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Creation-Evolution Headlines, News and Commentary on Origins.
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Religions do not always act as forces for good, but some are clearly evil.The post No, Atheists, Religions Are Not Equal appeared first on CEH.
The silly evolutionary spin put on observations of the natural world do not contribute to science; they cheapen it.The post Darwinism as a Post-Observation What-If Game appeared first on CEH.
Peer review is under attack with new moves to combat fraud and special interest through integrity and transparency. But where do those come from?The post Big Science Struggling to Regain Credibility appeared first on CEH.
In short, the paleoanthropology field is a confusing mess.The post Everything Scientists Assumed About Human Evolution Needs a Major Rethink appeared first on CEH.
The biggest bombshell of the century in paleontology threatens evolutionary time. It's not surprising that the AAAS would want to put out the fire.The post AAAS Tries to Downplay Dinosaur Soft Tissue appeared first on CEH.
A survivor of a communist country describes the ideology of conflict he witnessed and the strife it created. But have Darwinians learned their lesson?The post Natural Selection: The Ideology of Conflict appeared first on CEH.
In this final segment about habitability of exoplanets, Dr Henry Richter looks at chemistry and probability.The post Facing Reality About Life on Other Planets, 6: Chemistry and Probability appeared first on CEH.
A little strip of land surrounded by fierce enemies continues to thrive with its ancient language, traditions and religion.The post Miracles and Extremes in the Land of Israel appeared first on CEH.
Evolutionary storytelling about giraffes' long necks goes back before Darwin, but all the tales have one thing in common: they don't work. Doesn't matter. Evolution marches on.The post Necking in the Dark: Evolutionists Clueless about Giraffes appeared first on CEH.
Cassini scientists crashed their spacecraft into Saturn today in order to protect possible life forms on Titan, Enceladus and other moons.The post Saturnians Are Safe from Cassini Germs appeared first on CEH.
Skipping over a difficulty because it can't be solved scientifically: that's one giant backward leap for theory kind.The post Miracles in Solar System Origin Theories appeared first on CEH.
Abridgement of speech—as part of the political correctness movement—is now epidemic at universities, where the only religion tolerated is Darwinism.The post Universities Ban Discussion of Creation by Speakers, Students appeared first on CEH.
by Dr Henry Richter There is much interest in searching for life elsewhere in the Universe. In previous articles I talked about the many criteria describing conditions and circumstances required to establish and maintain life on a planet. I talked about the importance of the location of the planet in its solar system. The location […]The post Facing Reality About Life on Other Planets, 5: Water and Rock appeared first on CEH.
When unrelated fossils have similar traits, evolutionary paleontologists twist, shove and stuff them into Darwin's theory with an all-purpose tool called convergence.The post Convergence Crams Uncooperative Fossils into Darwinism appeared first on CEH.
Key concepts like fitness and survival of the fittest are coming under attack, say evolutionists who suggest the theory needs "critical improvements."The post Is Darwinism Collapsing? Fitness Is Unmeasurable appeared first on CEH.
Prisoners locked up in cells day after day, year after year, would calm down if nature could be brought to them, says a new study.The post Creation Therapy Works for Criminals appeared first on CEH.
Scientists explain that this hurricane season is not exceptional in the long term view, despite four devastating storms in just a week.The post Hurricanes Are Not Increasing from Global Warming appeared first on CEH.
Is this the raw material for Darwinian evolution? The genetic mutations we observe can be catastrophic.The post Deadly Effects of Single Mutations appeared first on CEH.
Certain humans are identifying with space aliens, pretending to know what they like. The post Aliens Discover Voyager Record appeared first on CEH.
by Dr Henry Richter This is a continuation of my discussion on the requirements to allow life to exist on a planet elsewhere in the universe. My discussion moved from our position in the galaxy, our position in the solar system, and then focused on the earth, looking at the influence of our moon, our […]The post Facing Reality About Life on Other Planets: Geophysics appeared first on CEH.
These can't be hominid tracks. They are far too early! Well, then, who made them?The post Evolutionists Tripping Over Human Tracks on Crete appeared first on CEH.
When your view has been falsified by evidence but you prohibit other views, you are not engaged in truth-based inquiry.The post Evolution Is Not Truth-Based Inquiry appeared first on CEH.
How can leading scientists be so wrong? Look how they chose to manipulate participants' views by lying to them.The post One Cannot Choose to Deny Free Will appeared first on CEH.
DNA makes for an excellent sunscreen, researchers have found. And that's not all.The post Sunburn? Smear on the DNA appeared first on CEH.
This is part 3 of Dr Henry Richter's discussion on the requirements for life to exist on a planet elsewhere in the universe.The post Facing Reality About Life on Other Planets: Moon, Atmosphere, and Mass appeared first on CEH.

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