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Msg #1346 Premeditated Thanksgiving

Msg #1346 Premeditated Thanksgiving

What The Bible Says Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice


Msg #1346 Premeditated Thanksgiving

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice 

I am doing fine under the circumstances,” said he. “Well, what are you doing under there?” asked I. In these last of the last days if Christians get under the circumstances the Devil has gone in league with human resources to shovel more circumstances right on top, making it seven times hotter than it's want to be. The useful key that gets you out from under, is rehearsed in several Bible Epistles: it is “In everything give thanks.” An examination of this key reveals that it is always accompanied by a song, a praise and a rejoicing. While raising three boys our home had one question that my sweet wife made forbidden: “Well what could possibly go wrong next?” Wisely, I have not broached that question even after that 20 year task was completed. The twilight of life causes realization that the broke cars, broke finances, and broke opportunities pale when you are waiting for a spouse's cancer test to come back. The OT accounts of a cruse of oil that did not fail give adequate strength to deal with physical circumstances that get us down. Simply trusting and casting all your care are practices that mature us. They cause us to grow when facing the trials that are common to man. There are greater cares down the road and God's care pales Oboma care. Rehearsing the use of God's key, “In everything give thanks”, and accompanying that with praise, song, and rejoicing, gives maturity that allows multiple circumstances and yea, heavier circumstances, to result in His glory. Indeed that is what the trial of our faith is all about. When tempted to ask that forbidden question, be sure to meet its answer with a premeditated thanks giving. In everything give thanks. To steal a pistachio slogan, “Get cracken.”

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