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Msg #1542 Consider Biblical Prophecy

Msg #1542 Consider Biblical Prophecy

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Msg #1542 Consider Biblical Prophecy

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice


“Daniel,”a book in the Holy Bible, is about Daniel. There is no fear in overstating the obvious here, because many think it a book about dreams, visions and prophecy. Instead it reveals how a man, Daniel, became so beloved of God that God revealed to him all that he had planned out in the future. The revelation, which God gave to his beloved, covered his plans for Daniel's present distress, all the way to “the time of the end” (12:4). As one becomes the beloved of God, as they become “the friend of God,” God reveals to them all his hopes and desires, all his aspirations and plans for the future. That is what friends do. If you study Biblical prophecy out of idle curiosity, or intense curiosity, you don't much get it. If you study so you can exalt yourself among your peers and say, “I know something you don't know,” you really don't get it. And never forget, oh preacher, that your peers are not the clergy who stand on wooden platforms. Our peers are drunks on the street. Clergy and laity are not Bible words. We are but preachers of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Be very leery of any preacher with a hobby horse, and flee if his horse is labeled prophecy. False prophets Harold Egbert Camping and Charles Taze Russell might come to mind here. All the more consider this Daniel, the beloved of God. When God revealed the last days to Daniel his cogitations much troubled him, his countenance changed, and he kept the matter in his heart (7:28). When God revealed his timing, Daniel set his face unto the Lord God to seek by prayer and supplication, with fasting, and sackcloth and ashes (9:3). We should do no less.

An Essay for week #42 Oct 18, 2015

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