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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Science journals and mainstream science reporters take leftism for granted so instinctively, they aren't even aware they do it.The post Big Science Leftist Bias Is on Autopilot appeared first on CEH.
Observations are just props. The play is, “The Evolution of Whatever” or “How Whatever Evolved.” Now playing in science media near you. As a play, Darwinism has two subplots: natural selection and sexual selection. With a little creative screenwriting, any observation in nature can be fit into either or both subplots, provided the perhapsimaybecouldness index […]The post Darwinism as an All-Purpose Story Plot appeared first on CEH.
The extent of fossil forests buried in the coldest continent on earth continues to grow and astound explorers.The post More Fossil Forests Found in Antarctica appeared first on CEH.
If modern humans left Africa 185,000 years ago or more, why does the oldest language in India date back less than 3% of that time?The post Oldest Language in India Only 4,500 Years Old appeared first on CEH.
The popular RNA World hypothesis is so improbable that multiple universes would be needed to believe it, but some prefer that to the obvious implications.The post End of the RNA World? appeared first on CEH.
A new study of elephants, mammoths and mastodons show they were all interfertile or capable of hybridization. Our present world is impoverished of elephants, or “elephantids” as scientists dub the family. Mammoths and mastodons roamed throughout America and Asia, evidenced by the massive fossil beds, where millions of mammoth bones can be found in permafrost. […]The post Elephants and Mammoths Were All One Kind appeared first on CEH.
Science scandals and crises are reminding observers that scientific reliability is no more reliable than the people who make a living in science.The post Big Science Trying to Wipe Egg Off Its Face appeared first on CEH.
Several news stories bring back the issue of mind-body dualism with a vengeance.The post The Mind-Body Problem Has Not Been Solved by Naturalism appeared first on CEH.
Dawn Mission scientists were surprised to see this asteroid (dwarf planet Ceres) with a water cycle and evidence of rapid geological changes.The post Ceres Is Young appeared first on CEH.
New research puts more "wow" into the wonder of animals featured in Illustra Media's "Design of Life" documentaries.The post Updates for The Design of Life appeared first on CEH.
Archaeopteryx flew as well as a pheasant, say paleontologists, and pterosaurs prospered right up to the moment of extinction.The post Pterosaurs and Birds Flew Together appeared first on CEH.
Cornell University agrees: Darwin's theory reduces to the Stuff Happens Law.The post Natural Selection? No – Sheer Dumb Luck appeared first on CEH.
More studies show humanness from the start of life.The post Humans Are Exceptional at Birth – and Before appeared first on CEH.
It's amazing what you can get away with saying as long as you pledge allegiance to Charles Darwin's impersonal, unguided worldview.The post Media Give Absurdity a Pass If It Is Materialistic appeared first on CEH.
Now they say that the impactor didn't only spin off a cloud that formed the moon; it made a donut cooked up by a goddess.The post Latest Moon Theory Needs an Invisible Goddess to Work appeared first on CEH.
Major innovations that should have required many millions of years of slow, gradual evolution keep turning up earlier than thought. But who thought? We coined a new word tontologism (look it up in the Darwin Dictionary) to account for a bad habit of Darwinians. They frequently say, when evidence goes against their previous beliefs, “we […]The post Most Common Phrase in Evolution Media: “Earlier Than Thought” appeared first on CEH.
In plate tectonics, continental plates get subducted and melt under pressure. That’s like what happens to geological theories. Read enough geology papers, and you will find old theories constantly being replaced. Classic examples include plate tectonics becoming the new normal after Wegener’s theory had been viciously attacked, and megaflood theory for the Channeled Scablands becoming […]The post Geology: A Science Where Theories Undergo Subduction appeared first on CEH.
Old-earth belief tries to paper over a disturbing fact with speculative models, but 160 years of measurements show the strength of our planet's magnetic field is dropping fast.The post Earth Magnetic Field Still Decaying appeared first on CEH.
Was Charles Darwin in any way responsible for the torture of Christians 90 years later?The post “Tortured for Christ” Illustrates the Dreadful Impact of Bad Ideas appeared first on CEH.
When organic remains are found in fossils said to be hundreds of millions of years old, what questions should be asked?The post Misreading Soft Tissue appeared first on CEH.
Some Christians look down on exercise as a carnal thing that profits little. Can physical fitness affect the spiritual life?The post Spiritual Benefits of Physical Fitness appeared first on CEH.
Not everything in nature can be copied effectively for human engineering. Why? Nature is sometimes too good.The post Trends in Biomimetics: Copying Irreducible Complexity appeared first on CEH.
Why are 81% of ankylosaur fossils found belly up? With clever storytelling, you can accommodate this to evolution's long ages.The post Most Armored Dinosaurs Found Upside Down appeared first on CEH.
Astronomy used to be the flagship model of observational science. Now, the method is: embrace the dogma, then hunt for obscure details that might support it.The post “Cosmologists Are Often Wrong, But Never in Doubt” appeared first on CEH.
You can't just beam down to a planet and start walking around. That dust under your feet can cause major problems.The post Dust a Major Problem on Non-Earth Worlds appeared first on CEH.

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