Who We Are

and how we got to this point...

Article created: 2007/02/04

My name is Bob Hoffman. I was born again on April 17, 1980 as a result of the witnessing of Pastor Ed Simpson of Harvester Baptist Church in Columbia, MD. I was an Independent Trucker at the time, but started getting involved in the ministry at HBC.

    When I was talking to Pastor Simpson about where God might be calling me in the ministry (I surrendered to preach in 1981) he made a joking comment that I could be a "computer evangelist." The rest as they say was history. Harvester Baptist Church has supported us for a number of years now.

    We started our computer ministry back in 1982, before the Internet became widely known. God set on my heart to use computers for His glory and honor. We started our first BBS that year.

    My family and I attend Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland, TX under the authority of Pastors Gary Coleman and John McCartt.

FamilyNet was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) corporation in April of 1995. The Lord has always provided for us and the ministry (but like most other Fundamental Independent Baptist ministries, we just get by at times, but we do get by). The Lord has laid it on my heart to provide a web presence to churches that do not have one, for whatever reason. I can be emailed at: bob@online-churches.org.

Our BBS is still running after all these years. It is a G rated system with heavy Christian emphasis. You can reach the BBS through the following means:

We offer free e-mail, filtered internet newsgroups, fidonet echoes, shareware and lots more.