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The U.S. State Department is headed to Nigeria this week amid the massacre of hundreds of Christians at the hands of various Islamic radical factions. Killings had spiked in October.
To help you encourage the kids in your church with a message of thanksgiving we're offering free Thanksgiving lessons from Answers Bible Curriculum.
How did cave art of animals appear on opposite sides of the world at the same time? What’s being called the oldest cave painting of an animal has been dated by evolutionary anthropologists at a minimum of 40,000 years old. The baffling thing is that similar cave art in Europe dates to roughly the same […]
A recent Pew Research poll asked several interesting and introspective questions about potential or real genetic engineering experiments on animals.
We are so excited to announce that two new members joined Vision Baptist on Thursday evening! Please welcome Josh and Shelby Holloway!
A newly discovered artistic depiction of Jesus in the ruins of an ancient Israeli church portrays Christ differently from Western conceptions, with curly hair and a long face.
A recent study of the tiger genome confirmed that there are six extant subspecies of tigers, confirming exactly what we would expect starting with God's Word.
Pakistani Christian mother Asia Bibi has finally been freed from prison after spending over eight years on death row for allegedly committing "blasphemy" against Islam, but still remains in the Muslim-majority country.
Footage of a shooting between two rival Pentecostal megachurch groups in South Africa has emerged, a week after the violence destroyed 12 vehicles and left three people injured.
Obamas 'Becoming' a billion-dollar brand... (First column, 17th story, link) Advertise here
I’d like to teach you a new word today. Taken from a verse that reveals Paul’s character in an amazing way, to a depth (perhaps) previously unknown. (He is “fed up” so to speak, with those Judiazers!) As he finishes his written Galatian correspondence, he finally vents: “From henceforth let no man trouble me: for […]
American liberals insist Trump is an antisemite, misrepresenting a recent ADL audit to bolster their message
Claiming age is as fluid as gender, Emile Ratelband, a 69-year-old Dutch pensioner who feels like he's in his 40s has asked a court in his hometown of Arnhem, southeast of Amsterdam, to allow him to change his birth certificate to show that he is as young as he feels.
Many Christian colleges, institutions, and Christians stand at a crossroads right now. God's Word gives us direction on how to think for such a time as this.
Darwinian evolution is one of the most curious scientific theories ever. Even un-Darwinian data can be twisted to support it.
Even without a nuclear bomb, Iran has seized effective control of 4 Arab states, and destabilized several others
I have been reading from Calvin's Commentariy on Isaiah and I had to included this portion because it is so sublime. I would encourage you to open you Bible to read the first seven verses of Isaiah 9 and may the Lord use this expostion to richly bless you..by John Calvin1. Yet the darkness shall not be. He begins to comfort the wretched by the hope of alleviation, that they may not be swallowed up by the huge mass of distresses. Many take these words in quite an opposite meaning, that is, as a threatening which denounces against the Jews a heavier affliction than that with which Tiglath-pileser (2 Kings 15:29) and Shalmanezer (2 Kings 17:6) afflicted them. The former inflicted a heavy calamity, the latter inflicted one still heavier, for he carried the twelve tribes into captivity, and blotted out the name of the nation. Some think that he now foretells the heaviest calamity of all, for if it be compared with the former two, it exceeds both of them. Though I am not prepared to reject this view, for it does not want plausibility, yet I rather favor a different opinion. The other interpretation is indeed more plausible, that the Prophet intended to deprive hypocrites of every enjoyment, that they might not imagine that this calamity would quickly pass away like a storm as the others had done, for it would be utterly destructive; and so we shall take the particle ky (ki) in its literal meaning. [138]
Can we call creation “very good” in the face of climate change? That's the question posed by “eco-theologian” and Presbyterian minister Dr. Neddy Astudillo.
Just because a family member looks a little different doesn'tmake her a different race—even if she's adopted.
On election day in America, both election and selection imply a chooser. Neither word applies in mindless nature.
Luke 14:11 For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted. God's ways are not our ways. We think that we need to look out for number one, ourselves. We believe our own press releases. We write them to make ourselves look better than we really are. We look […]

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