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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Stem cells were all the rage ten years ago, but news stories these days are less common. What's new?
Similar features show up in evolutionary-unrelated groups. What does this mean?
They flew, they had feathers, they landed on top of dinosaurs. Did they evolve from dinosaurs?
If you are an evolutionary geologist, you don't need much data to get an incredible story published.
Evolutionists cannot deny the presence of soft tissue in dinosaur bones, but their explanation burns up in the heat of critical analysis.
Materialism brought forth modernism, which glorified bland utility. Some want to bring back the Christian virtue of beauty.
Children's favorite monster was a ballerina with functional arms, according to new announcements.
How did cave art of animals appear on opposite sides of the world at the same time? What’s being called the oldest cave painting of an animal has been dated by evolutionary anthropologists at a minimum of 40,000 years old. The baffling thing is that similar cave art in Europe dates to roughly the same […]
On election day in America, both election and selection imply a chooser. Neither word applies in mindless nature.
Darwinian evolution is one of the most curious scientific theories ever. Even un-Darwinian data can be twisted to support it.
Having communication problems in the family? Try a walk in the park together.
Few things are more scientifically obvious than biological sex, but Nature would rather please the politically correct crowd.
A standard method for inferring the ages of planetary surfaces continues to be plagued by bad assumptions.
NASA's premiere planetary lab goes nuts at Halloween, but fears the word Christmas. You can only have a Holiday Party in December.
Short lifespans may involve more about what we do to our bodies than what our bodies do to us.
The science behind SETI is just window dressing. Believers obsess on space aliens with religious zeal, not evidence.
The "credibility crisis" in science is not solved. It may be getting worse.
Even secularists have trouble with books that promote the idea that we are what our genes make us.
Numerous news articles point to moral shortcomings in Big Science that threaten public trust. The US Constitution was a great idea. But John Adams once said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” (US Archives). Similarly, the “Scientific Method,” as it […]
Darwinian natural selection sounds convincing until you look at the details of extraordinary designs in nature.
A leading cosmologist's account of the current big bang theory makes no sense unless the hearer is already committed to believing it.
What has Darwin done for you lately? Probably very little. Here's a tree of life that can benefit your body and feed the world.
Superflares from the majority of stars would likely sterilize any planet in its "habitable zone."
For the first time, soft tissue showing details of lung structure have been found in a fossil bird said to be 120 million years old.
Illustra's newest DVD showcases Psalm 19 in multiple ways.

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