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Our goal is to provide sound study material for local churches, colleges, missionaries, etc.
School of Biblical & Theological Studies Diploma - Doctorate by home study - Baptist Bible College Seminary
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What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
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Dear Friends,In times of great crisis, it’s easy to feel like we are powerless, with no control over the direction of our lives. For the victims of the flooding in Houston and the surrounding region, feelings like these are certainly all too common right now. With the loss of family members, homes, and personal possessions, and with the surreal reality of not being able to recognize your own neighborhood and city because of flooding, I can only imagine the deep sense of loss and hopelessness that the flood victims must be going through, perhaps with no clear direction on how to move forward with life.For those of us who are not directly affected by the flooding and are feeling powerless to help, there are indeed direct ways that we can make a difference, first by praying for the victims and their families, and secondly by charitable giving if we are able.Strangely, great calamity can also bring with it a sense of serenity. How is this possible? Serenity can come when we realize that we are indeed powerless, and therefore are left with one option: simply to trust in God and do what we can, to move one foot in front of the other, to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed. Extenuating circumstances that are beyond our control have a way of forcing us to slow down, giving us a kind of tunnel vision to focus on the basics of life: food, clothing, shelter, helping those in need. This forced limitation of options and elimination of worldly distractions can bring with it a sense of peaceful resignation to accept whatever may come, because what other option is there? As we have seen in Houston, an amazing sense of solidarity can develop from these circumstances. A widespread disaster quickly makes it clear that despite people’s political and cultural differences, we are all ultimately in this thing called “life” together.As the flooding in Texas and every other immense catastrophe has shown, good always comes out of even the direst situations. When we humbly accept what comes our way, God rewards our trust with His grace, mercy, and love.Thank you for your prayers and for your continued support of FRC and the family.Sincerely,Dan Hart Managing Editor for Publications Family Research Council FRC ArticlesHistorical Revisionism – Ken BlackwellThe Battle for Truth and Love – Marcus HarrisWays to Help Texas Flood VictimsScience vs. Science on USDA Nominee’s Views of “LGBT Behavior” and “Choice” – Peter SpriggInternational Religious Freedom in 2016: Still Work to Be Done – Travis WeberWhy Is Iceland “Eradicating” People With Down Syndrome? – Dan Hart Religious LibertyReligious Liberty in the Public Square5-Year FRC Shooting Anniversary Offers A Study In Presidential Reactions To Hate Crimes – Mollie Hemingway, The FederalistWhy Is the Southern Poverty Law Center Targeting Liberals? – Ayaan Hirsi Ali, The New York TimesChristian ministry sues after being listed as 'hate' group alongside KKK and neo-Nazis – Harry Farley, Christian TodaySouthern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities – Joe Schoffstall, The Washington Free BeaconJ.P. Morgan’s Hate List – Kimberley A. Strassel, The Wall Street JournalSouthern Poverty Law Center: ‘Our Aim In Life Is to Destroy These Groups, Completely’ – Tyler O’Neil, PJ MediaSPLC ‘Hate Map’ Targets Christians, Pro-Family Groups – Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic RegisterLiberal law center demonizes Christian foes of LGBTQ agenda as ‘hate groups’ – Peter LaBarbera, LifeSiteNewsGroups: Justice court filings defy Trump promises on religious freedom – John Solomon, The HillA Wisconsin Judge Builds the Case for Religious Freedom – Rod Anderson, The Christian PostPolitical CEOs – Mark Baurlein, First ThingsSt. Louis’s Unholy War on Religious Liberty – Nathanael Blake, Public DiscourseAs College Students Return to Campus, Let’s Allow Free Speech to Reign – Carson Holloway, The Daily SignalWhy a British Muslim Is Suing the Southern Poverty Law Center – Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart"Free to Believe"Cake artist to Supreme Court: Affirm artistic freedom, free speech – Alliance Defending FreedomCourt rules high school football coach cannot pray on the field – Todd Starnes, Fox NewsMasterpiece Cakeshop: Can the State Force Us to Agree with Its Views? – Jonathan Scruggs, National ReviewCourt solidifies victory for photographer, other Wisconsin creative professionals – Alliance Defending FreedomTeacher: Dear Parents, Tell Your Kids to Stop Talking About God – ToddStarnes.comFirst Grader Sent to Office, Investigated, for “Pronoun Mishap” – Todd Starnes, TownhallInternational Religious FreedomChristianity Could Vanish From Middle East by 2025 If Terrorism Continues, Believers Warn – Stoyan Zaimov, The Christian PostEgypt Closes Church Over Muslim Extremist Opposition, Blocks Worship at Another – Samuel Smith, The Christian PostState Dept. Releases Report on Status of Religious Freedom in 199 Countries – 21st Century WilberforceSudan Arrests 7 Pastors Who Refused to Give Gov't Control of Denomination – Samuel Smith, The Christian PostTop 5 Worst Countries With Blasphemy Laws Ranked by USCIRF, One Christian Nation Listed at No. 7 – Stoyan Zaimov, The Christian Post LifeAbortionTop 10 Reasons Why It’s Good to be Pro-Life – Maria Gallagher, LifeNewsPro-Choicers Should Explain Why They Think Eugenics Is Acceptable – David Harsanyi, The FederalistTexas permanently bans taxpayer funding of abortion – Fr. Mark Hodges, LifeSiteNewsShunning The Disabled – J.D. Flynn, First ThingsOregon governor signs bill offering free abortions to citizens and undocumented immigrants – Becky Yeh, Live ActionTen (Bad, But Popular) Arguments for Abortion – David Hershenov, Public DiscourseAbortion Groups Attack Religious Medical Providers, Right of Conscience for Health Workers – Rebecca Oas, C-FamFighting for Life in the ‘Abortion Capital of the Western World’ – Jim Graves, National Catholic RegisterHidden Abuse of Women: Coerced Abortions – Colin LeCroy, National ReviewAdoptionGroup Works to Promote Adoption as Positive Parenting Option – Megan Reuther, WHOTVBioethicsIt’s a Culture War, Stupid – George Weigel, First ThingsHow one man’s fight to save his dying wife allowed him to witness two miracles of life – Susan Michelle-Hanson, Live ActionThe Charlie Gard Legacy: Forced Euthanasia – Chris Michalski, The StreamIceland Capital’s Only Baptist Pastor Doesn’t Want Down Syndrome Eliminated – Gunnar Ingi Gunnarsson, Christianity TodayObamacareAmerica Already Has A Single-Payer System, And It’s Killing Veterans Like Me – Jonathan LaForce, The FederalistObamacare Insurer Lost $57.6 Million in First Half of 2017 – Robert Donachie, The Daily SignalHow House Conservatives Plan to Revive Obamacare Repeal, and Why It Could Work – Rachel del Guidice, The Daily Signal FamilyEconomics/EducationThe Crisis of the Christian Colleges – Stephen Baskerville, CrisisThe Need for Thick Schools: Classical Education Against Cynicism – Casey Shutt, Public DiscoursePodcast: Sen. Ben Sasse and Russell Moore discuss parenting, education, and vocation in an era of historic disruptions in the workforce – Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionAmerica, Home of the Transactional Marriage – Victor Tan Chen, The AtlanticMarriageWhy you should brag about your husband – Jenna McDonald, AleteiaThis Is the Truth About Good Communication in Marriage – Laura Triggs, VerilyHas Marriage Become My Idol? – John Piper, Desiring GodHow trials can make your marriage better – Sarah Walton, Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionWant a better marriage? Share a sport – Craig Swalboski, Post-BulletinRelationship Standard Bearing: When It’s Not Okay to Not Be Okay – Kelly M. Roberts, Family StudiesFaith/Character/CultureThe iPhone and Us – Daniel Ross Goodman, Public DiscourseMichael Cromartie, R.I.P. – Ethics & Public Policy CenterAfter the Flood, All the Colors Come Out – Jared C. Wilson, The Gospel CoalitionSix Questions to Ask Before You Binge on Netflix – John Piper, Desiring GodAtheism and the Problem of Beauty – Joe Heschmeyer, Word On FireThe Christian Understanding of the Human Person – Gerhard Cardinal Müller, PrinciplesHuman SexualityVideo: How do you teach your children about manhood and womanhood from a biblical perspective? – Daniel Akin, Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionPrecious Clarity on Human Sexuality: Introducing the Nashville Statement – John Piper, Desiring GodMapping the New Mating Market: A Review of Cheap Sex – Helen Alvaré, Family StudiesHow Catholics Can Welcome LGBT Believers – Cardinal Robert Sarah, The Wall Street JournalUNESCO Promotes Sex-Change and Abortion for Kids – Marianna Orlandi, C-FamPreventing sexual violence starts with what we teach our boys – Maryjo Oster, Child TrendsHuman TraffickingVideo: Fighting Human Trafficking in America – Dallas Theological SeminaryGoogle Attempts to Block Bill to Hold Sex-Traffickers Accountable – Lisa Correnti, C-FamComboni nun answers ‘scream of pain’ of human trafficking victims Inés – Inés San Martín, CruxPornographyPastor fired for porn addiction offers help to fellow strugglers – Greg Garrison, Alabama LivingYou Are Not Addicted: The Power to Resist Pornography – John Piper, Desiring GodI Was a Pastor Hooked on Porn – Garrett Kell, The Gospel Coalition4 Signs Your Man Is Serious About Quitting Porn – Monica Gabriel Marshall, Verily
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