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The biggest bombshell of the century in paleontology threatens evolutionary time. It's not surprising that the AAAS would want to put out the fire.The post AAAS Tries to Downplay Dinosaur Soft Tissue appeared first on CEH.
A survivor of a communist country describes the ideology of conflict he witnessed and the strife it created. But have Darwinians learned their lesson?The post Natural Selection: The Ideology of Conflict appeared first on CEH.
GOP Gets with the Pro-Graham on Health Care September 18, 2017 Weeks after Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) pulled off a political stunner -- blocking the GOP's health care bill at the last second -- Republicans refuse to say die. Over the summer recess of soul-searching, two senators put ...
Military at Ease after Trans Ban Survives September 19, 2017 When Congress sets records, they aren't always good ones! But yesterday, the Senate kept a good streak alive, passing the $700 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the 56th consecutive year. In a Capitol where ...
The 2017 Creation College Expo takes place here at the Creation Museum November 3–4, and features representatives from creationist Christian colleges.
As I reflect on the horrible event of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I am reminded yet again that we live in a world of hurting people who need a Savior.
It appears that Family First is being stripped of its charity status simply because of its views on marriage and family.
Are you a sinner? According to LifeWay Research, two-thirds of Americans (67%) admit they are, but only a minority (28%) relies on Jesus to overcome sin.
Two stories, both involving the same charter school in California, have been in the news recently because of transgender controversy.
Two groups are seeking to raise money to cover the cost of abortions for women who lost appointments due to Hurricane Harvey's destruction.
My friend Buddy Davis uses his talents of singing, song writing, dinosaur sculpting, and more to bless others and share the truth of God's Word here at AiG.
We recently received two letters from people who came to celebrate special events and, not only had a great time, but were also impacted by the message.
An important question Christian parents face is how to educate their children. For many, the natural thing is to send them off to the government schools.
One set of what is referred to as “black and white” twins is back in the news because they are entering middle school in Birmingham, England.
Soft tissue is now cropping up in a broad variety of fossils at a wide variety of “ages” (the dates evolutionary scientists assign to the fossils).
The faith of our Old Testament fathers was not a perfect faith. At times, they showed no faith! Yet at pivotal times, they demonstrated great faith. Join us this Fall for a study of the Faith of our Fathers. In it, we will see, not only the mountains and valleys of those men and women…
The defunding of Planned Parenthood on a federal level has never been closer and states are making it a priority, but ultimately, replacing Planned Parenthood should be the goal. Those who ... (more)
American and Israeli leaders give the media a little taste of what they plan to talk about

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