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Msg #1830 Nuggets

Msg #1830 Nuggets

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Msg #1830 Nuggets

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice


Here are some nuggets I jotted down from the preaching at the NE Pastor's Summit. It is more important that God is in the service, than it is how many people are in the service (Pastor Clark Jr.). Dr. Gibbs reminds us from Dan 9 to pray fervently, with repentance, fasting and faith! Pastor Christenson, don't chisel your rock (Exod 20:25), bring it just as you are; He will meet with you there; approach God just the way he says. The most spiritual thing a man of God can do is to love his wife (Pastor Clark Jr.). Dr. Gibbs reminds us, peace is promised to those who rejoice evermore, are moderated, don't worry, and talk to God about everything (Phil 4). Pastor Mike Clarke adds, Peace is easily lost and quickly stolen. Dr. Fisher reminds us that Jacob wrongfully blamed himself for Joseph's death, but the Holy Ghost NEVER says to us, “It's your fault”; He only gives us HOPE. Pastor Clark III adds, Discouragement is loss of heart, depression is loss of hope.

Dr. Don Sisk (85) shared his testimony with the men, then taught us, “Think about heaven, it will make you earthly good,” and then, Finish well (Greek – telesti “it is finished”) by 1) Knowing God is watching, preach to an audience of One; 2) Preach ALL Scripture; 3) Men with itching ears will not like you; 4) Watch – what you watch, both who and what; 5) Endure afflictions – not like a boy scout, like a soldier; 6) Do the work of an evangelist; 7) Make full proof of ministry.

Pastor Wilkerson reminds us that James writes five chapters promoting Christian maturity. A child screaming on an airplane cares nothing about others. A mature Christian cares about nothing but others. They are preserved through trials, have bridled speech, a benevolent spirit, a blameless separation, a blatant submission, and the patience of a wise farmer. Pastor Shirley closed reminding us that Nehemiah is a type of Christ in his concern for Jerusalem, intercession, participation, inspiration of others, taking the willing – whosoever will, building motivation, and standing by with a trumpeter to call everyone together before the biggest battle. It was a year of encouragement, packed into one week, I jotted down what I could.

An Essay for week #30 Jul 29, 2018

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