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One of our supporting churches has a wonderful group of people who contact us monthly and merely ask for our prayer points. They want to know about ministry opportunities, but more importantly, they want to know some of the personal things we need prayer for in our lives. What is so encouraging about this faithful team [...]
Welcome to 2018 We are excited about what the Lord will bring in the coming year. Thank you for all of your support and prayers in the past few years. There is a multitude of things coming through the various ministries of City Bible Forum, The Edge, Reel Dialogue, Rouse Hill Bible Church, Bible Study [...]
Beyond Worry: The science and stories behind anxiety, fear and depression. As a nation we have never been richer, and yet we have never been so anxious. For many Australians anxiety affects all of life, for others of us it's constantly in the background. What are the causes of anxiety? Where does this fear and [...]
Merry Christmas from the Matthews It has been an incredible year of evangelistic events, Bible teaching and films. Thank you for all you do to support the ministries in Australia. We launched The Edge this year, Reel Dialogue made a splash in theatres and we are still able to teach the Bible in the public [...]
Thank you for your prayers for The Edge / Beyond Worry event. We had a full house and great feedback from the event. Please pray as we follow through with all who came along and look ahead to 2018. Specific feedback “Great combination: to hear the scientific and personal stories was very helpful” Jessica H “The [...]
October is here and things start happening Spring is upon us and October/November is a busy season in ministry in Sydney. Here are some of the upcoming events, please be praying for each event. The Edge: Beyond Worry 12 October: The science and stories behind anxiety, fear and depression. As a nation we have never [...]
…than the 600 films released each year We love films. Every year Hollywood releases around 600 films. Why do we love films so much? And why do some have such a profound effect on us? Is there an even better story that films might provide a way into?Also, do our film choices point to something bigger [...]
Thank you for your interest and support of Reel Dialogue During our recent furlough to the US, we had opportunity to share about the work of Reel Dialogue. The events, reviews and resources are all available on reeldialogue.com We are excited to share that you can get regular updates from Reel Dialogue. We have had [...]
Thank you to our family, friends, and supporters We are heading home to Australia with our hearts full of gratitude. It was an amazing adventure in Iowa throughout July. What did the month have in store for us? Six churches visits Two Lord of the Lens events Multiple coffees and dinners A trip to Kansas [...]
What does the film industry do to keep you coming back for more? Each and every year, people line up all over the world so they can hand over billions of their hard-earned dollars, to sit in a dark room together … and dream. Hollywood, Bollywood and dozens of other movie industries exercise an undeniable [...]
As we prepare for a short furlough, we wanted to repost these details for our supporters. Over the past we have had the privilege to work alongside some amazing organisations. Through Facebook, our website and conversations we have mentioned various ministry connections. We get requests for the names, websites and contact details for these people [...]
Please be praying as we begin a new series in the corporations of Sydney Jesus the game changer How the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it matters. We will begin the series with an introduction to Jesus Establishing the historicity of Jesus, and, to a certain extent, the Gospels as accurate [...]
What is The Edge? Everything has an edge. The edge of society, where conformity ends and creativity begins. The bleeding edge of technology. The edge of reason. City Bible Forum and the Centre for Public Christianity invite you to take a look over the edge. To understand where our current thinking is taking us. To [...]
The team in Sydney is looking forward to an exceptionally busy year in 2017 with our evangelistic endeavours at City Bible Forum. It has been a great year so far, but we have some exciting new projects coming up. We are looking to introduce a new evangelistic outreach called The Edge (Formerly, The Conversation) in May. All [...]
How are Aussies different or the same as the rest of the world? A great article repurposed from the Sydney Morning Herald & Financial Review Author: Sarah Kimmorley This more of an educational piece. There are items and language that may be a bit confronting for some readers, but it will help people to see [...]
We have requests from various churches to put together some video clips for VBS throughout the US in 2009 & 2010. If you are interested in getting some of the VBS clips, please e-mail us. The videos contain a series on ‘Mythbusting’ of Australia, some Aussie music, Aussie slang and key verses to assist in [...]
Our church meets in an economically & spiritually challenged area of Sydney. Most of the women in the area live hard and fearful  lives. To be treated with respect and love is a rare thing in many of the lives of these ladies.  On Saturday 2 May, 2009; Glorious Hope Baptist Church held their third [...]
Our church meets in an economically & spiritually challenged area of Sydney. Most of the women in the area live hard and fearful  lives. To be treated with respect and love is a rare thing in many of the lives of these ladies.  On Saturday 2 May, 2009; Glorious Hope Baptist Church held their third [...]
Thanks for all of your prayers. This has been an exciting, exhausting and encouraging month. This is a quick note on all that we have asked you to pray about during this critical month. Easter opens the door to communicate to others about what we believe as Christians. Parades in the city, editorials in [...]
Welcome to April. It is raining and moving into Autumn in Australia. Exciting time of year, football season (3 different codes), cooler weather, and Easter. Thanks for all of your continued support and prayers. What is happening in Australia? Easter: Russ will be sharing the Good Friday message at Glorious Hope Baptist Church,”Eyes on the Road”. Looking [...]
(Apologies: I cannot give out names due to privacy concerns.) Exciting testimony: During our orientation meeting in the city, we were able to hear the testimony of one man who has been coming to the City Bible Forum for over five years. He said, ‘I have floated for the past few years of my life. I [...]
Thank you for your continued prayers. It is an exciting new year for us in Australia ‘09. Yet, as many summers in Australia begin, this year has been extremely hot (40-44 degrees Celcius). With extreme heat comes forest fires and unfortunately loss of life and property. Please be praying for the victim’s families of these [...]
Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name. Hebrews 13:15 This time of year is one of reflection and thankfulness. We look back at 2008 and we continue to experience ‘awe’ at what we have the privilege to be included. [...]
Team Australia, Thank you for your continued support and prayers. It has been an amazing year for our family. The opportunities for ministry continue to grow. We have had the privilege of seeing people come to Christ through the various ministries that we participated in this year. We hope that you are receiving our regular communications [...]
An addition to our most recent update. Thank you for your prayers for the ‘Restored’ event (www.restored.org.au)  in February. After a conference with the chaplain for the NRL (National Rugby League), we are building momentum for the ministry and the potential impact on western Sydney. After the meeting, the heads of the ministry have decided to [...]

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