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Need some heavy prayer for pastor Ruis. He has finally returned from Cuba to Nicaragua. I talked to him on video chat today and need to visit as soon as I am able. He is very sick. His feet are deeply infected from the many miles of walking and helping in Cuba in the Hurricane aftermath. He is insulin diabetic and cannot afford the meds or care he desperately needs. He needs to be under hospital care and direct antibiotics very quickly.Need prayer and much provision for Ruis Padilla.Now the report from him...* All 15,000 bibles arrived in Havana without issue. Amen!* He has distributed 10-12,000 so far. Amen!* Done several movie outreaches. 130 civilian salvation decisions, 87 military soldiers chose Christ. 7 of them officers. AMEN!*And Honduras Missions has been offered free land to build a church building on.... amen! That would put us in 3 countries planting churches if it comes to pass...Ruis would like to go back and has an open door invite if the Lord allows him the health to do it. Need prayer and wings...Rom 1:14-15 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!** If you would like to help click on the paypal link on the right of this page and just put "for Ruis" in the notes. Thank you***
AMEN DAY. House calls on mountain tops.... We saved the hardest for last day of a week of hard soulwinning with our medical team that is visiting. A small field but white unto harvest. Was well ripened fruit on the mountain top. 3 hour very rough ride up. We got a late start because the old kia lost the clutch and was delayed an hour. And opted to split the team and use the new motocarga and see if it would make it.(it did). But the newer kia lost the trailer on the rough trail so yet another delay. Finally arrived and find the building we were to use under construction. Ask around and one man who was present a few weeks ago when I preached up there let us use his small home...on the other side of the riverbed and 100yards up the mountain... and haul all the medical and gear across and up. We saw over 200 souls trust the LORD just in this village... even with a late arrival due to loosing the trailer on the rough road. The Drs managed to see what seemed to be every needy villager for meds and glasses... house calls even. Two of them so sick they will likely not finish the month yet pleading for Christ. An older deaf mute man got glasses and just lit up. He could see clearly for the first time. Pastor Augusto worked a long while with him with hands and pictures ect. In the end he too prayed for salvation. Some of those in the village made food for our soul winners and asked if they would build a church and they would give land available for it. Truly tree hanging well ripened fruit... The soul winning was done in the dried riverbed under the only shade... very "John the Baptist" like. Beautiful to watch...Pray for more capacity and labourers... this kind of ministry is fruitful but taxing. It needs youthful legs and hearts, funds to cover the greater expense in logistics and maintance. Tires bust, rims bend, rear ends break, backs hurt... But it is well worth it reaching the vine ripened fruit in the uttermost parts... The fields are still white in the uttermost parts... but the labourers are few... and funds even less.We saw many hundreds (700+) put their faith in Christ this week. Much work left to do to follow up. Was a great team. Thank you Truth for today for coming and the Americans who sacrificed to come. And thank you to our own Hondurans who also laboured hard and sacrificed to harvest the field this week... all are very very tired. But joyful and content..
21 baptized today on the Lighthouse property. A former drug dealer, a former gang member, a preacher's daughter, and a couple who were begging in the street not many weeks back and more. Amen! And many did not come today so there is yet more. The mountain church needed a second bus but could not get one so half stayed behind. Even so it was a very good day. If I could still ask Carlos what I used to ("Was the Lord pleased with this today?"). I am sure his answer would be the same, "si Barry, claro que si". Amen...
Been putting off maintenance of the kia truck(something very contrary to an old mechanic) because other priorities kept pushing to the front of the line. Never enough for all that is before us. That plus our extreemly bad roads has now made this a problem. While in town yesterday it started thumping and growling. Stopped and checked it over and price parts. Needs front end parts, bushings, bearings and tires a little over $1000 in parts + tires to put it back in safe service. It is needful to ministry runs hours every day and it is crippling when down. Praying the LORD provides a way.
This is a big wow to me. Our Bible institute student's and teacher's ministry. They go and teach full time bible classes in several public schools in the mountains of Honduras(in green shirts in photos). They sacrifice and do this free and full time all day, 5 days a week. The photos are them handing out bibles and using them in classes. The Bibles that were donated and sent to us. Through Directline Ministries.. They have led a large portion of them all to Christ. And school teachers too... We could use more prayer and help to do more... look at the photos and let the praise out and shout amen!
I am here at the hospital where Carlos is. He is not doing well at all. He had a second heart attack episode. The Drs are telling the family to prepare for the worse, and they want to transfer him to Tegu, but they don't think he can survive the trip. Family is worried. Needs prayer... lots. Carlos has been with us almost since the beginning of our ministry here in Honduras. He was my translator that became the pastor of La Cruz Baptist Church. We have served together for over a decade. He really needs prayer... And help
Ritchie prayer letter 3rd quarter 2017
Please take the time to download read and share the work our Lord is doing. Thank you for every prayer and remembrance.
Waters of Life Baptist church on the mountain and the Lighthouse Baptist church in the valley Mothers Day services. Amen. Had great preaching by our national pastors in several other churches and outreaches as well. Cost...one tire. Weee amen...Pastor Carlos and his family did a great job with a special pre mothers (day) evening service and activities. Preaching, games, food and memories for moms of his church.Had one of our pastors tell me they have had 5 new families attending faithfully since the Easter outreach in their church and mission. Amen. One family wants to get married and baptized. Another church is also working with 2 couples about marriage and baptisms. Keep our preacher in Cuba in prayer. Have not heard from him yet. We expected that, but still a little unnerving for us and his family. Not expecting him for another 3 or more weeks. Finished drilling the well in the mountain but still working out issues. Praying to have it all up and water running this week.Julie is doing well in medical college. She spent Easter week at home with us and will be with us a few days next week between class breaks. Julie works with the cancer center for children in all her spare time. Counceling, translating, bible studies, cleaning ect and she will begin regular hospital classes next Friday. She is working hard but it has been more costly than expected. Amen and thank you for every remembrance.Drilling begins, but not according to plan...it is Honduras. Changed location. The town wants to help and is willing to build a tank and distribution lines to poss 200 homes. But we needed a site with a possibility of a lot more water. A neighbor to the mountain church offered a better site. And dontated it to the our mission. So clear ground, and move equipment first thing this morning and set up again. Then go to get a tank of water to drill with. Arrive at the closest hand dug well and we must clean and fill all the ladies pilas and containers before empting her well to fill our tank... return start and find a lift cable bad. weee10 minutes into drilling today we hit water 2x... great on one, bad on the second. Nice little bit of water blew out of hole... then the drill rig broke a fan clutch and fan ruined the radiator, dumping its water... in a remote mountain in Honduras... we just told our drilling friend and missionary who was rushing home to the northern side of the country to fix the roof that blew off his house yesterday... nothing is ever easy... wee

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