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DO plan well in advance and lock everything down in good time with the leaders DO choose and circulate your music/key choice well ahead of rehearsals. Christmas is often the one time of year when you have orchestral and brass instruments joining the band. They tend to prefer a musical score (which doesn't tend to come […]The post 28 Do's and Don'ts of Christmas service planning appeared first on Musicademy.
Advent is a time to take spiritual inventory. A time to look at the bad spiritual habits that we have fallen into and take steps to break them. Advent helps us to seek to be Christ-like. What a wonderful opportunity to examine ourselves – to take stock and confess those things that lead us away […]The post Why Advent? appeared first on Musicademy.
We’re celebrating Black Friday week on the Musicademy website with a HUGE sale. There are savings of AT LEAST 50% off ALL our DVD courses and box sets. Some are even 80% off! PLUS if you’d prefer to download our courses use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY18 to get an extra 25% off the price of […]The post Black Friday Half Price Sale [50% off EVERYTHING!] appeared first on Musicademy.
Former Musicademy drum tutor Richard Morgan is now a school music teacher and he has written a new hymn for Remembrance Day. Your congregation will recognise the tune (it is Londonderry Air / O Danny Boy) so it should be a fairly easy new hymn to teach this weekend: YouTube: Facebook Link here to the […]The post New Remembrance Day Hymn appeared first on Musicademy.
(Being the pianist/organist, part 1: The GOAL) Part 2: The HOW (Part 3: The LITURGY – still to come) Hi again, You may recall my first post on this subject a few weeks back? We established that our goal was to enable the congregation to be present with God. So that’s our aim. Now we need […]The post Being the pianist/organist: Leading worship in a traditional setting [Part 2] appeared first on Musicademy.
Here’s Matt Isaac’s second video exploring ways of creating electric guitar parts in worship. Range and density for electric guitar in worship Key points covered in this video: Pitch variation can be found within shapes, via string choice, not just along the fretboard Listen to other parts, use range to avoid overcrowding, and to contrast […]The post Creating guitar parts for worship: Range and Density [Video] appeared first on Musicademy.
Christmas Carols: MultiTracks and Split Tracks We have a huge 22 carols in our backing tracks library now. Click through below to listen to audio samples and to buy: Angels We Have Heard On High/Angels From The Realms of Glory Christmas Offering Hark The Herald Angels Sing Joyful Joyful Joy To The World O Come All Ye […]The post Christmas resources for churches: carols, backing tracks, chord charts and more appeared first on Musicademy.
1,500+ video lessons worth over $3000! Over the last 15 years we’ve learnt a thing or two about training church based musicians and with our 15 year anniversary we are offering you the chance to fast track that knowledge and transform your musicianship. This is your exclusive invitation to subscribe to the Musicademy Worship Training website with […]The post 15 year anniversary 30 day trial offer appeared first on Musicademy.
New electric guitar video series by Matt Isaac Welcoming guitarist Matt Isaac to our team of bloggers with the first of a series of videos exploring ways of creating electric guitar parts in worship. This first video is quite “talky” but those coming up in the future are a lot more hands-on. Space and dynamic […]The post Creating guitar parts for worship: Space and Dynamic [Video] appeared first on Musicademy.
Use the coupon code ELECTRICSALE to save an additional 25% on either the Electric Guitar DVDs or alternately, the downloads. With the downloads you will get an automatic 25% off when the full course is purchased and the code will take another 25% off whatever your total is when applied during the checkout process. Click HERE for the DVDs Click HERE for […]The post [Flash sale] Save at least 25% on the Musicademy Electric Guitar Course appeared first on Musicademy.
Another guest post from our new team of guest writers. This time the writer is Niall Blackburn, a worship pastor from Woking in the UK. He writes about his experience as someone under 30 at the UK’s largest Christian festival/conference, New Wine. As background New Wine is a family of churches in the UK. It also established […]The post Reflections on a week at New Wine (summer festival) appeared first on Musicademy.
Here’s a free lesson from Musicademy’s Beginning Worship Guitar Course which is available both on DVD or as downloads. This is quite an early lesson in the course and teaches the chords Cadd9, G and Em7 and how to use these in sequence. The lesson also covers using a pick, bars and counting. This is […]The post Free beginning worship guitar lesson appeared first on Musicademy.
Somewhere along the way we as a culture decided that worship=music In fact, music is just one element of worship. Worship can happen without one single note being played or sung. We've also come to the conclusion that since most people do connect to music on some basic level, then surely they must connect to […]The post Re-defining worship so it equals more than music appeared first on Musicademy.
A singer in your congregation has a passion for worship, and has approached you about joining your music team. You have a heart to use people's gifts, and this person is clearly well-trained musically, has a genuine faith, and is keen to serve. But it soon becomes clear that their singing style is very ‘classical' […]The post Coaching classical singers to sing in a contemporary style appeared first on Musicademy.
Church worship bands often have a mix of people: young and old, classically trained, contemporary trained, or those with no training and simply reflecting the cultural norms they grew up with. Blending those styles can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, particularly with vocalists where most worship bands wanting to play contemporary songs will […]The post Contemporary vs traditional singing techniques [Video] appeared first on Musicademy.
Two stories: Christmas carol service, doing “Silent Night”. I had set it on mandolin with a very simple strummed guitar background, very few chords, very gentle and folksy. The keyboard player kept twitching and saying it wasn’t “Christmassy enough” so we had a chat, and he set up a nice big church organ sound, and […]The post Separating song from genre appeared first on Musicademy.
What's our goal? [Part 1 of 3] Hi! I'm Sacha. Let me introduce myself and share my reason for writing about this topic. I have had a heart for worship for a while and I've led in a variety of different styles of church. I’ve been a modern worship leader for only three years, whereas […]The post Pianist or organist? Leading worship in a traditional setting appeared first on Musicademy.
In an era where many congregations are facing dwindling numbers many churches are turning to a more contemporary approach to attract and retain people. They see the success that churches such as Hillsong and Bethel enjoy with rock concert style music and seek to bring at least some of that style to their local setting. […]The post How to transition from traditional to contemporary worship appeared first on Musicademy.
As I’ve grown in experience as a worship leader one of the growing joys of the role is helping to bring others into not just the worship team, but leading worship too. The way we do that at King's Church is initially through a process of co-leading with them. Planning together, and then sharing the […]The post Preparing your worship set – a practical guide appeared first on Musicademy.
If you can’t make products people love, instead go and make less annoying products that people will use I was reading a quote from the marketing guru Seth Godin a while back and he was talking about either making products that people love and if you can't do that make products that become less annoying. […]The post Annoying pedal boards appeared first on Musicademy.
We had an interesting question raised in our Facebook Group recently that we wanted to share more widely (we know that not everyone uses Facebook) I am currently a Worship Leader in training. I also play keys and will be leading from the keyboard. Our church has mainly been acoustic lead by males and only […]The post Is it OK for a female worship leader to ask for a lower key if that messes with the lead guitarist’s sound? appeared first on Musicademy.
I've recently been working on downsizing my electric guitar rig. I want top quality gear but I've always found those classic amps that give great tone are just too big, heavy and loud for use in most churches. I've had Fender Twins, Vox AC30's and Marshall Stacks and can't even turn the volume above 1 […]The post Travelling light – the portable guitarist appeared first on Musicademy.
For this week only we have a fantastic offer on downloads of ALL our worship bass courses whether you are buying the DVDs or the downloads. Bass courses on DVD Beginners Bass Course Intermediate Bass Course Bass Song Learner The Worship Bass Collection Bass downloads Download any full course of downloads and a 50% discount will […]The post [Flash Sale] 50% off ALL worship bass DVDs and downloads appeared first on Musicademy.
We had an email recently from someone relatively new to guitar playing who wanted to know which of the songs we have available as backing tracks and chord charts are accessible for a newish guitar player. We’ve pulled together a list of simple songs which have video lessons available too. You can access all the […]The post Recommended songs for beginning worship guitar players appeared first on Musicademy.
Launch offer: 20% off before the end of January Could your worship team spare just two hours for some invaluable practical training that will forever improve how you play together? Could they really use some band skills training but busyness and limited time constraints always seem to get in the way? Worship Team Workshop is […]The post New from Musicademy: Worship Team Workshops appeared first on Musicademy.

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