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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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A spirit that works in mysterious ways. Biologists cannot nail it down, but insist it can turn bacteria into biologists.
Cassini scientists now have reduced the rings' age by an order of magnitude, as if they formed practically "yesterday."
It's as indefensible as believers in ghosts lying about observational evidence for them.
China's experiment to grow plants on the moon failed in one day.
Theologians and ministers may want to think about results of a survey of 275 college students about their theological beliefs.
Dr Jerry Bergman, author of books on the Holocaust, is not the only scientist seeing danger by tweaking the human genome.
The human body is so amazing, it deserves the exploration of its capabilities. That is best done outdoors in creation. Not everybody can exercise. Most of us, though, have enough working parts to do something. If you can read this, you at least have enough to exercise your mind. Stephen Hawking exercised his finger. Quadriplegic […]
Excellent biological research that produces understanding and application can ignore natural selection completely.
Scientists are not immune from the attraction of primrose paths that lead to confirmation of their biases.
With American technological assistance, over 1.47 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during a short 100-day surge.
Continuing our discussion of whether natural selection has any value in science, we present more cases in the media.
Space pioneer Henry Richter (PhD Chemistry, Caltech), explores the designed intricacies of the building blocks of the universe.
Ultima Thule, the farthest object ever visited up close by a spacecraft, looks like a snowman.
Darwinism has so many failures, can it survive? Don't underestimate the power of illogical worldviews tenaciously held.
Can anyone name any real, true thing that Darwin's phrase "natural selection" has done to further understanding of nature?
Efforts to enforce "equality" between the sexes can go awry with fake science, and consequences can be severe.
Frank Drake's equation for the probability of space aliens is chopped-up ignorance mushed into pseudo-scientific sausage.
Your holiday gift giving should include gratitude above all. It helps both giver and receiver. And it is right.
An apologetics website has listed 21 reasons for believing the earth is much younger than secular scientists claim.
Would NASA and Big Media censor the Christmas Eve broadcast 50 years ago that included reading from Genesis?
Observations cause a major upset in planet formation theory, and the time needed for evolution. Two days ago, we reported the evidence for youth in Saturn’s rings and moons (19 Dec 2018). A new report from Science Magazine extends this youth out to the planets around other stars. Daniel Clery, in his article “Hints of […]
Fuzz has been found on a pterosaur. That's not news. But split ends on some fibers are electrifying the evolutionary imagination.
It took over 100 years, but Darwinians have finally promoted Neanderthal Man to Homo sapiens. How did it happen?
More discoveries of youthful phenomena contradict Gustav Holst's musical tribute to "Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age."
Nobody hears fossils, but that doesn't excuse bad lip reading about what they were trying to say when they died.

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