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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Anybody who thinks the hard sciences give us confidence in the real world should read this.
Asteroids should not be so active. This one was, and is.
For starters, three claims of poor design in the body are refuted by a college teacher of human anatomy.
The world will be a better, more sustainable place if we can imitate how nature handles and organizes its materials.
It's impossible to believe our ancestors were as dumb as evolutionists make them out to be. But Darwinians must believe it.
He was highly regarded in his day, but the beliefs of Comte de Buffon seem comical now.
Claims about fossil patterns rely on methods and assumptions that have been proven wrong.
Call it what you will, Pluto is a planet of surprises. Its active geology is second only to Earth's, say two planetary scientists.
The mouthpieces for science don't seem to know whether to use common sense or go with the PC current.
The element phosphorus is hard to get to a planet's surface where it is needed.
Proteins form large communications network to keep the body in sync with the biological clock.
Lizards put onto lava can change color within a week. Over time, the population blends into the darker environment.
A book review from Creation Ministries International explains why evangelicals should not needlessly cave on evolution.
The most amazing animals of all may be the tiniest. Consider how much bio-technology has to fit into the head of a fruit fly.
An exceptionally-preserved foal has been found in Siberian tundra. Can scientists bring it back to life as a clone?
An apex carnivore of the sea not only eats seagrass, but can digest it just fine.
Journal editors are freaking out over the rise of Open Science initiatives, worried their reign over the perception of science is doomed.
Without the words 'might' and 'could,' astrobiologists would have nothing to say.
Two processes theoretically assumed to take long ages have been shown they can occur quickly.
A neuroscientist just doesn't get it.
Big Science journals need to either balance their coverage of political issues or drop them altogether to avoid losing half their audience.
Look at the equipment humans come with. Look at the things they can do. Is this the work of blind chance? Equipped for Rapid Repair Researchers unearth secret tunnels between the skull and the brain (National Institutes of Health). An expert in stroke recovery noticed something interesting. Experimenting with rats, Dr. Matthias Nahrendorf noticed that […]
Fraud, lack of integrity and non-reproducible results continue to plague Big Science. Fair debate can help.
Darwinism has replaced the need for demonstration in science with the convenience of assertion. When you read papers and articles that offer to explain how something evolved, what you often find are statements that they just evolved. Let’s see some examples. 3D Body Evolution: Adding a New Dimension to Colonize the Land (Current Biology). The […]
How long does it take to bury an aircraft under hundreds of feet of ice? Try 76 years.

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