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In a certain sense you don't become a pagan; you are a pagan. It is more of an inner discovery than a conversion.
Did you know that we have “planned giving” opportunities? These options make partnering with AiG in spreading the creation/gospel message easier than ever.
A Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney visited the Ark and produced a video they show on their website as a commercial to increase their membership.
In a culture that demands Christians accept the age of the earth at billions of years, the discussion about 6,000 years vs. 10,000 years gets left behind.
Many people these days are putting their faith in false or imaginary Christs who cannot save them. Can we uncover the real Jesus?
A recent study of the salivary mucin-7 gene (MUC7) demonstrated there was genetic variation of this gene among different primate species.
Researchers have been working on Bat Bot (or B2), a robotic lightweight flier designed to mimic the incredible aerial ability of a bat.
A recent article promotes the idea that Darwin opposed the concept of race and that he tried to free us from a racist mindset. Is this a true claim?
We are going to look at the next three episodes of National Geographic's Origins: The Journey of Humankind, which focused on money, communication, and war.
Here are a few ways you can help further the work of Answers in Genesis and invest in the good news of the gospel and the message of biblical authority.
April 22 marks the 31st celebration of Earth Day—an effort initiated to increase awareness about environmental issues.
When you hear stories about the astonishingsimilarity between human and chimp DNA, there'ssomething they're not telling you . . .
Let's take a closer look at the radioactive dating method and the radiometric dating methods and see how reliable they really are.
On Friday, April 21, 2017, Netflix launched all 13 episodes of the new original series Bill Nye Saves the World, starring, of course, the bow-tied Bill Nye.
Evolutionists believe that new information about gill embryology suggests gills evolved in the common ancestor of all fish.
The recent publication of Adam and the Genome illustrated how evolutionists find new and more nuanced ways to contradict the biblical account.
Surely, evolution is about the origin and development of life-forms on earth — what has this got to do with religion? Evolution is science, isn't it?
To help offset a high capital gains tax, you can place part of the property in a special trust, called a charitable remainder unitrust.
The question that needs to be asked is whether the Bible contains error because it was written by human authors.
The discovery of an easy way to “edit” genes may someday make it possible to manufacture “designer babies.”

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