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CT Women is a special section of Christianity Today provides news and analysis from the perspective of evangelical women.
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Rebel Wilson's latest film reflects the common urge to trash romance. But love stories point us toward a deeper affection for God.
How Paul points the way to a fresh way of seeing faith.
Do modern amenities make it tough for us to embody God's love?
A conversation with the author of ‘Taste and See: Discovering God among Butchers, Bakers, and Fresh Food Makers.'
Around the globe, female followers of the faith suffer sexual violence, forced marriage, forced abortions, travel bans, and trafficking.
Why treating the female body like property misses the gospel and fails the unborn.
What a failed church plant taught me about God's purpose and provision.
Why being ‘spiritual' is never enough, how Kate Bowler experienced Christ in her cancer, and 10 lessons from same-sex abuse inside the church.
Working effectively for Christ requires intimacy with him.
Linda Barkman was incarcerated after the man she lived with murdered her toddler. But she turned hardship into ministry.
This season demands a clear view of darkness. Here's how scholars reckon with it.
How a theology of the ordinary informs Advent.
Creation care does more than conservation. It cultivates faith formation, says A Rocha.
In the midst of Nazi resistance, this Christian martyr offered three models for the season of waiting.
Why the supernatural events of this season are both credible and incredible.
In the midst of relational uncertainty, this season invites me to savor God's goodness.
Christian history gives us reason to see Advent and Christmas as coexistent, not separate.
Four ways to rethink your post-parenting years in light of the Great Commission.
Creativity becomes more than expressing ourselves as we reflect God into the world.
This Thanksgiving, praise God for other people's blessings—even the ones you wish for.
The founder of Teachers Who Pray calls public education “America's biggest mission field.”
Young adults often leave the church after high school. The problem lies close to home.
In her new book, “The Voice,” the award-winning singer reflects on Bible Study Fellowship's role in her faith formation.
In solitude, we turn our face toward God who so loves this world.
An interview with Pelican Project members Karen Swallow Prior, Kristie Anyabwile, and Tish Harrison Warren.

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