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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Claimed to be 280 million years old, stumps of fossil trees retain original material in the world's coldest climate.The post Fossil Forest Found in Antarctica appeared first on CEH.
A new book by two CEH authors can help readers understand their spacecraft and its mission. Dr Henry Richter, distinguished NASA scientist, former Caltech professor and inventor, the last surviving manager of Explorer 1 (January 31, 1958), has a new book worth sharing. Its title appeals to all readers on the planet: Spacecraft Earth: A […]The post New Guidebook for Earthlings Published appeared first on CEH.
A major new museum in Washington DC showcases the Bible as never before, but some secular reporters can only nitpick.The post Museum of the Bible Opens: Biased Reporters Find Fault appeared first on CEH.
Something is terribly wrong in the geodynamo theory for magnetic fields.The post Anomalies in Planetary Magnetic Fields appeared first on CEH.
Theories can be like parties with tantalizing speculations until big, whopping anomalies spoil the fun.The post Planet Party Busted by Triton appeared first on CEH.
Evolutionists have had complete domination of public school science for decades. They can't believe that a sizable percentage still don't accept evolution.The post Darwinians Baffled that Students Refuse To Be Indoctrinated appeared first on CEH.
The latest speculations about life’s origins always overlook the most essential component: the origin of biological information. Suggestive catch-phrases are no substitute for demonstration. Evolutionary scientists employ stock phrases like “missing link” and “RNA world” and “prebiotic soup” that conceal, rather than illuminate, the actual chemical problems getting from molecules to life. The so-called “building […]The post Boastful Origin-of-Life Claims Conceal Contradictions appeared first on CEH.
If science continues its focus on natural designs, everyone stands to benefit.The post Biomimetics Continues Its Enthusiastic Winning Streak appeared first on CEH.
Blood oozing out of the skin can have more than one cause, say scientists.The post Sweating Blood Can Be a Disease or a Response to Stress appeared first on CEH.
For health and well-being, breathe the fresh air of the great outdoors.The post Take a Breather appeared first on CEH.
Secular materialists looking for space aliens have a philosophical kinship with Darwinists.The post SETI: The Darwin Connection appeared first on CEH.
Your brain comes with amazing capabilities. It won't look like a fried egg unless you abuse it.The post This Is Your Brain on Intelligent Design appeared first on CEH.
Mainstream media reports downplay testimony of people who knew shooter as an avowed atheist who considered Christians stupid.The post Texas Shooter Was Angry Atheist appeared first on CEH.
You can tell when theorists are getting desperate. Their assumptions get more and more implausible, and they gloss over falsifying facts.The post Enceladus Cannot Spout for Billions of Years appeared first on CEH.
A Darwinian paleontologist, Günter Bechly changed his views when he decided to read books on intelligent design for himself. The change was costly.The post Paleontologist Becomes an Outcast After Publicly Renouncing Faith in Darwinism appeared first on CEH.
When trying to account for the "evolution of religion and morality," Darwinians cut off their own feet.The post How Can Evolutionists Judge Morality? appeared first on CEH.
Imagine a giraffe leaping into the air and flying off. That's what this giant pterosaur was like. Other interpretations about extinct reptiles are not so certain.The post The Flying Giraffe and Other Fossil Stories of Extinct Reptiles appeared first on CEH.
Secular astronomers are experts in telling the public about things that are observed but should not exist.The post Giant Planet Sends Planetologists Scrambling appeared first on CEH.
Several recent papers either rationalize evolution's failures, or else agreed that the theory needs revision.The post Excusing Darwinism’s Lack of Evidence appeared first on CEH.
Because there is no backup Y-chromosome, genes on the Y chromosome usually undergo a process of degeneration.The post The Problem with Males: Y-Chromosome Degeneration appeared first on CEH.
The very title of Luther's famous first protest spells the death of all materialistic philosophies.The post The Thesis: Why Luther Undercut Materialism appeared first on CEH.
True believers in space evolution have gone totally spooky. The post Evolutionists Offer Trick or Treat to Space Aliens appeared first on CEH.
On this special 500th Anniversary Reformation Sunday, it's important to consider the Reformers' influence on the Scientific Revolution that followed.The post Did the Reformation Advance Science? appeared first on CEH.
Unable to see evolutionary progress in the fossil record, some Darwinians try to claim they are watching it before our eyes.The post Darwinians Claim to See Evolution Happening Now appeared first on CEH.
Simplistic presentations about how scientists date rocks overlook the worldview assumptions involved.The post Beware of Overconfident Dating Methods appeared first on CEH.

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