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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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It was the largest volcanic eruption in history. It happened five years ago. Did you hear about it? Probably not. Here's why.The post Hidden Volcano Comes to Light appeared first on CEH.
Here are a few more examples illustrating why the imitation of nature is one of the hottest trends in science.The post Make Like a Snake appeared first on CEH.
Governments were to be feared before 1984, and still are, but these days giant corporations are watching you. Conservative and libertarian members of Congress were seriously disappointed to see the vote go forward on the FISA Act renewal in its current form (WND), without their amendment offering protections from surveillance on innocent citizens. The law […]The post Social Media Becomes the New Big Brother appeared first on CEH.
Darwinists can no longer hide from a century and a half of shameful mistakes. Accountability has arrived.The post New Book Defrocks Darwin and His Followers appeared first on CEH.
New fossil evidence puts the squeeze on Darwinians, making butterflies appear suddenly, with complex mouth parts, before there were any flowers to pollinate. Time to rescue the theory again.The post Butterfly Evolution Pushed 70 Million Years Before Flowers appeared first on CEH.
From the planetary scale to the cosmic scale, astronomers are throwing away textbooks.The post Astronomical Theories Totally Wrong and Upside Down appeared first on CEH.
At a lecture meant to honor the late R. A. Fisher, father of neo-Darwinism, an evolutionist was on the spot to try to say something nice.The post Father of Neo-Darwinism Condemned with Faint Praise appeared first on CEH.
Magic droplets overcome one hurdle with help from humans, but so what?The post Another RNA World ‘Missing Link’ Experiment Misses the Point appeared first on CEH.
When hit by damaging mutations, cells repair genes before non-coding areas. How do they know?The post Cell Repair Majors on Majors appeared first on CEH.
Living things owe no obligation to Darwin. They will break his laws with reckless abandon.The post Animals Don’t Respect Darwin appeared first on CEH.
Do you like futuristic thinking? Think ahead to when mankind's memory may revert to something ancient: DNA.The post DNA Is the Future of Data Storage appeared first on CEH.
When the evidence doesn't fit evolutionary theory, guess what has to change?The post Visualize Darwin Before Looking at Data appeared first on CEH.
Fixing the gap between the ideal and the real will require factors outside of science, like honesty.The post Big Science Wobbles on Trust appeared first on CEH.
The new book Contested Bones addresses the question; “Did apes evolve into man?” This book provides a comprehensive, insightful, and up-to-date analysis of the bones that have been called “ape-man” or “hominin” fossils.The post New Book Critiques Fossil Human Ancestors appeared first on CEH.
Don't trust your feelings on this one. For 40 years, the Star Wars industry has been pushing a worldview that just can't hold up to scrutiny. Time to escape to reality.The post Op-Ed: May the Farce Not Bewitch You appeared first on CEH.
There's no stretching the truth any more. Cassini data have led all the ringmasters to the conclusion that the rings of Saturn are not billions of years old.The post It’s Official: Saturn’s Rings Are Young appeared first on CEH.
Rocket scientist Henry Richter describes how he got interested in the requirements for life on "Spacecraft Earth."The post Video: An Interview with Dr Henry Richter appeared first on CEH.
Dinosaur-Era Living Fossil and how God Teaches Kids About Creation Recently yet another living fossil shark was found. Newsweek announced, “Prehistoric, Dinosaur-Era Shark With Insane Teeth Found Swimming Off Coast of Portugal.” For more photos, see The Independent and Slate.com. Given that a shark can take 18 years to mature, using 20 years as an approximate […]The post Out of the Mouth of Babes: Common Sense About Fish, Fossils, and Evolution appeared first on CEH.
A new paper corrects errors in Fisher's Theorem, a mathematical "proof" of Darwinism. Rather than supporting evolution, the corrected theorem inverts it.The post Geneticist Corrects Fisher’s Theorem, but the Correction Turns Natural Selection Upside Down appeared first on CEH.
Are these fossils 3.45 billion years old? Are they even fossils? Serious questions need to be asked when the news gets excited about world records for oldest life on Earth.The post Evaluating Claims of Oldest Fossil Microbes appeared first on CEH.
One would think a scientist would be embarrassed to put forward such ideas. Why do Darwinists get away with it?The post Can Human Evolution Survive Silly Storytelling? appeared first on CEH.
The data gathering phase is over, but the data mining phase will continue for years. This entry also shares some news about other solar system objects showing youthfulness.The post Planetary Youth Continues After Cassini appeared first on CEH.
While individual scientists do pristine work, the major institutions of science and media have become propaganda arms for leftist causes.The post Big Science Has Prostituted Its Core Mission appeared first on CEH.
Evolutionists presume to explain how the rest of humanity got religion. But for their ideas to be consistent, they need to look in the mirror.The post The Evolution of Religion, or the Religion of Evolution? appeared first on CEH.
It's being called the Worst Theoretical Prediction in the History of Physics. Dark energy, and its cousin dark matter, are not showing up in any empirical tests.The post It’s Over: Dark Energy Was Fake Science appeared first on CEH.

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