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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Unaware of their logical fallacies, evolutionists could pull society down with them into a morass of contradictions.The post Elitist Darwinists Poised to Destroy Civilization appeared first on CEH.
They lived before relativity and quantum mechanics, but their insights continue to stimulate productive research in 21st-century physics.The post Classical Creation Physicists Still Make News appeared first on CEH.
Evolutionists irritated by ENCODE mount a counterattack, claiming that the majority of human genes are evolutionary leftovers with no function.The post Is Junk DNA Making a Comeback? appeared first on CEH.
It's perhaps the most obvious distinctive trait of humans. Where did language come from, with all its diversity?The post Evolutionists Are Speechless About the Origin of Language appeared first on CEH.
Stress-caused mental illnesses skyrocketed after a Darwin-inspired mass murderer went on a killing spree in 2011.The post Unapologetic Mass Murderer Motivated by Darwin Lives in Comfort in Prison, While Victim Trauma Continues appeared first on CEH.
A signature in rock that was thought to come from extraterrestrial impacts could have been caused by plain old lightning. “Impact Geologists, Beware!” That’s the headline of a short paper in Geophysical Research Letters by H. J. Melosh of Purdue. His subtitle is, “A Cautionary Tale for Impact Geologists.” Why the alarm? Another “proxy” for […]The post Lightning Fries Impact Theory appeared first on CEH.
An important book by Dr Jerry Bergman documents the most important example ever of the dictum, "Ideas have consequences."The post Book Review: How Darwinism Corrodes Morality appeared first on CEH.
Scientists solved the mystery of mosquito flight by using both super high-speed cameras and computer analysis.The post Science Says Mosquitoes Cannot Fly But Recently Found Out How They Do appeared first on CEH.
Here's a quick brain teaser. Can you guess which biological organism inspired the scientific advance? Answers and sources provided.The post Guessing Game: Name the Organism that Inspired This Discovery appeared first on CEH.
Students and citizens are taught a very distorted view of what science is and how it actually works.The post Myth of Objective Science Busted appeared first on CEH.
The best illustration of dogmatism among evolutionists is seeing how they cling to their beliefs even when fossil dates change radically.The post Drastic Fossil Date Revisions Never Deter Evolutionists appeared first on CEH.
by Dr Jerry Bergman For over a century, Neanderthals were considered the evolutionary ancestors of modern humans. The leading biology textbooks pictured Neanderthals as the missing link between apes and modern man.1 These misleading illustrations no doubt convinced many thousands to accept human evolution. The latest evidence that Neanderthals are fully modern humans, and simply […]The post More Evidence that Neanderthals Were Fully Human appeared first on CEH.
Read the introduction to the new book by Dr Jerry Bergman with contributions by Frank J. Sherwin and Philip Snow.The post New Book: Fossil Forensics appeared first on CEH.
Since laughter is a product of natural selection for fitness, according to Darwinists, let's try it out on them.The post Darwinists Invite Laughter appeared first on CEH.
All of the evidence we have now is that we live on a rare planet that is specially designed for intelligent life.The post Privileged Planet Confirmed! appeared first on CEH.
Announced at the end of February, this story bears repeating for students of Old Testament history.The post Bombs Unearth Assyrian Palace appeared first on CEH.
With so many huge gaps in materialist cosmology, a revolution may be brewing, as seen in the kinds of questions being asked.The post Cosmology Still in the Dark appeared first on CEH.
Darwin relied heavily on Charles Lyell's uniformitarian views of geology, but Lyell is a has-been to modern geologists.The post Lyell’s Slow-and-Gradual Geology Is No Longer Tenable appeared first on CEH.
This is a rebuttal to Live Science's article, "Why Total Solar Eclipses Are Total Coincidences," so that readers can make up their own minds.The post Solar Eclipses: Design or Coincidence? appeared first on CEH.
Whale evolution remains one of the greatest mysteries for Darwinists, despite their claims about a fossil sequence.The post The Myth of Evolution from Water to Land and Back to Water appeared first on CEH.
Let's tell the news the way it should be told: astronomers have found the building blocks of death in outer space.The post Dead Molecules Found Around Star! appeared first on CEH.
Dr John Sanford articulates many of the reasons he eventually rejected Darwinian evolution.The post Elite Geneticist Says Darwin Was an Ideological Figurehead (Video) appeared first on CEH.
Nothing in science requires a scientific institution to take the liberal position on everything. Quite the opposite: science relies on traditional values.The post Leftist Takeover of Science Continues appeared first on CEH.
When humans make a mess of things, our fellow organisms try to help. That's no excuse for our failures to be good stewards.The post Life Helps Protect the Planet appeared first on CEH.
Geologist Bill Hoesch summarizes powerful geological evidences that support the Genesis account of a global flood. The post Ten Evidences at Grand Canyon for a Global Flood appeared first on CEH.

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