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A concise statement about Philosophy, Religion and Science .

A concise statement about Philosophy, Religion and Science .

2015 Refined and Written

Measurements and Evaluations in Epistemology (truth), Ontology (reality) and Axiology (value)

are calculated with established standards of measurement,                

which ultimately include a theory of everything and a theory of final authority                                

The thesis and antithesis of the origin of everything are creation (by an eternal God)                     

and pantheism (everything is eternal or everything came from nothing).                                           

The theses and antitheses of final authority are the theological theories of sola scriptura             

(the scriptures are the final authority) or sola eccelsia (the church(s) are the final authority),                     

and the subjective ethics of secular philosophies and mystical religions.

Language is word definition. Information is transmitted in the precise definitions of words.                   

The correct understanding of a statement is properly interpreted by the author’s intended thought .

Historically and logically, Theology is the master university science and was central in the development

of higher education at Paris, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale and Princeton.     

There are thousands of academic dissertations demonstrating                                                         

the divinity of Jesus Christ and the apologetics of scripture.

Atheist philosophers present the argument that ethics are defined by man’s innate goodness     

and suggest that the experience of this life alone, is of sufficient value.                                                

Mystical religions ignore the academic standards of higher education                                       

and imagine concepts of reincarnation or everlasting universal consciousness.      

Infinite universe Theoretical Physicists simply ignore academic theology                                       

and hypothetically place infinity on the universe.


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