Jones, Public DiscourseThe American Dream Is in Crisis – J.D. Vance, The Daily SignalDodd-Frank Has Held Down the US Economy for Too Long – Rep. Jeb Hensarling, The Daily SignalOur Cultural Waterloo – Carl R. Trueman, First ThingsConservatives are increasingly hostile to higher ed. Who can blame them? – Noah Rothman, USA TodayThis Is the Way the College ‘Bubble’ Ends – Derek Thompson, The AtlanticMarriageLong marriage, beautiful life – Caryn Rivadeneira, AleteiaEstablishing the facts about family breakdown transforming the debate about marriage – Harry Benson, Marriage FoundationPaper, silver and gold: How marriage shapes us – Tom Hoopes, AleteiaThe Children of Divorce Speak Out – Rachel Lu, CrisisStaying Married Is Not About Staying in Love – John Piper, Desiring GodYoung men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’ – Hilary White, LifeSiteNewsMarriage Matters – W. Bradford Wilcox, Family StudiesFaith/Character/CultureFRC Speaker Series: Not a Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth with Dr. Everett Piper‘Game Of Thrones’ Is The Ugliest Show On Television. That’s Why We Love It – Titus Techera, The FederalistChildren are Never a Burden – Mattias A. Caro, Ethika PolitikaLimping Along the Way of Truth – Word On FireThe Democrats’ Anthropological Field Trip to Study Americans – Kyle Smith, National ReviewPodcast: Race and human flourishing; Embracing diversity for the good of all people – Glenn Packiam, Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionCrude Language, Coarse Culture: We Need to Do Better – Rob Schwarzwalder, The StreamHuman SexualityWhy Premarital Sex Is Wrong – Nathan Smith, Public DiscourseSen. Patty Murray Calls For Resignation of Trump Official Over Accurate Campus Rape Comments – Joy Pullmann, The Federalist'I felt really humiliated:' Teen blasts school district's transgender bathroom policy – Matt Miller, PennLiveActivist Mommy Starts 'Operation Pull Teen Vogue' After Mag Peddles Sexual Perversion to Minors – Charlene Aaron, CBN NewsTrump Cuts Wildly Ineffective Teen Pregnancy Program, Media Flip Out – Mollie Hemingway, The FederalistSex Robots Are (Almost) Here. How Will We Respond? – Jay Richards, The StreamHow Embedding Women With Contraception May Keep Them In Poverty – Elizabeth Bauer, The FederalistHuman TraffickingFRC Speaker Series: The Battle for Humanity: How Conservatives Can Fight Human Trafficking with Rep. Ann WagnerPornographyTwelve Days of Action: Half-Way Through This Year’s Dirty Dozen List – Ben Forsgren, National Center On Sexual ExploitationYou’d Be Surprised to Hear What Porn Is Doing to Sex – Gail Dines and Liz Walker, VerilyAfter 10 Years, My Partner Won His Struggle With Porn Addiction – Fight The New Drug
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