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On Lordship Salvation vs Easy Believism

On Lordship Salvation vs Easy Believism

On Lordship Salvation vs Easy Believism

Dear Fhris,

Thanks for writing. My heart goes out to the situation that you describe. Although you seem to have couched your frustration with a label of "Lordship Salvation," that teaching has little to do with the audacity found in the pastor that you describe. The monstrous bullies that you describe are not damaging Free Grace, they are damaging people. Ever since the Roman Empire attempted a hostile takeover of Christianity, religion's have been striving to make people "good-enough" to get into heaven. Roman Catholics attempt it through penance, Protestants through regeneration and reformation of people. Somehow the pastor you describe thinks people get saved, stay saved, or show that they are saved, by these reformations. The conditional love that this prescribes from God is the heart of this false teaching. It sets up this competition for God's love and attention, i.e. God only loves you when you do right, and I, they say, will tell you how to do right. My recommendation for you is that you get into a Bible believing church.

So you'll know, Lordship salvation vs Easy Believism is another mongrel altogether. The one declares that you must accept Jesus as your Lord, in that it is part of ones conversion, i.e. repentance and faith (Acts 20:21), the other declares that to be converted one don't really need repentance, all they need is a "1-2-3 pray after me." You can probably tell by my simple explanation which one has the most Bible merit. The unfortunate derogatory titles "Lordship Salvation", and "Easy Believism" have confused many into thinking that pastors who "lord" over the flock are Lordship Salvation preachers. There are other titles deserving of such deviants.

Thanks again for writing. Hope this all makes sense. Write again, let me know how you make out in finding a Bible believing pastor. I'll be praying for you.

Pastor Ed Rice

On 12/2/2015 5:16 AM, Fhris wrote:

> This is a true story, two years ago, … Something was very wrong... I did not know what Lordship Salvation was,...These Lordship people are monstrous bullies, and are damaging the assurance of Free Grace,...

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