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What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice
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Preaching - December 25, 2016 ~ Part 2 Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/Lighthouse-Independent-Baptist-Church-Altoona-PA-182090738510690/
Freedom Baptist Newton, NC Christmas Play 2016 Freedom Baptist Church Newton, NC 2016 Christmas Play.
A Deceiving Heart (Fundamental Baptist Preaching) Preaching from the Pulpit of the Salem Baptist Church Cincinnati, OH 12-11-2016 Pastor Phillip Blackwell Series: Issues of the Heart Sermon: A Deceiving ...
A Proud Heart (Fundamental Baptist Preaching) A Sermon from the Pulpit of The Salem Baptist Church Cincinnati OH 11-20-2016 Pastor Phillip Blackwell Sermon: A Proud Heart Series: Issues of the Heart.
9 11 2016 The Tragedy at the Towers (Fundamental Baptist Preaching) A Sermon from the Pulpit of The Salem Baptist Church in Cincinnati, OH. Pastor Phillip Blackwell Sermon: The Tragedy at the Towers.
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We “met” Tim and Maria Anderson via email in 2016. They wrote to tell us that they had seen our first two videos and cheered us on to keep working for the eternal things of the Lord. Email notes like the Anderson's are good reminders for us that our work is not in vain.
To honor the life of Billy Graham, here is a personal testimony from Peter Sprigg, FRC's Senior Fellow for Policy Studies. This article originally appeared in The Washington Times on June 15, 2016.Prayer—my own, and that of others—has played a crucial role in my spiritual development.My parents were missionaries before I was born. My father served as a pastor and a denominational executive while I was growing up. I am sure that my parents prayed for me, including for my spiritual life. Ironically, those prayers did not bear their fullest fruit until I was in my mid-20’s—my mother had died, my father was again serving overseas, and I was living alone.My passion growing up was not for my faith, but for politics. After getting my degree in political science and economics, I got a job with my Congressman. When that job ended because he did not seek re-election, I decided to take the plunge and run for office myself. At 24, I ran for the School Committee in my home town in Massachusetts.My dreams were dashed, however, by a decisive defeat. That loss started me on a period of soul-searching—first in terms of my career goals, but eventually in a more literal, spiritual sense. Over a period of several months, a number of key events led me to a turning point in my life.One of those events took place at my church, where I remained a regular attender. One Sunday, two men did a dramatic reading about the Lord’s Prayer—the one taught by Jesus to his disciples. One repeated the memorized words—while the other, off-stage with a microphone, played the voice of God, actually answering. The man would say, “Our father, who art in heaven . . .”—and the voice answered, “Yes, what can I do for you?” Startled, the man continues, “Hallowed be thy name.” The voice asks, “What do you mean by that?”Continuing in the same vein, this short, humorous reading made me realize how easy it is to go through the motions of religion without thinking about it. I went home from church that day and began to pray and read my Bible daily—disciplines I had never before adopted.Another event came when my pastor invited me to a special gathering. The Billy Graham Crusade was coming to Boston, and his team was working to mobilize pastors and churches to support it. The pastor knew of my interest in politics, and invited me to an event where the guest speaker was someone with political experience—Charles Colson, the former aide to President Richard Nixon who had spent time in prison, had come to Christ, wrote his story in the book Born Again, and then founded the ministry Prison Fellowship after his release. At the time, I found his politics distasteful, but his testimony compelling.At the same event, we were urged to pray, and were given something to help us. It was a small round sticker to place on your watch. The challenge was to “pray on the spot when you see the dot”—in other words, every time you look at your watch.Thus, my relatively new habit of daily prayer became one of nearly constant prayer throughout the day. Sometimes I would pray for Billy Graham, sometimes for loved ones, and sometimes just, “Lord, be with me.” And He was—as I became increasingly aware.All of this climaxed for me when I attended the Billy Graham Crusade with others from my church in June of 1982. Although I was hesitant about going forward—having already attended church all my life!—those doubts were eliminated by Rev. Graham’s invitation, which directly addressed people like me. I went forward, giving my life to Jesus Christ in a decision that has shaped the remainder of my life.A year or two later, I got to visit an aunt and uncle who lived far across the country from me, and shared with them my testimony. It turned out that my aunt was a long-time supporter of Billy Graham’s ministry and subscriber to his Decision magazine. When she saw that a Crusade was scheduled for Boston, knowing my location (but not my spiritual state), she began praying for me.I will always be grateful that her prayers—and mine—were answered.
Cecile Richards has announced she will resign this year as President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America after 12 years at the helm.Under her leadership, Planned Parenthood has come under federal investigation by both the Department of Justice and the FBI for illegally selling body parts of aborted children. Two of Planned Parenthood’s California customers for those baby parts have already admitted guilt and have payed over $7 million in a legal settlement for breaking state and federal laws that prohibit the practice. But this is only one of many scandals during her tenure. Planned Parenthood has been convicted of Medicaid billing fraud in several states. It has failed to report suspected physical abuse of clients, covered up alleged prostitution pimps, and recommended that underage clients falsify documents, for example. And, tragically, women have died from Planned Parenthood abortions.Under her leadership, Planned Parenthood has consistently claimed that abortion is not their core business. This has again and again been exposed for the sham that it is. Even as the overall abortion rate in the U.S. declines, and their own client base shrinks, Planned Parenthood remains the abortion industry’s largest business, performing over 320,000 abortions per year, about a third of the nation’s annual total. Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Abby Johnson, who left the organization in 2009, wrote that being assigned abortion sales quotas was the beginning of the end of her relationship with the abortion giant.Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports belie Cecile’s claim that they are an essential provider of non-abortion services to women. In fact, their non-abortion services are in steep decline. Out of 9.5 million “services” provided in 2016-17, for example, only 7,762 were for prenatal care—a miniscule 0.0008%, which is an 80% drop since 2009. Adoption referrals were even more rare at just under 3,889 (0.0004%). Breast exams are down 64% since 2004 (these are the equivalent of self-exams—no Planned Parenthood center is licensed to do mammograms, despite Richards’ years of public assertions to the contrary). At an organization claiming to be the nation’s premier and essential provider of reproductive health care, that’s a remarkable failure to serve.During Richards’ tenure, Planned Parenthood has continued the veneration of its founder, Margaret Sanger, a leading proponent of racial eugenics, who saw Planned Parenthood (originally named The Birth Control League) as a way to prevent the propagation of “human weeds”—reproduction by segments of society she deemed deplorable and unfit to live. Today, 22 of Planned Parenthood’s 25 new abortion “mega-clinics” are strategically placed within walking distance of minority neighborhoods. And every year, Planned Parenthood awards their “highest honor”—the Margaret Sanger Award—to political leaders, members of the media, and others who promote the organization’s abortion business and support funding the organization with tax dollars.Meanwhile, Americans are catching on to the scandal of Planned Parenthood’s tax dollar revolving door. The organization receives a whopping half a billion dollars in tax money each year from grants and Medicaid reimbursements. Its political action arm in turn donates millions to the election campaigns of candidates who will vote for continuing the tax funding. “Your tax dollars at work.”Cecile Richards knows most Americans oppose paying for elective abortions with taxes, and she knows Planned Parenthood is poised to lose substantial tax monies in the coming months. Several states have already begun redirecting Medicaid subsidies away from Planned Parenthood to existing community health centers that provide more services than Planned Parenthood, but do not perform abortions. There have also been moves in Congress to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood’s business. With Planned Parenthood’s network of clinics shrinking (they have closed over 250 centers in the past few years) and their non-abortion services declining precipitously, there is no justification for the increased tax funding the nation’s largest abortion business has garnered each year for so many years. The money would be much better spent to support the over 13,500 community health clinics nationwide that provide a wider array of services to a much broader geographic and demographic swath of the population than the abortion giant does.Cecile’s resignation gives Planned Parenthood the opportunity to come clean and clean house.It’s a good time to come clean about the baby parts business some of their centers have been running out the back door, and clean house of anyone involved.It’s a good time to come clean about the central purpose of their business—performing abortions—and clean house of anyone misrepresenting that crucial truth. It’s a good time to come clean about Margaret Sanger’s eugenicist vision, and to renounce the practice of targeting communities of color.And it’s a good time for Planned Parenthood to stand on its own two financial feet instead of demanding that taxpayers provide over half a billion dollars annually to a business whose main product—abortion—is something Americans don’t believe taxpayers should pay for.Jay Sappington is a bioethicist, researcher, writer, educator, and policy advocate. He has worked with Heartbeat International and The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity, among others.
Dear Friends,Did you know that there is a genocide happening as you read this?Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a country to the south of China, in between Bangladesh and Thailand. The country is predominantly Buddhist—almost 90 percent. There is a small ethnic minority group of people there called the Rohingya, who are mostly Muslim, with a minority practicing Hinduism. The Rohingya people have been systematically denied citizenship, education, and jobs in Myanmar despite tracing their history there to the eighth century. This has led to them facing persecution by the Myanmar military over the last 40 years.In late 2016, the persecution became much worse as the military began a campaign of extermination, which has included infanticide, gang rape, and arson. This has caused a massive refugee crisis, with over 700,000 fleeing west to Bangladesh. Now, new reports are surfacing that mass graves are being uncovered, which shows that the crisis is devolving into a genocide.It can be hard as American Christians to feel much of a connection with a crisis that is happening on the other side of the world between those of different faiths. But it’s important to remember to pray specifically for an end to such inhumane atrocities like genocide no matter where it is happening, especially for a tragedy like this that is not getting much media attention. When we prioritize our prayer for those who are undergoing the most acute suffering, grace will abound all the more.Thank you for your prayers and for your continued support of FRC and the family.Sincerely,Dan Hart Managing Editor for Publications Family Research Council FRC ArticlesPlanned Parenthood's annual report is out: Another unhappy tale – Cathy RuseAmericans are ready for meaningful limits on abortion – Tony PerkinsChristians in the Middle East are suffering. When will aid promised by Team Trump arrive? – Tony PerkinsPublic School Assembly Tells Kids That Sex Changes Are Perfectly Normal – Cathy RuseNew York Times Spreads Fake News About Sexual Orientation Therapy – Peter SpriggCan the LGBT Movement Own a Phrase? – Travis WeberA Woman’s Right to Not Be Pressured to Abort – Dan HartReligious Freedom Day: A Call to Action Religious LibertyReligious Liberty in the Public SquareCourt tells University of Iowa to stop discriminating against religious student groups – Nicole Russell, Washington ExaminerJustice Dept backs archdiocese in Christmas transit ad fight – Fox NewsNew Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger – Glenn T. Stanton, The FederalistFire Captain Fired for Sending Christian Emails Victorious at State Supreme Court – Samuel Smith, The Christian PostNew Bill Would Allow Public High School Coaches to Pray With Students in Georgia – Samuel Smith, The Christian PostWhat the New York Times Gets Wrong about Conscience – David French, National ReviewThe War On The Hippocratic Oath – Wesley J. Smith, First ThingsInternational Religious FreedomPraying for the persecuted church: Eritrea – Zachary Jones, Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionAP Investigation Details Shocking Massacre, Mass Graves Of Myanmar Rohingya – Scott Neuman, NPRMilitary Religious FreedomAtheists Urge Defense Secretary to End Religious Favoritism in the Military – Hemant Mehta, Patheos LifeAbortionLove is and always will be the basis of the pro-life movement – Jeanne Mancini, The HillScience Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost – Emma Green, The AtlanticWhy the Pro-Life Movement Will Live Long, and Prosper – Mary Eberstadt, First ThingsMillennials have a surprising view on later-term abortions – Eugene Scott, The Washington PostThree in Four Americans Favor Substantial Abortion Restrictions – Brendan Kirby, LifeZetteAdoptionWhy orphan prevention is an important part of the pro-life ethic – Christy Britton, Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionGeorgia House Passes Sweeping Changes to Adoption Code – Ben Nadler, APSweet Home couple hope to fund adoption with new book – Alex Paul, Albany Democrat-HeraldBioethicsThey’ve cloned monkeys. Here’s why we should be very afraid of what’s next – John Burger, AleteiaObamacareObamacare Continues to Crush Small Business Owners in 2018 – Whitney Jones, The Daily SignalSenator Questions CBO’s Political Neutrality Over Obamacare Numbers – Kyle Perisic, The Daily Signal FamilyEconomics/EducationHomeschooling Is Not a Crime – Michelle Malkin, The Daily SignalCan We Stop Fighting Over Schools? – Charles L. Glenn, Public DiscourseMarriageAre millennials putting a little too much effort into parenting? – Chloe Langr, AleteiaWhen Bad Marriages Happen to Good People – Patti Armstrong, National Catholic RegisterThis odd phrase may be the best thing you can say to newlyweds – Marcin Gomólka, AleteiaNumber of Married Couples With Kids Hits 56-Year Low – Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS NewsThe Unexpected Ways a Baby Tested Our Marriage Vows – Elizabeth Nogan Ranieri, VerilyFaith/Character/CultureDoes Trump Get a Moral Mulligan? – Michael Brown, The StreamThe Last Gasps of Outrage Culture? – Heather Wilhelm, National ReviewMost of Life Is Waiting – Jani Ortlund, Desiring GodVideo: William Lane Craig and Bishop Robert Barron discuss evangelism, faith and science, secularism, and morePrisoners Are Not Animals – Alexi Sargeant, First ThingsHuman SexualityPowerless to Say No? Study Looks at Teenage Girls and Sexting – Alysse ElHage, Family StudiesHow to Talk to Your Kids About Sex in a Sex-Obsessed Culture – Marcia Segelstein, National Catholic RegisterThe Medical Monsters Among Us – Austin Ruse, CrisisTransgenderism: A State-Sponsored Religion? – Andre Van Mol, Public DiscourseSame-Sex Attraction and the Wait for Change – Nick Roen, Desiring GodThe Philosophical Contradictions of the Transgender Worldview – Ryan T. Anderson, Public DiscourseHuman TraffickingThe Super Bowl is for Football, Not Buying Sex – Haley Halverson, National Center on Sexual ExploitationUnderstanding The Heartbreaking Sex Trafficking Industry In The Philippines – Fight the New DrugSex Trafficking: 4 Things You Can Do to Help Sexually Exploited Victims in America – Stoyan Zaimov, The Christian PostPornographyPornography: It’s Not Really About Sex, And Here’s Why – Fight the New Drug
Since it opened to the public on July 7, 2016, guests continued to travel from all over the world to visit the Ark Encounter in 2017, including some names and faces you might recognize! Check out which well-known people visited the Ark Encounter in 2017!
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